IVF – What Are The Alternatives?

Although 9/10 times when someone says they are struggling to get pregnant people will assume they are having IVF, there is actually a range of other exciting options. We all know the IFV is incredibly

So if you have ever wondered what the other options are are when it comes to IVF, or are currently researching options for yourself then here are a few for you.

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Ovulation Induction

Millions of women are affected by PCOS, and that has an impact on fertility, but before heading for the IVF option, they can check out ovulation induction. There will need to be lifestyle changes in most cases, and after that, there are some more options.

Clomiphene tablets can be taken for five days and usually leads to ovulation in almost all patients. Metformin has also played a crucial role in optimizing ovulation.

If those aren’t suitable options, then FSH, follicle-stimulating hormone injections can be administered. This has to be done under guidance because of the complication rate is higher.


All over the world lifestyle factors are leading to fertility issues. However, when working with a specialist, often making these changes will improve chances exponentially. In many cases, weight management can lead to higher rates of conception naturally, as well as a vitamin-rich diet, a multivitamin, and some daily walking. All of these will increase your chances without medication or needle in sight.

Artificial Insemination

This is often known as IUI, where sperm is prepared and inserted directly into the womb through the cervix – around the time of ovulation. This is used when there are relatively minor issues in most cases and can be combined with ovulation induction.


Sometimes there are issues with the reproductive organs, fallopian tubes, ovaries, endometriosis, and fibroids. A number of corrective operations can be performed on both men and women to help with fertility issues caused by organ issues.

Alternative Therapy

If you are also using traditional medicine, you should talk to your doctor before adding anything in terms of alternative therapies. Many people use acupuncture to help conceive, and typically will use vitamin supplements too.

In most cases, many people will try a lot of other ways before they look at IVF. It can be a difficult and expensive journey. Usually, fertility specialists will recommend that a couple tries for between 12 to 18 months before seeking medical advice, unless there other factors in play like age, illness, or with gynecological issues.

Try to take care of yourself in the months that you are trying, and before you make the decision to. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit, ensure that you are keeping your stress levels low by walking and listening to relaxing stories or taking yoga.

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