Half Term – Keeping the Kids Busy During Holidays

Keep those little ones busy and happy this February half term

Making the Most of the Half Term Holiday

Yes, folks, we are halfway through February already and both Valentine’s and the half-term holiday are upon us here in the UK. This means the kids will be home and the half term madness will shortly begin. I’m not sure if other countries have a break from education at this time of the year so let me know if it’s different where you’re from.

Today I wanted to share 7 different activities to keep the little ones busy and you sane during the holidays this February half term. With three children I like to keep one step ahead of the game so to speak. Otherwise I find we spend all day in the house. Too much time on electronics and we just don’t make the most of the half-term holidays. These 7 activities should you give a whole week of ideas to get the kids involved in. Let’s get on shall we.

Check Your Local Sports Centre

Half Term Holiday ideas

It’s always a great place to start and after checking my local centre I found they had an activity for each child. A soft play for the tiny little one. A ‘Room on the Broom’ craft activity for my middle buddy and then a Harry Potter event for my eldest. These have varied times and days over the holidays. However, it really is a great place to start to see what local activities are available. Also at my sports centre children under 16 can swim for free. So, I may look into that and get a swim on with the boys too!

Get Yourself to Your Local Library

Kids half term ideas for activities

The UK has been really investing in local libraries to make them great places to enjoy some books and other great activities. Now for me, my local library resides in the above sports centre (weird I know don’t ask lol). So some of the activities I mentioned above fall into the libraries activities. However, just taking the kids for nice storytime and a picnic after could be just what you need to keep them busy. Maybe you could create your own book hunt? Pick a list of books you enjoyed as a child and have the kids help you find them. Teaching them how to navigate the library properly. Either way, the library is free and a place of imagination. Also, a great way to spend a wet half-term day!!

Time is the Gift You Don’t Get Back

Half Term Holiday ideas for kids

Yes, so why not spend time with friends or relatives. Get your friend and get the kids to the park and let them run off steam. Or pop in and give the grandparents a visit? We all thrive from time spent with people we care about. So make a little extra time during the half term to enjoy some friends and family time. Or even better arrange a dinner or picnic with the whole family? Why not?

Nature Bingo

Half Term ideas get back to nature

No matter the weather nature bingo is a great way to get out the house and enjoy some outdoor time. Make a list of items from nature to find and tick off during a nice walk. Certain birds or plants or keeping it really simple for little ones with leaves and a pinecone. If you’d rather not make your own list I created one here that you can either screenshot or print. Making this a super easy activity that you could spend most of the day enjoying.



I love a good craft and although the blog has been lacking in crafts recently you can find my Crafts here if you want to check them out. Crafts are a great way to buy yourself time for all the jobs that still need doing. Regardless if the kids are home. Teaches your children how to entertain themselves without you right there. Also keeps them busy for a little while. So grab out the paper and pens or the craft box if you have one.

Movie Day

Movie Day February half term

Such an easy one and great if it’s wet and horrible outside. Quick note for Netflix users that they have added so many of the Studio Ghibli films you can easily binge those! Grab blankets and a snack and get comfy. Perfect if leaving the house is not on your list of to do’s!



Whether it’s cute biscuits or Fairy cakes there are so many delicious things you can make with the kids. Plus then you get to enjoy them too. Or you can get the kids pizza making! Getting kids to make their own dinner is my fave parent win! Either way, get the house smelling delish and enjoy a homemade snack and a cuppa! The kids will love creating and eating those creations. A great way to spend an hour.

So there you go my loves! 7 activities for the half-term holiday. If you’re feeling adventurous and able why not put up a beach garden? You can find out how here, https://tahneesblog.com/beach-garden-update-summer-fun-2019. As I said above I like to get a little plan in place so I don’t feel like we wasted a week. What would you add? Is there always a half-term treat you enjoy? Or do you have the best idea to keep little hands busy? Let us know in the comments below and good luck everyone, half-term holidays have begun!!!

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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