10 Ways to Relax During A Lockdown

During these hard times, I wanted to share some ways you can keep you and your family a little more relaxed where possible

Easy Ways to Relax at Home

Hi loves! How is everyone keeping? I wish this post was coming at a better time, to be honest. However, here we are all feeling the stress of these testing times. As Covid-19 is sweeping the world it can be easy to become overwhelmed and relaxing can seem a million miles away. Panic buying, self-isolation and closures of schools are just some of the problems raising stress levels. Worry over loved ones, businesses and bills. The list seems endless really. With that being the case I wanted to share 10 ways to relax at home during the lockdown. These will obviously not save you from the stresses we are all feeling but they might give you and your mind 5 minutes of respite to relax at home.

I know relaxing at these times seems a little, “oh eff off, hippy-dippy B.S!” With lots of people worried and children also feeling a little anxious as they’re not sure what’s going on. Taking time to relax yourself and your mind, also, including the kids. Can help at least in your home to keep everyone calm. Relaxing is important with normal stresses if life. Relaxing now when we have huge stresses we’re not used to can really help.

Deep Breathing Relaxation

Such a simple and easy activity. One that is great for the kids to join in with. Breathing relaxes your body by literally sending a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Why not take 5 minutes each morning to practice deep breathing with your family.

relax at home

One way you can deep breathe is by lying down and getting comfortable. Place your hand on your stomach and breathe in through your nose. Feeling your stomach fill as you do. Then slowly breathe out through your nose. Again, concentrating on your stomach sucking in as you breathe out. Now this sounds a little silly for relaxing but it really does work. A great way to start the day off right.

Stretch The Stress Away

You could go straight from the deep breathing to some relaxing stretches. Stretching early in the day helps wake up the muscles.

relax with the family

Loosening tight muscles, increasing blood flow and actually helping your muscles relax. You could check out YouTube for so many family stretching routines. You could also try some family yoga to help everyone start their day relaxed and refreshed.

Listen to Relaxing Music

Relaxing Music can work wonders! Whether it’s nature sounds such as birds or the sounds of the sea. Many find tranquillity in the music.

relaxing sounds

Perhaps share the music you used to listen to with your children. I’m sure they’ve heard some of it before but still have a little dance around, smile and have fun with your family. You could even use this time to teach your child some more classical music. Even various genres but music can be very helpful in bringing joy and helping calm nerves. Make sure to use music to relax!

Run A Relaxing Bath

I know people are being extra cautious with cleanliness right now. Why not take some extra time just to lay in the water and relax. Maybe use a favourite product of yours. Close your eyes and feel the warm water. You could even make your own bath bombs if you’re able to find or order the right products.

relax in the bath

So many of us already use baths as a way to relax so why stop now? Nothing better than a relaxing dip in a hot bath and some relaxing music. Bliss!

Read and Rest

With the kids at home, it would be a great time to read together. With so many options to purchase books for tablets, kindles and even phones. The world is a stressful place right now so why not escape for a little while to somewhere new?

relax with a book

This also keeps children reading during a time where they don’t have a school schedule. You could have them lay down with a pillow and relax whilst listening. You could even grab an audible book so you could lay down and relax too. Or use this time to get work done if you need to.

Sleep and Rest Well

This is another point that seems so trivial but is so, so important. This is not a situation any of us are similar with. For those who suffer from anxiety, depression or have mental health conditions that have gone into overdrive during this unsettled time. My heart really does go out to you as I know this is easier said than done. Sleeping properly though will be a huge part in keeping your body and mind relaxed and healthy. Especially for children right now continuing their regular routine will really help. Keep their little body clocks regular and therefore more relaxed about the whole situation.

relaxing sleep

If you’re struggling you can try these 5 tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

  • Listen to calm and relaxing music but also sounds such as the ocean or rainforest/nature. Do this just before bed to calm your body and mind.
  • Avoid napping during the day. This isn’t likely if you have the kids at home. I mean not many can actually find the time to nap anyway during the day. Being home so much may lead to more naps so be careful.
  • De-clutter your sleep space. Having a calm, clear and relaxing space to sleep can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep.
  • Read a book and that has come up twice so…….relaxing!!!
  • Avoid using technology for at least an hour before bedtime. Give your mind time to unwind and avoid the bright light of a screen. (Finish my post obviously…be rude not to hehe). You can also use special glasses that are said to help filter lights. Specifically for lights on screens such as laptops and phones to help you sleep better.

Cuddle Up and Chill

Yes, be it with your partner, children or fur babies. Have a good snuggle and release all those good endorphins. Grab a blanket and enjoy a show or a film together.

relaxing physical touch

Positive contact can have a huge effect on us. For instance, just petting animals relaxes and calms you. Use this to your advantage. Especially for young children who may be feeling anxious and worried.

Self Massage for Self Relaxation

With an abundance of videos online why not teach the family some relaxing self-massage. As we all know massages are literally sold on the fact they’re so relaxing.

relax with self massage

A great hand or foot massage can really help you relax. You could also use this time to teach your children about hand cleanliness and How they can maintain good hand hygiene and why it’s important not just now but always.

Write it Out and Breathe

Poetry, music, plays and even art. Most people use these outlets to express themselves. Making it a fantastic way to relax and let out anything and everything you’re feeling. You could write to local care homes and make lots of people’s day.

relax and write

Why not send a card to an elderly neighbour or relative you know is having to isolate themselves. You could even start a journal or diary. All are incredible ways to relax and chill.

Tech free Time for a Relaxed Mind

Not just before bed, it is also important to have some tech-free time. Especially during a time when it is mostly bad news or so it seems. You can’t relax when you’re constantly bombarded with social media, news and yes even blogs! So be sure to take regular breaks from it all.

You can also try blue lenses glasses which is said to help filter lights from tech. This may keep the lights from keeping your mind awake and active.

With that being said, I am going to leave you with one last personal note. I don’t mean to write this post and it seems to make light of such a serious situation. With everything being so up in the air and uncertain I understand that many are really concerned for many reasons. I just wanted to help people and those with children have a few techniques to help them relax. If you’re looking for more ways to relax you need this awesome and relaxing pamper post. Or why not check out these great self care tips for mums.

I hope this passes quickly as does everyone, I know. I hope each and every one of you and your families remains well and healthy throughout all of this.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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