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Our Lockdown Wedding – My Two Bridal Outfits

I’m finally married! I’m finally sharing my two wedding day bridal outfits with you all and I hope it gives you inspiration for your own bridal looks

Hello my lovelies and how are you all? I’M FINALLY SHARING MY BRIDAL OUTFITS! Welcome to any new readers here to the new site. It’s lovely to have you here. If you have visited the blog before you’ll know about our wedding journey which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. It’s taken a few years because life likes to get in the way. Honestly think it was destiny to be honest. It was the first day weddings could start going ahead again in the UK. Planning it is a whole other blog post so today I’m just sharing my two bridal outfits with you. I hope they inspire you if you’re looking for your own Bridal Outfits.

Bridal Outfit Wedding Shopping

As everyone knows the UK went into lockdown in March 2020. Non essential shops didn’t reopen until later in the July. This gave only one option to purchase a wedding dress. To buy a bridal outfit, my wedding dress, online and it left me a little sad. Your meant to do what all other brides got to do. Go with your mum, mother in law and bestie to try dresses and cry at how lovely look!

Instead we rushed around trying to find a dress I like, a dress my bestie liked, two suits for my husband (so strange) and his best man. Then kit all three of my boys out! With enough time to try on and replace if needed. Pleased to report this was nailed in the May and without knowing we were going to get married for sure. As mentioned, that’s a whole other blog post but I had confirmation just one week before we tied the knot!

Now, why did I have two Bridal Outfits for my big day? We originally wanted a party with extended family and friends as our ceremony was always going to me a very small amount of people. We also decided to have a social distanced bbq after the ceremony and thought swanning around a garden in a full length wedding dress, was extreme. So, it’s been put away ready for the party at a later date and got myself a garden friendly bridal outfit.

Bridal Outfit Look One – Full Wedding Dress

For the first look I wanted something really classic. I knew I wanted long sleeves and off the shoulder cut. I also knew this might be a difficult find online. Boohoo did not let me down with the lace bardot frill fishtail maxi dress. This is the Ivory colour choice. It had the lace long sleeves that were just perfect and the off the shoulder cut. I wore a size 8 and it fit to perfection. It wasnt too long and didnt drag on the floor (I’m 5.2′). It wasnt to big so you’re not swamped in lots of extra fabric.

Boohoo wedding dress bridal outfit

Boohoo Fishtail Maxi

As you can see its a lovely length but keeping the shoulders out you feel so much less restricted because you can move more. It is such a real concern about being comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day. This dress did me proud and I felt amazing in it. Now for the kicker the price! Are you ready? I paid £15.75 for my wedding dress with a discount code! It is actually £20 onsite right now and that didn’t include the next day delivery charge. The first bridal outfit was less than £20. In true Tahnee’s Blog fashion eh folks!

Wedding Look 2 – Garden Party

Onto the second bridal outfit that is actually two pieces. Just a simple top and fairy skirt combo! Such a simple but elegant look and with some serious fairy vibes. I loved it.

The top was purchased from New Look and was on offer for £8. The skirt was the most expensive item at £30 from Shein. The top was perfect and fit nicely. It is a bodysuit so it gives that sleek smooth outline under the skirt. The skirt quality left a little to be desired! Considering it was the most expensive item it took ages to be delivered and was practically see through! Luckily a pair of white leggings underneath kept the modesty.


Are veils over rated? Most people pick hot weather to get married. Could you imagine all that material around your head? Not for me either! Why not opt for a head dress. This simple but pretty head piece was a coupke of pound from good old eBay. It looks pretty and elegant and adds a little something special to these bridal outfits.

Also keeping jewellery choice ultra simple and elegant with pearls also ordered from eBay. This was followed through with the shoes which are also pearl design. These were purchased from Amazon.

Pearl bridal shoes bridal outfit

So there you go my lovelies. My two bridal outfits at amazing prices of £15.75 for the full length wedding dress and nearly £40 for the fairy vibes bridal outfit (doesn’t include p&p). Who loves a bargain?? Have you found amazing wedding bargains? Share them in the comments below or on my Facebook, Insta or Twitter. Which ever you prefer. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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