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Should you trust bloggers and influencers about promoted or gifted products?

Hello, you lovely lot how are you? Today on the Blog we are sharing the best quality products that were originally sent as gifted items. The ones that have made their way into the regularly used list. We’ve shared many products during the 4 years the blog has been up but what has stood the test of time?

Are Influencers Being Honest About Best Quality products?

What is the biggest problem about Influencer or bloggers sharing gifted, ad or sponsored posts? It’s the fact you’re never 100% sure if they’re being honest are you? Do they really love and use these products or did they just paid to say it? Sadly, this is the case for lots of online spaces. This means that a large portion of people won’t really pay attention to the recommendations. They won’t believe it’s the best quality product.

Why is This Blog Different?

Influencers should never lie about the quality of products. They should always include what they liked and disliked about a product. It’s not just about saying, yeah it was great if you had a problem with it.

Influencers and blogger should be researching products before they agree to be sent them if we’re honest. I wouldn’t want to try products, quality products or not if they’re irrelevant to my blog. I’ve turned down lots of opportunities to test products as I didn’t feel you loves would enjoy them.

Best Quality, Products Companies Have Sent

Trust Deodorant

Best Quality deodorant

Let’s go back to 2016 when I shared one of the first items I was sent.

The best quality deodorant, Trust. You can check my post by clicking this link. It focuses on eliminating bad odours and it actually works. Genuinely have only purchased one other deodorant in that time. There was one time they were out of stock in Boots Uk. Obviously, nobody is going to go daily without deodorant so another brand had to be purchased. It just didn’t work at all and I was stinking by the end of the day.

You apply the deodorant to your underarm, twice to three times a week and you’ll be covered for a whole week with no problem.

Smelling bad is never nice but it’s apart of life and not forgetting some smell more when they’re on their period. Even experiencing fluctuations in hormones can have an effect. TRUST me when I say this little beauty will not let you down. You can order this online and it is available from Boots.


Best Quality wedding gowns online

Who remembers the time I worked with Boohoo? They sent me this stunning dress. You can read the full post here. They sent over a stunning blush pink dress which I just loved styling and sharing.

Best Quality wedding dress

If anyone has read the posts on Tahnee’s Blog then you would know I finally tied the knot this year!

With COVID lockdown stopping us from shopping we had to turn to the internet to order out wedding outfits. You guessed it, my main gown was from boohoo.

It’s was under £20 with a discount code and to say I was blown away by the quality for the price is an understatement. Shopping boohoo regularly is now standard. Especially the great sales and bargains they have! For both wedding day looks including this gown check out my bridal outfits post.

Lumity Life

Best Quality face serum

This is one of the most expensive products on the list and the best quality serum you’ll ever try that’s for sure. Sent to me along with their supplements it was the face serum that I loved the most. Aimed at an ageing skin audience the serum is amazing.

Hydrating, helping fine lines and wrinkles. Currently at the end of a bottle. This will need replacing sooner rather than later but one pot lasts ages so worth the money. I will be ordering more as I use this every other day. With cream moisture in between. You can definitely see a difference in your skin with prolonged use. If you’d like more information on this serum my full post is here.

Wake formally known as Eyewake

Eyewake or Wake eye gel as it is known now after a recent rebrand.

This is another quality product that was sent to be featured on Tahnee’s Blog for your viewing pleasure. Once it had been tried it was included in a July Favourites 2018 post.

This has been apart of my regular skincare routine since. I use it every morning as it really does brighten up the eye area and helps with dark under eye. You could also apply to the whole face if you like. It absorbs well and makeup sits nicely on top of it.


Best quality bath products

Thanks to COVID Lush have not been able to hold any events this year locally to me. This has meant that the Lush blog posts have been thin. I actually am considering ordering a haul soon just so we can have some more Lush posts. I love the events and usually receive a gift or two whilst I’m there. Last time we MADE our own Shoot for The Stars bath bomb.

Lush is obviously a global gold star at producing the best quality self-care items. All-natural ingredients whilst taking care of nature. Fighting for causes that help our wildlife and our environment.

Is there any particular product we’ve shared that you’ve loved? Do you have a must-have product I should try? Let me know in the comments.
These are by no means ALL the products I have been sent and loved. These are just the ones that made their way to the everyday use section. Remember you can follow my socials for all posts and products I share. I also share many products that I purchase too, so don’t miss out.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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