DIY Wedding – Wedding Centrepiece

DIY Centrepiece for weddings, parties or even just as room decoration

DIY Centrepiece

Well we’re finally here guys. For those who know me personally may know how long my fiance and I have wanted to get married. However, life, children and house moves has all put this on hold for the longest time. For all of you who know me through my blog, you may have read my post such as goals for 2019. So, you’re also aware of my goal to get married. Well, we are at a point where we can start adding some details to the wedding. I decided to save money and make my own DIY Wedding – wedding centrepiece and I think they look great so wanted to share.

The first thing you notice when planning a wedding is that a cost of wedding can really start to pile up! From venues to food. Clothes and shoes. Transport and photographers. Rings and flowers. The list can be endless and with the recent take over of show off social media. I feel that people feel, even more so, the need to make sure their weddings are as luxury as possible. Thats great if you have the money or just want to spend that type of money on your wedding fab. However for anyone wanting to save a few pennies here and there. Or even if you just love getting creative. Then this DIY wedding centrepiece post is for you.


Last year my partner and I decided enough was enough and we would book the day. That way we would have a goal date to hit and nothing can get in the way. Now, don’t get me wrong me and my partner want to get married but we don’t want to fixate on ONE day. We’re much more excited for our marriage! With this in mind we really didn’t want to spend much on the day ( I can almost see people cringing). So we decided to DIY as much as we could for the day including the centrepiece and even digital invitations.

Being a creative person my mind immediately started ticking over ideas and all the Pinterest posts I pour over. We knew what we did and didn’t want which obviously made choosing the elements of it easier. Again we wanted something pretty but simple. This is what we were able to put together.

DIY Centrepiece for wedding decorations

What You Will Need

Glass/Plastic fish bowls

Glass pebbles in your chosen colour

Glass pebbles diy centrepiece

Foam/Fabric flowers

Wire lights with battery pack


Step 1

I would make the first step washing and drying the glass bowls. You want them to really sparkle and they won’t do that with fingerprints. This can’t be helped during the packing process as mine arrived a little foggy. I grabbed a set of 5 glass fish bowls. They’re 6 inch bowls and cost me £28 from ebay. That’s just over a fiver each. (I will add non-affiliate links at the end for all the products used.)

Step 2

Now you have a lovely clean glass bowl  the next step is to take your flowers and lights.  Make sure your flowers have wire stems. I got some N&T Nieting Artificial Flowers from Amazon. A box of 25 for £10. I won’t need all those but it’s always good to have extra right!

Add batteries to your lights and then wrap the flower stem around the battery pack like so.


Make sure that your flower is secure. Finally add the battery pack to the bowl right in the middle. Arrange the lights to sit just outside the bowl as shown below.

Rose and light centrepiece for all occassions

Step 3

Add your pebbles around the base. Making sure to cover the battery pack but not the flower.

Diy table centrepiece

Again, these pebbles were really affordable. They came in bags of 100 for £4.20 from Amazon. I bought 5 bags for my 5 bowls.

Step 4

Now you want to put your lights into your bowl and arrange as you like. That is it!

DIY Wedding centrepiece decora

Also after doing the math, it costs around £13.74 per centrepiece so quite a saving compared to the hundreds it could cost to buy a wedding centrepiece.

Top Tips

  • You can add more flowers than one. It’s a DIY make so have what ever you want right!
  • Arranging these object in the confines of a bowl can be fiddly. Just take your time and don’t rush.
  • Always have faux flowers. Such as foam or silk.  Real flowers will wilt or die and look so disheartening. Plus they’d be really hard to store too.
  • Don’t forget if you have a theme or colour scheme. You can add different elements to match it 100% to your wedding. Change the colour of the pebbles or flowers and it’s perfect.
  • Keep it simple so you are able to save pennies where you need to!

Weddings are one of the most expensive things you could pay for. The secret of it is it doesn’t have to be. From creating your own DIY wedding pieces where you can to renting what your able. There is so many ways to save money. For example, dresses now are becoming more affordable for brides and guests alike, check out this post for a perfect dress for a wedding guest I will be going through more DIY Wedding posts, not just centrepieces, for the next couple of months. If your getting married be sure to follow my blog by clicking the follow button below. That way you won’t miss any of my Wedding posts and you may save money too! WINNING!

Thanks for stopping by today my lovely. I may not say this enough but I massively appreciate all of your continued support. It blows my mind that I am on my 4th year of blogging. So, thank you for being there with me! Let me know in the comments below if you’re getting married? Or your top money saving or DIY Wedding tips as we’d all love to hear them.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx






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