Gold Pumps and Autumn Slumps?

Autumn is here and so are pumps…..

Perfect Pumps For Autumn

It’s Autumn!!! Not officially buuuut, the weather is dreary, the kids are back to school and I am declaring that Autumn is now!! I love Autumn and everything the last part of the year has to offer. From the leaves starting to turn reds and orange setting the trees ablaze to snuggled up with a blanket and hot chocolate. Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas. YASSSSSS! I love this time of the year and my favourite part is always the fashion. I have a particular love for Autumn footwear what with the last part of the year having a fair few occasions that might call for some fancy footwear. Whether it’s boots, trainers or heels such as pumps (court shoes).

Why Pumps?

Check pumps high heels

Pumps (or Court shoes as they’re called here in Britain) are always a great choice whether it’s for a lunch date, a party or a night out on the town. High heels can add a finishing touch to any outfit from simple jeans and T-shirt look all the way up to a ball gown. You can also use them as statement pieces within your outfit or to help tie your look together. Using bags and accessories they really can make or break an outfit. With so many colours and style available they really are a versatile option for your feet.

High Heel Colour?

tan pump high heels

If you are super savvy with your spending then one pair of high heels could be used for any outfit. You just need to be clever with your colour selection. Black is an obvious choice as not only do they look smart but will go with nearly every outfit. Another great choice and so ‘on trend’ would be nude or tan pumps. With Autumn officially declared (please see above lol) these would be a fantastic choice for your Autumn wardrobe.

Going for Gold

gold pumps high heels

Also, as we are heading into the latter part of the year and dare I say the Festive season. There will be plenty of office parties, family get-togethers and nights out to strut a new pair of pumps. If you also love that little extra feel to your look then I suggest some gold pumps. Perfect for the Autumn-Winter fashion seasons as golds. silvers and metallics come back into trend EVERY year without fail. You will be grabbing for these STILL in a decade time I swear.

I am a personal lover of real statement shoes no matter what time of the year it is. I also love how heels can really finish an outfit and add a little bit of a sexy flair to even the simplest look. I also love to match my shoes and bags. Who else has a tendency to do that?  Also, which style shoe you prefer or do you love heels? I’m 100% a boot kinda gal no matter what style. Let me know yours in the comments below my lovelies.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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