Beach Garden – Your own Private Beach

looking for something fun this Summer? Are the kids driving you crazy already? Then a DIY beach is exactly what you need

Hello, my little lovelies. How are you all? Here’s hoping you’re happy, healthy and content. We have been really busy for what feels like forever to be honest. Just over 9 weeks ago we had a new baby and the 2 months prior to that we redecorated our whole house and sorted our gardens. It feels like we haven’t stopped. Add a beach garden to the list and we are done. Due to all the prep and being heavily pregnant. The last couple of school holidays have been a bit boring for the boys. We haven’t gone many places or done many fun things.

Turning Your Garden Into A Beach?

If you saw the first Beach Garden post, you will know we had planned on building a beach in the garden. As said above the boys have missed out on alot of the school breaks this year. We couldn’t really afford a holiday this year as we are desperate to get our wedding done. Holidays are out of the question until that’s done. We also wanted something that would keep the boys entertained for most of the holidays whilst creating a super special memory for them. We decided it would be really fun to turn our whole outdoor area into a beach complete with sand, games and activities.

Today I am showing you what we have managed to create and how so if you want to create your own garden paradise yourself then you can.

The Beach Garden

The Beach is obviously the star of the show here and it was surprisingly easy to put together. We started with two pools, black garden material and children’s play sand. Once that was in place it was just a case of filling pools and dressing the area.

We used a windbreaker to section off the beach. Giving the beach a super beach vibe as well wind protection. We added a pop-up tent for a shaded area and it’s great for the baby when he’s out there too. Ours was on offer for £5 in Asda but you can also grab the same one from Argos in their 2 for £15 deals.

We added some beach mats to not only help the sand not spread to much. But it also gives those who don’t want to sit on the sand another alternative. We finished all this off with some palm trees and a cute sign. I made these from cardboard boxes and have waterproofed (hopefully anyway) them with sticky back plastic and sticky tape.

Finally, we just had to add the finishing touches such as a frisbee and other beach games. Buckets and spades, snorkels or as my middle baby calls it a snorggle. I also got the boy’s cute juice cups and super cute floating cup holders. I also grabbed some sandcastle flags. Most of the added extras are from the Poundland as they have some great summer ranges right now.

These touches are what really finish off this whole feeling and hopefully will keep the kids entertained for most of the Summer.

The Carnival

When it came to making the carnival we wanted something fun and traditional. Between my partner and we managed to make a few of your seaside favourites such as hook a duck. Using only a small paddling pool. I got my mini one for £3 from my local The Factory Shop. I then added some ducks and fishing rods that I bought in Poundland. These are actually a hook a duck game in themselves so I just added them to the pool. So only £4 for your own hook a duck which is just a steal really.

Target Practice was the creation of my partner and he kept it simple. Using a large sheet of cardboard he cut out different sized circles. We then used one of the boys nerf guns and I bought a little bow and arrow set (Poundland) to go with it. This is actually so much harder than it looks and we’ve had lots of laughs already.

Flower Shower is my own creation and is a sponge throwing game. This was created out of cardboard and decorated. Simply pop your face in one of the holes and wait for your opponent to shower the flower. This is actually hilarious and the kids LOVED soaking us with cold sponges.

We purchased a small bouncy castle on eBay for £25 and added that to our carnival. Our boys are a little big but it looks fab and when we have smaller children over it will be perfect to keep them entertained.

Finally we have the coconut shy. Another huge seaside classic and so easy to make. We used washed beans tins to hold the coconuts and tennis balls to throw. The only problem we had was we didn’t have a surface to place it on. Thanks to some old plant pots however we were good to go. This is another great game to enjoy and the kids love trying to hit more than one at once.

The Horror House

No seaside experience is complete without a trip to the haunted house or ghost train. Using the Wendy house we had I transformed it into a spooky place for little witches and goblins to hang out. I used the Halloween decorations we had stored away to create this as well as some more cardboard creations. The added light here and there really add to the spooky feel though

The Puppet Show

The final piece to add was the very traditional puppet show. This was made from a box and painted. I then added little details just to decorate. Propped up on a table or in our case our rabbit run. Simply add a blanket or sheet to the bottom and your show can start. I haven’t made any puppets yet as I’m saving that for a crafty morning with the boys.

Of course, no beach would be complete without a little decoration and we kept it simple and easy with bunting and lanterns. Along with our homemade palm trees and signs, our garden is now an at-home beach.

Now all that is left is to enjoy our summer and our beach. This was such a great creation to make and watching the boys enjoy it has been amazing already. We still have six weeks of Summer left and I’m hoping this can keep them entertained for the most part. We are planning a beach disco and barbeque with friends which is going to be so much fun. I would also like to arrange a nice candlelight date night for me and my partner too.

Do you need a beach outside your front door? Have you ever done anything like this yourself? Would you want any tips on how to recreate your own little doorstep paradise? There are so many ways to upgrade your garden for summer. Let me know below in the comments what you would do my loves. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as we loved creating it.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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    1. thank you so much. The boys had a blast it’s just a shame the British weather was a little wet this summer so we didn’t get out there every day like we intended xxx

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