easy easter crafts

Easy Easter Crafts to Keep Kids Busy

Super simple paper plate Easter crafts

Hello my lovelies and how are you all? That question seems so ridiculous at the moment, doesn’t it? I’m sure you’re stressed, missing family, missing friends, missing popping out for X, Y and Z. It is such a strange time and barely feels like Spring and that Easter is only a day away. A time of refreshing and renewal for the world and we are all stuck in our houses. Those of us who aren’t are risking our lives to take care of the sick. It feels very surreal. We could use a distraction and we’ve chosen Easter crafts to keep us busy.

Spring Easter Crafts

5 Paper Plate Easter Crafts

With children all home from school and everyone so focused on homeschooling. I thought it would be a good idea to share some cute, easy and affordable Easter crafts for you to enjoy with the family this Easter. After all with everything at such a strange place right now. A light-hearted Easter crafts might be just what you need. It will also help keep the little ones busy why you have a nice gin tea!

Easy paper plate Easter crafts


Easter Rabbit Ears

Such a simple Easter craft to make and after you’ve made them you could enjoy some bunny races. You could even wear them for an Easter lunch at home. Besides paper plates, you will need, pens, pencils or paint and Scissors. That is it. Simply draw your ears shapes onto the paper plate and add the detail. Let the children decorate however they like. You could even add glitter to your paint.


Cut the shape of your ears out making sure to cut out the section I’ve shaded. Then you’re done! Pop them on and hop on to your next Easter craft!

Paper Plate Bunny

Hopping Easter Stories

This is a really cute Easter craft and you can encourage your children to create their own Easter stories with it. A little Easter scene including cute Easter animals.

Start by decorating the background of your plate. Make it a nice outdoors scene. Add grass and flowers and make it really pretty. But do leave space to add a cut along the line shown below.

Easy Easter crafts

Next get some card or another paper plate and you can create all your cute Easter animals. Chicks, bunnies and even lambs. To be honest you could make any animal you like and it would work great. Decorate the animals with paints, cotton wool, feathers or anything you have. Then you can add a lolly stick or an equivalent to the back of your animals. Folded paper can work to if you have no lolly sticks or you could make some from an extra paper plate.

Children's easy Easter crafts

Now you can pop them through the paper plate and start creating some amazing Easter adventures with the little ones!

Easter Basket Craft

This is a great Easter craft if you have an Easter hunt planned. Have the kids made their own DIY Easter baskets? Simply glue two plates together so they bulge outwards.

Easter basket

Next, decorate the outside of the basket. You could even make cute bunnies to hang over the top. Finally, add some string or ribbon as a handle. If you don’t have any don’t worry they work just as well without. That’s another Easter craft to keep little hands busy!

Easter Rabbit Mask

These rabbit masks should be a pinnacle Easter craft. Plus you can add some cute details too.


Start by drawing out your rabbit design onto your paper plate. Then decorate all the details.

Paper Plate crafts Easter mask

You could add pipe cleaners for real fluffy whiskers if you have them. Or add cotton wool to the nose and cheeks and paint it pink so they have soft fluffy cheeks. Cuteness and such a fun Easter craft.

Wobble Chicken Craft

Easter crafts for infants

This one is good for smaller children and is a little easier for them to do. Simply fold a plate in half and draw some simple details of Easter animals on it. You could make chickens or rabbits or the parrot part elephant your child will demand you draw. You could play wobble racing afterwards as part of your Easter fun!

There you go my lovelies! Five cute and easy paper plate Easter crafts for you to get stuck into with the kids. However, if you knock all of them out make sure you check out the Easter Wreath that was posted a couple of years ago. If you’re looking for even more. More Easter crafts and fun, you can find them more easter activities here.

I wanted to add at the end here even if it goes without saying. Please do not go out of your way to purchase these items. Perhaps check if you can order then online and do not go out with any intention just to buy anything to create anything from this post. Follow the 2m distancing protocols and wash your hands regularly. Stay home where you can and only leave when really necessary. Wash your hands thoroughly and follow all the other guidelines put in place. It is really important for us all. Most of all I hope you stay well and healthy. I hope you enjoy your Easter crafts loves.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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