What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What do you need? What does the baby need? Have you forgot anything??

It’s Time To Have Your Baby

Hello my loves and how are you all? I know I haven’t been Blogging much or been very active on my social media. I would usually apologise for this but if I’m honest I have really enjoyed the digital detox. This is my last pregnancy and I wanted to enjoy it and experience it as much as possible. I have found that not being so active has allowed me to do that. The good, the bad and the morning sickness (lol). It is however very close to the big day, 18 days to be exact, and I’m ready to have this baby. Are you ready to have your baby too?

I wanted to put together a list of items you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag so you can be prepared too. It’s been nearly six years since I have had to pack a hospital bag ready for birth. It is one of those things that completely escapes your mind after 6 years. I know how important it is to prep and feel ready for your hospital visit. So here is two comprehensive lists for both you and baby to prepare you for their arrival if like me your mind has gone blank.

What To Pack In Your Hospital bag


  • two vests per day of your stay. (vomit and milk spills happen)
  • two outfits or baby grows per day of your stay.
  • A ‘going home’ outfit for baby. Make sure you take a jumper or coat if it’s colder weather.
  • socks
  • mitts
  • Baby flannel or sponge
  • Babies Towel
  • Baby wash
  • A blanket or two, although most hospitals have blankets available for your visit. You may need one for going home.
  • Burping clothes
  • Nappies
  • Wipes or cotton for bottom changes.
  • Milk if your hospital does not supply it for you and you choose to bottle feed. Make sure to call and ask if you’re unsure.
  • Bottles if you are bottle feeding and steralising equipment. Cold water sterilizing tablets will be easier for a hospital stay.
  • A bag for dirty laundry.

What do you pack in a hospital bag when having a babyObviously if you want to pack more then you can but this should be enough for a day or two stay. I have to have sections so I know I’ll at least be in over night and most of the next day. You could also pack a small refill bag at home or leave with a relative who will visit. That way if you have an extended stay you have more items that can be brought in for you and baby.

What yo pack when giving birth


  • Your notes and birth plan. You could even print a couple of copies of your birth plan just so you have it to hand. This way everyone involved in your delivery will know what you want.
  • BIG (and I mean BIIIIIG) pants. If you have a natural birth then you won’t want tight under wear. Your vagina will need a little space after the fact. If you have a section you’ll need to make sure they can reach above your incision as the area will be very tender.
  • A soft bra or nursing bra.
  • Pyjamas or a nighty. Again if you’ve had a section you won’t want to restrict your stomach area so a nighty would be a better choice.
  • Dressing gown and slippers/Fluffy socks as wards can be a little chilly.
  • Towel, flannel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, Shampoo, conditioner, hair brush.
  • BIIIG sanitary towels. Once again I mean BIIIIIIG. The thin little sheets pads are not going to cover it ladies. You could even get some disposable after birth underwear if you’re concerned about bleeding afterward.
  • Breast pads even if your breast feeding you may find these handy for in between feeds.
  • Comfortable outfit to go home in.
  • Snacks and drinks for during labour.
  • Phone charger
  • Book or some form of entertainment.

What do I need when giving birthAgain if you wanted to pack more you can but this list will see you through a day or two stay. You may also want to make sure your birth partner packs themselves a small over night bag as they may be with you for a while depending on the length of your labour. Snacks and drinks and a fresh change of clothes will not go a miss for them either.

Now you know what to pack in your hospital bag when it’s time to have your baby! Now I will be honest and I’m not a 100% ready yet, which I should be. But by the end of this week I will have everything packed and ready to go. I am so excited and nervous to finally be having this baby boy and with only 18 days we are soooo close!

Do you have every thing ready to go? Or from looking at my list have you remembered something you forgot? How long do you have left before your due date? Let me know everything in the comments below and if this is your first child why not check out my tongue in cheek post about becoming a parent. It’s a little cheeky but also true so it’s a very handy post.

I finally want to wish any of you expecting or close to having your baby the best of luck. It really is such an experience and I hope you’re is calm and a happy one!

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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