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Perfect Accessories for Your Autumn Outfit

Do love to switch up your whole wardrobe for Autumn? Maybe you don’t ! Either way you’re going to love these Treasures for a perfect Autumn outfit

Hello you gorgeous bunch and how are you? It’s September and it definitely time to call Autumn! Today I am going to be sharing some of the best accessories for your Autumn outfit and looks. Get those warm jumpers, boots, coats and statement accessories in our faces already!

I am going to be super transparent here as I was gifted these following items by a good friend of mine Kate, from the wonderful Kate’s Vintage Treasures. Once located in Chippenham town centre Kate has now moved her enterprise fully online. We should count ourselves lucky she did as now we can all have some of Kate’s Vintage Treasures. She has since been trying to grow her online audience and asked if I could help. I offered to share some of her treasures for free but she was adamant that she would like to gift me the items for my time. Huge thank you to her for sending them and being so generous. Without further delay, let’s get into your perfect accessories for your Autumn outfit and beyond.

Rings for an Autumn Outfit

Whenever you’re looking for a great statement piece of jewellery to wear you want it to be noticed, right? Rings are the best way to make sure your accessories from your Autumn outfit get all the right attention. We do so much with our hands on a daily basis it’s a great choice for statement jewellery. Plus you’re not wearing gloves just yet so another reason to rock an Autumn jewel.

Another great choice for Autumn accessories is earrings. Most people wear their hair up during wet months. Again, a pair of earrings is going to do all the work for you. It will also pull the eye up to your face, away from the body, if that’s what you want.

Amethyst for Your Autumn Outfit

Picking stones for your Autumn outfit isn’t as hard as you may think. Rich deep and warm tones are perfect for Autumn accessorising no matter what piece of jewellery you’re wearing. Amethyst has a gorgeous subtle purple that will contrast any great Autumn outfit. Pair with black, oranges, reds and even more purple if you want.

This gorgeous number is a silver ring with lots of tiny, beautiful details.

Autumn outfit inspiration

You obviously have the three medium-sized amethyst. This makes it appear larger without it feeling too big on your finger. Then there is the gorgeous ‘roping’ effect encasing each gem. Finished with very delicate beading surrounding that again. The layers, the worn silver and the way she demands attention. She’s me in the Autumn! The layering really does have that Autumn vibe about it though. Making this a perfect choice for Autumn.

kate's vintage treasures autumn outfit

Turquoise is Tempting

Why not really add a pop of colour to your look? Who loves turquoise? If you’re looking for a real stand out piece then this is it! Clash those colours, get boho with it and add a pop of turquoise to your Autumn outfit.

Again, you can clash this with any Autumn colour and it’s going to make your outfit pop. It can also add a real boho vibe to your outfit with little effort. Add a boho turquoise bracelet and this little beaut and boho-chic shall be yours. Again the layering of the rings has those Autumn vibes.

Can we talk about the detailing again on this ring as it’s just stunning? You again have the beautiful rope fitting around the stone. You then have the small leaf design to each side of the stone. Framing it to perfection and bringing more autumn vibes. The band though! Look at the intricacy of the band with two separate designs on there. Here is how I styled this ring by layering and stacking. Perfect for any Autumn outfit.

What Else Can I get From Kate’s?

These are obviously just two rings from Kate’s Vintage Treasures but she has so much more to offer. Stunning necklaces that really would be show stoppers. Earrings that just scream elegance. Great brooches as well as many more jewellery choices. Then you have vintage clothes that would be so fun to style if you’re a vintage lover. All of her pieces are one-off so can be individual to your style. If you see something you love, grab it because it may not be there long! Here are three examples of my favourite pieces from Kate’s.

Which of these are your favourite pieces? Do you love vintage jewellery? Do you change up your jewellery to match your Autumn outfit? I want to know everything below. Be sure to stop by my socials as I will sharing Kate’s social media accounts on there also and you don’t want to miss it.

Thanks again to Kate’s Vintage Treasures for making this blog possible.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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