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I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back and ready to share

Where Have I Been?

Oh my loves I have missed you all more than I am able to express. I hope you’re all well? Me and my little family are doing great but today I wanted to discuss, where I have been and why I haven’t been posting more. My posting has been few and far between for a large chunk of this year. Which after 3 years of regular blogging feels weird.

As many of you may know from recent posts such as 5 Things You Might Not Know About Pregnancy or What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag I have been busy growing a human for the past 9 months. Last month he finally made his grand arrival and I thought I’d take a second to share my experience with you.

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My Birth Story

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times. Being pregnant is hard and with my first two pregnancies I suffered really badly. I had constant low iron which not only makes you exhausted it can cause bad headaches, nausea and a plethera of other ailments. I also struggled with morning (more like all day) sickness throughout both. I was so lucky to have a straightforward pregnancy this time round. The worst part was the indigestion I had so I can’t complain.

With my first child I did experience Labor however I suffered with a placenta abruption. This is where the placenta suffers a tear and so I was bleeding. This resulted in my eldest not getting enough oxygen and needing an emergency section. That meant with my other children I was advised to have planned sections.

With my new baby this would be my third and final time and I’m not sure why but I was more nervous than previously. I think it is the fact I have other children to worry about and also as you age you’re less fearless.

My partner and I made our way to the hospital for 7am with my lovely sister inlaw. This also involved getting the other boys up at 5am bless their hearts. We’re so lucky to have our supportive families near by. This meant my mum watched the boys for us and took them to school whilst we made our way to the hospital.

Once we were there we were taken to a ward where we had to fill out any last paperwork. I also had to put on the very unflattering gown and bed socks and my fella had to also ‘scrub up.


I then had to prepare myself as most of the people speaking to me would be getting a full view of my foof in a short while! It really is a daunting process and I was glad my partner was with me making me laugh and keeping me calm. Just before 9am I had a midwife inform me that my section would take place at 10am and I began to feel very nervous but also so excited. It such an overwhelming time when you’re sitting and counting down the minutes. With my last section I had some pain when they pulled my son out so I was nervous about that. Overall though I was trying to take it one step at a time and not over think what was coming next. Just after 9am the midwife came back and informed us that the surgeon was ready for us. I had no time to mentally prepare for it and as I slowly waddled my way to the theatre my heart was in my throat and my stomach switched places with my butt!

Everyone in the theatre was so nice and welcoming. They put me at ease straight away and soon we were ready for the epidural. Due to my leg condition I am very familiar with these so this wasn’t really a problem for me. It feels like a scratch and that’s it. Once it had been done I was led down and had to have a catheter fitted. Then I was sprayed with a cold spray to see how numb I was. Once I was numb from boobs to feet it was time to start. I had requested that the surgeon try not to discuss what they were doing. I find the medical talk freaks me out more to be honest. From first incision to my little boy being here took all of twenty minutes if that.


Now, I have to say I didn’t have the same pain as I experienced in my first planned section. This time it was more of a tender and pullinh sort of pain. It was all worth it though because at 9.31am weighing 7lb 3oz (my guess was 7lb 2oz, just saying) our third little boy entered the world. It is always such a magical moment to see there purple little faces.

He had alot of fluid on his lungs as he was born by section but this is very normal. We were taken to recovery and tried to give him some milk but he wouldn’t take it this was when my motherly instincts realised something wasn’t right. He was grunting while trying to breathe and I tried continually for the next, what felt like a life time, in reality about 30 minutes or so, to feed him. He just didn’t want it. This is when the midwife decided to get a doctor to check him over. It’s always really nerve wracking when you think there is anything wrong with your vulnerable new baby. The doctor checked him over and found he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. She gave him some oxygen through a mask and by this point I was obviously crying. They said it wasn’t badly out of range but they put him on two hourly observations just to be safe.

I was then taken to the ward and we settled in for the day. Due to my section I had to stay for a minimal of 24 hours but I couldn’t wait for my boys to meet their new brother. I also couldn’t wait to get home (hahaha). Later on in the day the boys arrived to meet their new buddy and were absolutely smitten from the get go. My sister in law brought them so everyone enjoyed a quick snuggle with him. Then it was one of the worst parts. My boys and my partner had to leave. We wanted to keep the kids routine as normal as we could. Especially as my middle child found me being away hard and he was very emotional. Dad went home to take care of them.

The observation for the baby continued through out the night and, honestly, I got about 2 hours sleep. His breathing was improving though and he wasn’t grunting so much. Also his feeding had improved and he was finally eating. However by the morning the doctor decided that his breathing wasn’t where it should be and he needed some antibiotics. They believed he had the start of an infection and that might be causing it. We would have to stay in for the next 36 hours for the course. I’m glad I was thorough when I packed my hospital bag so I had every thing I needed. We were taken down to the NICU ward where they placed a IV line into his arm and gave him a chest x-ray. They also gave him his first dose of antibiotics. He had his poor arm strapped up like it was broken bless him. I was one very worried mum if I’m not lying. I cried numerous times and it was even harder not having my partner there with us. Also with him at home he was worried and couldn’t do anything. It was just horrible all round.


Thankfully he improved throughout the day but by his last dose of antibiotics his IV line had fallen out. Now, as you can imagine, babies have very small veins so getting the line in to them is no easy task. The doctor tried placing it in his other arm, both his hands and also his feet. It just would not go in. My poor baby was upset and crying. He was also now covered in bruises. It really was horrible and my heart goes out to all parents and babies who face serious problems after birth. After trying to get the line back in they eventually had no choice but to inject them directly.

By this point his breathing and all his levels were much better and where they needed to be. He’d also received his last dose of medicine and we were both given the clear to go home. I would have ran it if I could. By 8pm on the 18th we were home.

I have to say it was very different from my other birth experiences. I’m not sure if it’s because this time I had a tubal litigation, meaning I can’t get pregnant again. I wanted to really savour these last new born moments. Added to the small medical problem it goes to show no two births are the same.

We are all settled at home now and baby is doing so well. So are the boys and are such loving big brother’s which melts my heart. I’m recovering really well and Dad has been our absolute super hero. He has taken such good care of us all and it reminds me why I love him so much.


What’s Next for Tahnee’s Blog?

Now we have covered the last few months of my life I am ready to start looking forward. I want to get back to blogging 100%. I have posted randomly over the last 9 months and I don’t feel ready to go back to my regular schedule just yet. We’re obviously night feeding and energy levels are low most days. That being said I will be going back to posting once a week minimal. With the holidays coming up I want to get some good crafts and makes up. Helping you keep the kids busy with the summer break coming up.

I also want to start running a few giveaways again as I missed so many this year and we didn’t even celebrate Tahnee’s Blog Birthday! I think we’ll go even bigger next year to make up for it. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on my social media so you don’t miss out on anything my loves.

Have you given birth recently? Are you ready to give birth now? What great tips do you have for expectant mums? Mine would be to take a book at the least. I downloaded a couple of things on my Netflix app so I wouldn’t be bored. It was a great idea and definately helped me pass the time when baby was sleeping. Let us know your tips in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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