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When it comes to having a new baby, it’s best to take all the help you can get. Of course, that means help and support from loved ones and family members when a little one arrives. Although it is also a good idea that towards the end of your pregnancy, you have all of the equipment and tools you will need as well. Luckily, that is a topic that this post can help you with. Keep reading to find out more.

Safety items

First-time mum or a mother of a whole brood, the safety of your newborn will always be a top priority. Happily, there are a wealth of tools and gadgets out there that can help you out with keeping your little one safe.

One that it is well worth investing in is a baby monitor. This will allow you to hear, and often see your baby no matter where you are in your home. The latter being true if you choose a video model. Something that means you can easily check that they are sleeping soundly and safely without having to go to their room.

Additionally, using a piece of equipment like the bath swings available from skip hop can be an excellent idea. In fact, they provide support while bathing baby, which means you have both hands free to wash and take care of them, but they are also are in no danger of slipping into the water either.

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Food is one of the most important things that your baby will need. What that means is making sure you have plenty of all of the items needed for feeding is essential. Of course, for many mums, that means bottles, a steriliser, and formulas. Even those that breastfeed will require a pump and bottles at some point.

You’ll also require small pots to store purees and finger foods in when baby starts to wean as well. In fact, having such items will allow you to batch cook food and then freeze it. Something that will help you to always have fresh and healthy food to hand.


Sleep is another thing that your newborn will do a lot of, and that means you will want to make sure they are as safe and as comfortable while asleep as possible.

To that end, investing in a crib or Moses basket it a smart idea. In fact, many experts advise against co-sleeping with a baby as it can be dangerous for them. Although, there are special cribs that bolt onto the side of the bed that can help with this.

Mum-related stuff

Happy mummy means happy baby, I always say. Of course, that means it’s not just items for baby that you will want to get sorted towards the end of your pregnancy, but things for yourself as well.

In fact, sometimes just the smallest things can make a difference on those long nights of feeding. With that in mind, why not invest in an insulated cup that means your cuppa will stay warm even when you get interrupted for a feed? You can even get ones with safety lids on too, so its doesn’t matter if in your bleary-eyed exhaustion you do end up knocking over!

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