summer 2019 bucket list

Summer 2019 Bucket List

With Summer in full swing we could all use some help keeping the little monsters busy……

Hello my beauties and how are you? The weather right now is glorious, isn’t it? Or are you struggling in the heat and counting down the days to Autumn? We took advantage of the nice weather and made a Private Beach Garden for our family to enjoy over the summer. That is a great activity to add to your Summer 2019 bucket list, for sure.

summer 2019 bucket list

The Summer break is now upon us and parents all over the world will be racking their brains and saving their sanity by keeping their little monsters entertained. This can be a massive task as kids are always onto the next activity or game before they finish the last one. Can I get an Amen mama!!

Today I am sharing with you a great Summer Bucket List that you can work your way through during the holidays. This way you always have an idea at the ready and your summer can be less stressful. I did cover this last year too so technically there are two-bucket lists for you to get through. So let’s crack on with the Summer 2019 Bucket List.

Visit The Library

A magical place that is full of adventure, new worlds and amazing characters. Losing yourself in a book is a wonderful journey to take. Why not share this with the kids and visit your local library. In the UK most libraries take part in the ‘Big Read’ which encourages children to read. They can earn prizes for taking part and we have done it for the past 3 years at least. The kids love to earn their prizes and always look forward to their library visits.

Make Tie Dye Shirts

Not only a Summer Fashion staple but now a fun activity with the kids. The Dye has been around for decades so why not use it to your advantage. Make some cool items with the kids. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a bedspread. Maybe you’re looking for some new cushion covers? Get the kids busy with some tie-dye. You can get sets online to make them properly and look super cool the rest of the Summer.

Add Smores to Your Summer 2019 Bucket List

summer 2019 bucket list

Such a simple and easy activity but so much fun. Whether you’ve stoked up the fire pit, finishing up on the barbeque or even under the grill. Get your smores on. Roast your mallows and get your biscuits at the ready……Yummy.

Picnic in Nature

summer activities

Whether it’s in the garden or at a local beauty spot. Get some lunch packed and enjoy some fresh air. Enjoy it at the park or beach if you have one local. Let the kids choose a bear to take (maybe not their faves) and you’ve got a teddy bears picnic.

Make Popsicles

summer activities

You can use juices, fruits and even yoghurt. Make your perfect popsicles with some moulds you can use at home. There are lots of places you can find lolly moulds so why not get busy with the kids. This will also help keep little ones cooler in the hot weather whilst being super cost-effective. If you need some inspiration why not check out the recipe for the delicious ones pictured above here.

Make Ice Tea

summer 2019 bucket list

Looking for the perfect cold beverage for your barbeque or just looking to keep cool on a hot day? Then ice tea is for you. Why not get the kids involved and have them help? Such an easy thing to make but so yummy. You can also make any flavour your family likes so there are so many choices available to you. If you’ve not made it before then check this great ice tea recipe for how to make a beautiful peach ice tea.

Bug Hunting For Your Summer 2019 Bucket List

Not my idea of a fun activity but my middle child would love it. Turn over rocks and checking on leaves for any creepy crawlers. You could even make the kids a bingo list to find so they can tick them off as they find them. You could also look up some facts on the bug you find so they’re learning as they have fun.

Get the Craft Box out

Buy yourself an afternoon with free crafts. Encourage the kids to make their own toys or pictures. If you don’t have a crafts box most pound/dollar stores have items you can purchase for next to nothing. Even if it’s just for some rainy afternoon drawings with paper and pens. It can buy you enough time for a cuppa in peace at least.

Make a Puppet Theatre

summer 2019 bucket list

As a part of the beach we built, we have a small cardboard puppet theatre. It was so easy to make that I will be showing you how to make one for yourself in the coming weeks. The kids can make and then play with it. You can also extend this creative project by making puppets and stories.

Build a DIY Beach is a Must For A Summer 2019 Bucket List

Yes, you should build yourself a homemade beach if you have space for it. We did this recently and you can see the full post here if you want to make one too. We added a small bouncy castle, hook a duck, target practice and even a haunted house plus so much more. All the classics of any respectable beach location. It has brought so much joy already and the boys spend hours outside playing with it.

Board Game Night

summer 2019 bucket list

Yes, why not get the blood boiling with a good ol’ family game night. Put the controller down though as why not go old school? Crack out the board games or raid your parent’s house for the classics you played as a child. We have Jumanji and I also would love to teach my boys Monopoly as they’re old enough for us to fight over it with now (lol). Add a few snacks and you’ve got your evening planned.

Add Nature Bingo to Your Summer 2019 Bucket List

Find a leaf, spot an ant or spy a butterfly. Get your nature bingo on and get the kids enjoying some fresh air and outdoor time. They can even make the bingo sheet themselves. You could also do this for car journeys to make them less stressful and it would work really well on the beach too.

Make Play Dough

This takes a lot less time than you would think and I will be sharing a recipe over the coming weeks as I will be doing this. Make your own homemade play dough and let the kids get creative. Stored properly and this can last for ages so another really cost-effective activity.

Visit a Splash Pad

We have a couple of local splash pads and I have to admit we’re yet to have tried them. Slash pads are a great way for the kids to cool off. If you’re not sure if you have a local splash pad then be sure to Google it as they’re usually free and great fun for the kids.

Check Local Events for Your Summer 2019 Bucket List

Summer is a big time for everyone including your town or city. It’s more than likely that there will be a few local events in your area. Be sure to check out what is going on as you may be surprised and the exciting activities you may have missed. For example, our local garden centre has annual activities for children to enjoy. So don’t miss out locally either.

There you have it my lovelies. There are 15 Bucket List ideas for summer 2019. Which is the one you’re defo going to do? I will try to tick off all of them but I am 100% tie-dying with the boys this year. What is one summer activity you always do? Ours is nature walks and picnics. Every year without fail we have a few during the Summer break. Let me know your answers in the comment below.

If you would like to have this bucket list to hand I created this perfect printout you can use. Stick to the fridge and any time you’re lost for ideas have the kids pick one.

I hope you loves have the best summer and 100% make the most of it because before we know it Christmas will be here. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for all our fun Summer posts and ideas.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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