Nostalgic Beach Trips and Chips

The best way to spend a summer’s day

Family Day at Weston-Super-Mare

When I was small my most anticipated trip of the year was always a family beach day. Packing up your sandwiches, buckets and spades and enjoying the day on the beach. Splashing in the sea, building castles and a mandatory huge hole. Running around the arcade with all the noise and lights. It’s one of those memories that stay with you forever.

beach wondmills

Last week we decided to take a trip over to Weston-Super-Mare with our three boys. Just to enjoy the day and make the most of the short holiday time. I have to say even though the sun wasn’t being to accomadating it’s was still a glorious day.


We didn’t get to sit on the beach all day as we had wanted to as the rains had given ALL they had on our drive up there. We didn’t want to set up and the heavens to open. What with the baby and all it was a bit of a worry. We still managed to have a wonderful day though.

It got me thinking about how sometimes things may not turn out how we planned. However they can become the most precious memories. Today was this kind if day for sure.

Weston super mare grand pier

We started by walking along the beach at least. Looking out at the sea and watching the waves crash. Enjoying the sand as much as we could with it being so soggy. Sadly though it wasn’t long until the boys got bored.

grand pier Weston super mare

It was then we decided to take a stroll along the Grand Pier. It has some truly stunning views of Weston from it and on a hot summer’s day could easily be mistaken for a far away exotic land.

UK beach spots

It also has lots of photo ops along the way and who doesn’t love a good photo opportunity? All leading up to our favourite place……the arcade.

best family fun day

We love a good 2p machine and spent lots of time with the boys on them. I save all my pennies for these visits so we had plenty. We haven’t visited for a couple of years so we were well prepared. Then we decided to jump on a few teddy machines. I desperately wanted a Mike Wazowski teddy and I was sadly disappointed.

days out at Weston super mare

My eldest son However, hit the jackpot and grabbed a twofer on the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ claw machine. Then being the kind sharing brother (in the moment any way lol) he gave his younger brother the extra he had managed to grab.


Once we had finished our winning and losing in the arcade the baby decided we most certainly needed to stop for lunch now. We stopped in at a little run down cafe which happens to be out favourite. Old brown leather diner seating that is probably older than me. A huge mirror wall. It could 100% use a spruce up but the food is perfect. Huge portions, really tasty and great value. So, we stopped and enjoyed some fish and chips because you know….seaside life.

Weston super mare beach days fish and chips

We spent our last bit of time just sat enjoying the view of sea an soaking it in before the drive home. Which was actually so peaceful and calming. Watching the waves lap the shore, the breeze blowing and the sun just starting to show it’s face. Beautiful!

Weston super mare views

I just wish it had been dry at least so we could sit on the beach. Luckily we¬†built a beach this year so the boys have enjoyed that and built castles. However it really isn’t the same as spending the day on the beach with your family. What’s your favourite beach memory with you family? Mine is the buying Mr. Whippy ice creams! Have you had a beach trip this year? Or where is your favourite beach to visit? Let me now in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx


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