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There isn’t a better time to take on crafting in your spare time. Obviously, this covers making craft beer, but there are plenty of other options out there that do not involve a scrapbook and glue, although glue might still be required. Technology that used to be only available on an industrial scale has come in reach of the common man (or woman). Next, to the hardware, the amount of information and guides on how to embark on new crafting journeys are widely available as well. A single YouTube video can be the precursor for a ‘down the rabbit hole’ evening of internet sleuthing, resulting in a ‘must get’ shopping list that clearly got out of hand. Here are some of these attractive options to look at if you have a spare minute.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Some geeky engineering and programming with Raspberry Pi. There is a whole community out there to support you in whatever you might want to construct. What about a custom-built emulator console, an electronic chess board or a doorbell that starts recording whenever someone presses it? Whatever you can think of, you can make it. Chances are that you can find basic plans online that will fit your need. Raspberry Pi builders fit perfectly in the wider community of makers. This community consists of people that love new technology to create new devices or tinker with existing ones. With a quick search you can find events organised in your area and perhaps, if the idea interests you, it will be worthwhile to visit any of them.

If soldering, messing with logic boards and programming is not your thing, perhaps you have always been fascinated with cosplay. You might have wondered how people create their Iron Man suits, Stormtrooper helmets or Space Marines gear. Obviously, one option is that they bought their costume outright, but a little searching online will uncover that a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into these things when cosplayers make these costumes themselves.

Now, there are plenty of methods to build yourself a cool helm or suit. One of the most straightforward ways is to build up bulky suits from foam and paint it. The benefit is that these costumes will be lightweight. The problem is that this is very much a guesstimate type approach. Other people prefer the accuracy of 3d printing. You’ll be surprised what the range is of budgets and possibilities regarding this technology. The wide options also mean that it’s a bit of a wild west about standards and supporting software. So, expect a bit of a steep learning curve when getting into 3d printing.

Another interesting option a technique called Pepakura, which is a papercraft option to create complex models. It’s fascinating what people can make with just plain paper. More sophisticated models do require either a lot of patience or a paper cutting machine. Check out for some advice. You can strengthen paper models with resin before you use body filler to perfect your shape. The result is a light, extremely solid basis you can paint to get the costume you want.

In some cases, you might want to combine all three, Raspberry Pi, 3d printing and Pepakura to make your vision a reality. Happy crafting!

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