My Top 5 Beauty Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Sharing 5 Beauty items I am loving right now

Top 5 Beauty Products

As you may know I am in no way an expert in the field of beauty. In fact more often than not I am makeup free and blemishes on display. I used to wear makeup daily but as I have gotten older I have found a greater acceptance of myself and the skin I’m in. Do I look better wearing makeup? Oh goodness yes, there is no denying it but I am confident enough to go bare faced. My beauty and makeup choices really are for me alone and that’s the way I like it. Today however I wanted to share top 5 beauty products I really couldn’t live without. My essential go to products that I always have in my collection.


Although I mentioned above that I am not an everyday wearer of makeup I still like to take good care of my skin. Being currently nearly 8 months pregnant this has become more of an issue with teenage like spots covering my chin. I am also prone to black head breakouts on my chin and nose area. I like my skin to feel moistured without feeling overly greasy. I also have combination skin so keeping that balance right can be difficult at times. So what do I use to help keep these problems at bay? Well here are my top 5 beauty products I can’t live without.

Exfoliating Face Scrub

One product I have always used since being a teen is exfoliating scrubs. There are so many reasons for this being in my top 5 beauty products. The first is to help with black heads created by dirt, oil build ups and just grime in general. Using an exfoliating face wash will gently break down and flush out the build up that is helping to create black heads. It also helps with dry flaky skin you may get. If you have combination skin then this kind of face wash will help balance oils while lifting any dry skin you may have. Do be careful not to scrub to hard on your face though as this can cause the problems to become worse. A gentle circular motion is perfect for a good face clean no more than 3 times a week max. Over exfoliating can irritate skin causing more spots and oil. It’s also worth while checking that the exfoliating beads are NOT made of plastics. This is only not great for your skin but just as bad for the environment as well.


I have been using the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily scrub. I love the zesty gresh smell amd it cleans the skin so well. Removes all excess oils and helps to clear out pores. I have also written some great posts about skin care over all if you’re needing to check or start a skin care routine.

Gel Face Wash

I alternate between an exfoliating face wash and a gel wash for everyday use. Just to help keep dirt out my pores, oils at bay and skin nice and clean. Due to the black heads I suffer with I use a tea tree based face wash usually. Tea tree has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and this is how it keeps skin clean and spots at bay. I try to use this twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Don’t worry if you suffer with dry skin or dry areas as the tea tree will help those areas as well. It’s also great for oily skin so a definate top 5 beauty item and must have in the bathroom. The particular brand I use and have done for over a decade is T-Zone Clear Pore Gel Facial wash.


Again it cleans the skin well leaving no oils and helps soothe any flaky areas. It’s a little bit more gentle for inbetween exfoliating.

Facial Oil

After exfoliating and face washing it is important to add the moisture back into skin. I am 30 now and my skin is changing as I age. I have added an oil to my moisture routine. Just to help keep my skin from drying and help keep it plump and hydrated. I use it every evening so it has the night to absorb and work it’s magic. If you’re suffering with dry skin you should look into adding one to your routine. Bringing a blast of hydration to any dry skin. You can also use it if you have oily skin which may come as a shock. Try an oil with tea tree or other ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial as these will help balance your oils.

I use the Lumity Life facial oil that I was kindly sent (gifted item) and here is my original post about it. It’s light formula doesn’t sit on the skin leaving it feeling greasy. It instantly makes my skin feel clean hydrated and it helps my aging skin staying fresh and plump. 100% needed adding to the top 5 beauty products list.

Face Cream

After using gel wash in the morning I usually use a cream based face cream. I find makeup sits funny on an oil based lotion as opposed to a cream based one. Creams help keep dry areas hydrated and stop them from getting worse. I also find it helps if you’re wearing makeup as a protective barrier for your skin. It will help stop makeup settling into pores and fine lines. I have been using the Wake (Used to be EyeWake) face cream.

best face cream

I find the formula very non greasy which is so important for everyday use. Plus it absorbs really quickly meaning you’re not sitting around waiting for it to soak in. Really hydrating and leaves my skin soft and fresh.

Face Mask

Now, I use a variety of face masks and sometimes I use them all together. The important thing to remember when buying and applying face masks is to look at your skin. Where are there dry areas or spotty areas. Where is the grease and oil worse? From here you can add a facemask where you need it and be specific about the problem you’re trying to tackle. If it’s oily skin or areas try a charcoal or clay based mask. This will help dry those oily areas out. I suffer with this on my t-zone and chin so always add it there. Recently I have been loving the Superdrug ‘We love Face mask’ coffee scrub. This is because I find it helps dry out any excess oil without over drying the area.


I am also a huge fan of most of the 7th Heaven face masks. Particularly their peels for my dry flaky areas. They gently lift any loose and flaking skin and help to nourish the new skin underneath.

This is thanks to their natural choice of ingredients. They also have a huge selection to suit any and all skin types or problems. I have been using their maskssince before I started blogging and they remain a key feature in most of my face mask and pamper posts.

So, there are 5 of my top beauty items I can’t live without. What would your top 5 beauty products choices be? Do you love any on my list? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to come check out my social media.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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