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What are your plans for summer 2019?

Summer Fun For 2019

Hello my beauties and how are you all? I hope you’re well and enjoying this gorgeous weather that we have been blessed with in the U.K at the moment? I know I’m feeling ready for Barbeque season, sunny days and lots of Summer fun in 2019. A lot of the children will be going on summer break soon and my boys are only 12 days away from breaking up. With this in mind my partner and I wanted to create an ever lasting summer memory for them. We have decided to transform our garden into an amazing beach. Including some great games, snacks and even a haunted house amongst more. We all know I love to keep the kids busy with crafts so this summer I’m taking it a step further. Don’t worry though I will still be adding new crafts to the blog to keep little hands busy.

Summer fun 2019 garden beach

However, I thought it would be fun to take you guys on this journey with me so you can recreate the bits that inspire you. From decorations and games to crafts ideas and sweet treats. Why not have the ultimate summer 2019 experience with your own garden beach??

Where do I start?

I think it is worth noting that I have a very large garden area so we know that we have plenty of space for something really special. You could downsize this to fit your own needs perfectly.

The first place we started was seeing what we had around that we could use. Luckily I am a kitchen gadget lover so I have a popcorn machine, doughnut maker, candy floss machine and we recently purchased a slush puppie machine. So the snacks and beverages are sorted.

Larger outdoor items we have are a trampoline that we will incorporate. Also we have a wendy house that we will be turning into a haunted house using cardboard and Halloween decorations.

The Beach

To create the beach we had to order new pools so we got two rectangle inflatable pools. We then bought some black lining material. One to go on the ground for the sand to sit on and one to go over the top at night time. Or when the weather turns British and it rains. That is all we’re using to create a simple but fun beach. Again you can scale this to fit a size that suits you and your available space.

turning your garden into a beach 2019 summer


We then decided that adding some homemade fair attractions or games might be fun. So, we got our thinking caps on. We decided on Hook a Duck, A puppet theatre, a coconut shy, a bouncy castle, a sponge soaker game and finally target practice.


Most of these games and attractions will be homemade using cardboard and cheap toys and items. The bouncy castle we had to order. It is a small, cheap one (£25) which should last the Summer.


We are going to keep decorations pretty simple with bunting. We are then going to make signs for various places pointing to the beach or bouncy castle for example. We have a wind breaker that we will use and we will also purchase a parasol/garden umbrella to make sure we always have shade for the kids. I will also buy some added extras such as buckets and spades and a few beach games.

buckets and spades summer fun 2019

We’re really hoping that this will not only keep the boys happy most of the Summer. That having so much to do will also keep arguments at bay for longer than 10 minutes!

I have to say I am so excited to fully get started on this project. I will keep you up to date with what I am getting and making so be sure to checkout my social media. That way you have time to enjoy the ideas over the Summer holidays if you’re wanting to build your own. We are keeping ours a secret from the boys so it’s going to be a huge surprise. Also a great idea if you can’t afford a holiday this year as the kids can enjoy it for the whole six weeks.

Would you love to turn your garden into a Beach? Maybe you already have? Let me know in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for the next garden beach update.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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