How To Avoid Being Hung-up On Hair Loss

Losing hair can be very distressing. When a guy hits a certain age, it’s often one of their biggest fears. It can bring about feelings of depression and low self-esteem. Worrying about how attractive you

Losing hair can be very distressing. When a guy hits a certain age, it’s often one of their biggest fears. It can bring about feelings of depression and low self-esteem. Worrying about how attractive you are, or overthinking about how others might view you can be consuming. Even women wonder how to avoid being hung-up on hair loss.

Some people find it easier, and for others, it can be very upsetting. It can happen at any age, and it’s not necessary any less distressing when it occurs later in life. Nobody wants to be hung-up on hair loss though, and getting yourself tied in knots can have a real impact on other areas of your life.

As a person losing your hair, there are things you can do to either slow the loss or come to terms with the situation. As the partner of someone going through the loss, there are ways you can show your support and understanding.

There are lots of reasons for baldness, it could be hereditary, or due to pollution, wearing a hat too often, diet, stress, or as a result of taking medication. With baldness affecting around half of all men losing their hair before they are seventy, it’s not uncommon and something that many people will have to deal with at some point. Here are a few things that guys can do to help themselves when they’re losing their hair.

The First Step of How To Avoid Being Hung-up On Hair Loss – Acceptance

There are several stages that you’ll go through when you lose your hair. They will differ from person to person, depending on personality or the situation. However, rarely, there aren’t tricky emotions to deal with.

There may be denial, where you refuse to admit that it’s happening. This might be followed by anger, depression, and bargaining. The quicker you can get through the stages, or even skip them, the sooner you’ll be able to start doing about the situation.

Keep It Short

Generally, when losing hair, it goes from the top or from the front. The back and sides are usually the last things to go. It might sound like strange advice, but you should try and keep the back and sides short. You can get away with having it slightly longer on the top, where the hair is thinner.

Try Hair Loss Treatment

There is no magic cure for hair loss, but there you can buy a hair loss application that will slow down, or further stop its effects. Minoxidil or Regaine is one of the most popular hair loss treatments and has a pretty good success rate. Applied twice a day, the treatment works by pushing blood and nutrients to your hair follicles. You may notice that some of your hair does fall out, but it will be followed by new thicker hair.

Stop Wearing Hats

You might have the urge to cover your head when you’re out and about, and that’s quite understandable. But the friction that wearing a hat causes can lead to more significant hair loss.

Cut Down On The Washing To Stop How To Avoid Being Hung-up On Hair Loss

Having beautifully clean hair all the time can seem like a great idea, but over-washing can cause you to shed some of your locks. Reduce the frequency that you wash your hair. If you wash it daily, think about moving to every other day.

Use A Caffeine Shampoo

There is a range of caffeine shampoos on the market that might help stimulate growth. There is not a great deal of support from the medical community to back this up, but some people claim results from it.

Don’t Comb Your Hair When Wet

Dragging a comb through wet hair is asking for it to come out. When you have weak follicles, combing can damage your roots at the best of times. When you have wet hair, this makes your hair heavier.

Avoid Too Much Heat When Drying To Avoid Being Hung-up On Hair Loss

Using a blow dryer can also bring about hair loss, as it stresses the roots. Similarly, you should only towel dry your hair gently as again; it can pull at weak follicles.

Water-Based Styling Products Are Best

Oily or sticky hair products tug at strands of hair, meaning that when you are combing or shaping your hair, you’re likely to lose some.

Think about using something much lighter to style your hair with.

Lemon, Ginger, Onion Juice, Or Green Tea

All of these things are claimed to help reduce hair loss when rubbed into your scalp.

Think About Facial Hair

Growing a beard is often a great way of drawing attention from the top of your head to your face. A well-groomed beard can make a great focal point and gives you lots to style and tweak.

Eat Well

A protein-rich diet is an excellent way of getting the right nutrients to your hair. While there are plenty of shampoos that offer protein enrichment, there is no better way of getting protein than through your diet.

Get The Right Vitamins To Avoid Being Hung-up On Hair Loss

Getting the right vitamins is essential, and this can be done either through diet or through taking supplements. Vitamin A will encourage sebum production in your scalp, while vitamin E will improve the blood flow to your follicles.

Get Plenty Of Exercise

Exercise reduces stress levels, which can cause hair loss. Try and get around half an hours exercise every day if you can do. Obviously, it has lots of other health benefits too, so will leave you feeling generally healthy and happy.

Avoid Undue Stress

Stress is a significant factor in hair loss. If you can find ways to manage your stress levels, maybe through meditation, this will help slow the fall.

Cut Down On Cigarettes And Alcohol

Drinking and smoking can speed up the hair loss process. Look for ways to cut down, or stop doing both of these things completely.

Consider Shaving It All Off To Avoid Being Hung-up On Hair Loss

Many men find that shaving their hair off is the way to go. Often, following letting go of the desire to have longer hair, removes a lot of the worry surrounding hair loss.

You may be worried about the shape of your head, that there will be odd bumps, or that it won’t suit you.

While it may take some getting used to, it can be quite a liberating experience which helps shed all of the negative emotions that go along with losing your hair.

How To Support Your Partner When They are Losing There Hair

Showing support can be one of the most critical things to help him find acceptance of the situation. It can be hard for guys to talk about how they feel about the matter, but chances are he will be worrying about if you will still find him attractive when he’s lost all of his hair.

Build Their Confidence To Avoid Being Hung-up On Hair Loss

Find ways to build their confidence in their hair. Tell them, or even better still, show them that you find them attractive as they are and the same will be true if it all goes.

Help Them Make The Changes He Needs

Find ways of helping and encourage them into trying some of the things above. Let them know that whatever happens, it’ll be fine. But sharing a change in diet and exercise routines can be really beneficial, and is so much easier to do when you are both facing it together.

Losing your hair needn’t be a traumatic experience. By coming to terms with the situation, it can leave you in a much better frame of mind, while still looking great. Helping your partner arrive at acceptance is significant too, and can help immensely.

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