Letting Go: How To Grit Your Teeth And Bear It!


Children are born so that they can grow up and be a force of nature in the world around them. They grow up to cure illness and fight for peace and just be a piece of immortality that can make you feel prouder than proud. The thing is, much as we hate for it to happen, children DO grow up. The newborn baby you once held in your arms WILL be an adult making mistakes and choosing the wrong on the list of right and wrong that you once taught them. The key is to learn to grit your teeth and bear it when it happens, and it’s only the older, seasoned mothers who can tell you what to expect.

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It’s not about what to expect when you’re expecting anymore. It’s about what to expect when looking for trips for University students to view new places as part of their courses. It’s about taking them to their first day of Uni and swallowing down every single tear that you wish you could shed when you unpick the apron strings and let your child go. It’s inconceivable that there will be a day where you won’t know what your child is doing at all times. But, as mothers, the burden we take on is to raise our children to fly. We cannot just clip their wings because we’re afraid of it happening. Instead, we must grit our teeth and try not to turn to the gin to numb the pain. Let’s look at how we can do that:

  • Smile. A lot can be solved with a smile. If you’re helping your child pack for their new life in university as a student, then you need to grin and be able to be okay with it. You’ve prepared them for this moment for years, but you forgot to prepare yourself.
  • Cry. It is OKAY to cry. Even if you want to stand in the pantry and stuff your fist in your mouth so you don’t howl, let yourself at least cry. Your child has managed to grow up enough to make the choice to expand their knowledge. This is your doing and you should be proud. Cry hard, but feel that pride.
  • Let Go. Yes, your child is letting go of your hand and going their own way at last. Do you know what happens when your child lets go of your hand? You get your hand back. It’s time to embrace yourself as a person again – and now is the best time to do it.

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