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Schools and Coronavirus – Tips for Returning to School

Are you worried about sending the kids back to school?

Well, loves, we are nearly in September as 2020 is still happening! September, for parents, is all about schools and coronavirus as we prepare to send them back. How can we keep our little ones safe? How can we stop them getting sick? Today I am sharing some practical steps and tips with you that may help with your transition back to school.

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Know the Rules of Schools and Coronavirus

Many schools up and down the country have remained open during the pandemic because key workers had to work. With this in mind, schools have implemented lots of ways to minimize contact between students and staff. Whilst still trying to maintain some normal learning spaces for our children.

The Government have their guideline which has recently seen a U-turn on students using face masks in school. What else are they suggesting though? Well, they are saying that groups from different classes won’t be mingling. Hand washing and cleanliness for all is a top priority and you will see an influx of “catch it. Bin it. Kill it” campaigns. These are only some of the minor changes being made to schools in the UK and if you want to read more you can on the .gov website. For all other countries please check your own government website for school updates.

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I would also suggest checking your schools website page if they have one. They may have their own rules and regulations that are more specific to their own school. Taking the government guidelines and adding more to make it work for them. I know our school has a very regimented drop off and pick up routine. Be sure to check with your school if you have any questions or concerns.

Prepare Your Children

Most children in the UK have been off since lockdown began back in March 2020 and now we have to prepare them. School is going to be so different for these little people who don’t fully understand. How do we make it easier? Especially after so much time off?

Talk to your children about the rule changes they will have. For example, will they sit in class and have an assembly there? Will they have to walk on opposite sides of the corridors? Maybe you could practice this at home and walk around a hallway making sure not to touch others. They may even have to eat lunch in their classes. Communication is key when talking to your children about school and coronavirus. Answer all the questions they may have to help them feel safe and secure about returning to school.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

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Making sure that our children remain well during the next term is probably a big concern for most of us. I know I’m feeling it for sure mamas. This again is where an open talk with your children about hygiene is key. You could do a glitter test with them. Have them stick their hands in glitter, which will be germs, and then have them walk to the other room and open a door. You will be able to see where glitter has landed and may help them understand how germs spread. Then you can talk about handwashing and the importance of keeping hands clean. I’m sure you’ve done this already but it’s important to go back over.

Most schools are also allowing hand sanitizer for your little ones and some may even provide it. Check with your school to find out their choice on this matter. Some schools are saying no items from home except a lunchbox because it minimises germs being brought in.

I would also suggest a shower once home because you don’t want germs coming into your home either. Especially if you have someone vulnerable there or very little babies. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You may also feel that washing uniform daily may help. A huge pain, I know, but if it helps everyone feel safe why not?

Schools and Coronavirus Parent Anxiety

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The anxiety about sending our babies back to school during the ongoing pandemic is REAL. I personally struggled massively to get much homeschooling done with both boys being in different years. The baby is a huge clingy gremlin and other family moments that popped up. The struggle was real and we fell behind.

The UK Government will be implementing fines for those who don’t adhere to sending children back in September. That’s, of course, unless you have decided to home educate and then you must register to do so.

So, how do we as parents put that anxiety to the side and send our children back to school? Wine maybe? Seriously though there are lots of ways to keep your mind at ease. Starting with the prep above will help because you’ll feel better prepared for sending them back. Don’t be worried to talk to the school and staff about any and all concerns you may have. No matter how small it may feel.

Creating a new routine for yourself may be just what you need to help shake any concerns you may have. Routine is good for everyone especially during such a strange time. It will keep you all on track, focused and ready to go. You can incorporate coronavirus precautions into the new routine and hopefully you’ll feel more confident that, both you and the school, are doing all they can.

It’s Going To Be an Experience

I know first hand how strange the schools and coronavirus situation is. We could have sent my middle son back to school earlier being a year 1 student. I didn’t because I didn’t feel ready and was scared to do so. After seeing all that schools have done to make it safer I feel better. Not 100% but I’m not freaking out about it now. If you’re finding the stress to much be sure to take some time to relax at the end of the day.

How are you feeling about sending the kids back? Worried? Grateful? Not doing it? I would love to know your thoughts on this so let us know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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