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Family Autumn Movies – Autumn Watch List

A great selection of films to enjoy with the whole family

Autumn is the perfect time to snuggle up and enjoy some family Autumn movies. As it begins to get darker sooner many of us are just looking for a good excuse to stay home.

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Warm and toasty, swaddled in fluffy blankets and socks. Hot chocolate in hand. You don’t want to be scrolling through lists of movies to watch so I have put together a list of movies the whole family can enjoy.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Follow Alice on a familiar adventure to Wonderland. Where an evil queen rules and Alice and her new friends must find a way to overthrow her. Will they win? You’ll have to wait and see but there will be plenty of adventure along the way.


A ’90s absolute classic and perfect for you family Autumn movies list is Caspar. After losing his wife a man travels the country trying to commune with spirits. Much to the upset of his daughter Kat. Things change when the two begin their stay at Whipstaff Manor where everything is not as it seems. Ghosts! Friendly and otherwise. Secrets, mystery and love. This film really does have it all.

Coco is a Must for Your Family Autumn Movies Night

Living in Miguel’s family is hard for him. With music in his heart but banished by his family from playing. Miguel goes on a journey with his best pet pooch Dante. They travel to the land of dead in search of his Coco’s (grandma’s) father. What he finds is action, adventure and truth along the way. A beautiful story of passion and love that last forever.

Try Whisper of The Heart for a Great family Autumn Movies Night

A Studio Ghibli classic is Whisper of the Heart which follows Shizuki. A smart girl who loves to read. However, she notices something odd about her library books. The only other person who has checked out them is always the same. Who is this person? Why is it only them checking out these books? Shizuki is determined to find out and she will be shocked by what she finds.

Space Jam

Throwing back to the ’90s again with the one and only Space Jam. Our favourite Looney Tunes characters bring the legend that is Michael Jorden out of retirement. So they can team up to defeat an evil race of aliens and there win their freedom. Let the comedy and hilarity ensue.

Klaus is The Perfect Choice for Your Family Autumn Movies List

This Netflix exclusive shows the unlikely friendship between a reclusive toy maker and a less than cheerful postman. Watch as they join forces to bring joy to a miserable, joyless town that really needs it.


We all know Shrek. The Ogre with layers and if your honest who gets bored of watching Shrek? From the magical creatures to finding true love and showing anyone has the potential to be a hero. Shrek is the feel good movie no matter how many times you watch it.

Wall E

Follow the wonderful Wall E as he travels to space and meets humans for the first time. Whilst searching for his beloved Eve. They together will try to conquer love and bring the human race home to Earth after so many years.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory/ Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Don’t pick between the two as they’re both fab but so different. Follow Charlie Bucket as he and a group of other children visit the mystery chocolate factory. Willy Wonka, it’s strange owner and inventor, takes them on a wild ride of imagination and you can go to.


Oh is a lovable alien who finds himself seeking refuge on Earth. There he befriends Tip. A young girl who trying to find her mother. Can they help each other? Will everything go to plan? Will Oh be able to go home?

There you have it. Ten awesome picks for your family Autumn movies list. Why not grab a bag of popcorn and get cosied up on the couch and start enjoying Autumn! If you’re looking for more great Autumn fun just click the link. Let me know your favourite movie to snuggle up to in Autumn? You can do that below in the comments or over on my social media pages.

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