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Snap your Summer-Swizzels Summer Giveaway

Yes I am working with Swizzels this Summer. You loves could WIN BIG so don’t miss out on a chance to win a holiday? Yes you read that right!

I know I’m supposed to start posts off ‘correctly’ but……… It’s snap your Summer!

UMMMMM I’M COLLABING WITH hSWIZZELS SWEETS AND I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!!!! Big Swizzel sweets lover here and have been my whole life. Candy sweets are the best and my absolute faves are Love hearts!! Here you can see them featured in my Instagram grid (there is more than one lol) due to my love of those chalky little beauts. I know I’m not the only fan either!

snap your summer

Swizzle sweets have stood the test of time. I remember spending my pennies on candy lollies, drumsticks and of course love hearts. Still to this day they’re a go-to sweet. I like to take them to the library when we visit. I have two strong-willed (code word for crazy) little lads. Their volume for voice control is limited (they noisy AF) and I find lollies really shut them up.

snap you summer swizzels sweets

Swizzels have sorted me right out for the whole summer with this AMAZING suitcase they sent me, you did not misread that I said suitcase. The box itself is just incredible and the travel sticker vibes are just perfect. Filled with all our family favourites plus some new sweets and flavours to try. It also included some items from their amazing merch range. It includes towels, drinks bottles and even floats. So a huge thank you to Swizzels for sending that over.

I took a pack of Lots of Lollies on our last library visit and the boys were loving it. Fighting over the candy lollies of course. We also have a beach day arranged for next week and have saved a few bags of sweets for the journey.

swizzels sweets swizzels lollies

Not only did they make my summer but did you know that Swizzels could make your Summer this year too??? No?? Oh, then I’m about to spill all the tea…… candy.

Swizzels are running an absolutely amazing giveaway this year and it’s so simple to enter and the prize is just incredible. You could be in with the chance of winning a ¬£5000 holiday through On The Beach and entering couldn’t be more simple. Just snap your Swizzels whilst on a day trip or during your holibobs. When you’re done just share via social media with the hashtag #MySwizzelsSummer or you can click¬†this link and upload your picture there. It also has any and all details you might need. I mean can it get any easier than that? Snap you Summer and you could win an incredible prize!

swizzels drumstick squashies

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking my blog out today. You can keep up to date on all new blog posts by following the official Facebook or any of the other official social media platforms and the best of luck to all those who enter. Remember all you need to do is upload your snap with #MySwizzelsSummer. Also another huge thank you to Swizzels for my suitcase of sweets.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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