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Egg-cellent Ways To Entertain Your Kids This Easter

keep the kids busy this Easter break with great crafts!

The Easter holidays are almost upon us and if you have kids? You will no doubt be looking for ways to entertain them. Fortunately for you, we have some egg-cellent ways to keep them occupied. As you can probably guess from our awful pun, our ideas involve eggs. We aren’t only talking about those chocolate eggs that can be found in supermarkets up and down the country.

Take a look at our ideas below. If after reading you have any suggestions of your own, be sure to share them with us.

Egg-cellent Idea #1: Make Easter Bunny eggs

We suspect the eggs in the image above are made out of wood. However, for this very easy Easter craft, you can also use plastic moulded eggs. Why not actual hard-boiled eggs (though you will need to discard them eventually).

You will also need: stiff felt or card; scissors, craft paint or felt-tip pens, an egg cup or other stand-up container, glue, and a coloured pom-pom. You can buy what you need from your local craft shop, or from online craft stores. Great choice include stores such as Hobbycraft for your materials. Plus Glue Guns Direct for your adhesive.

Your children will be able to manage much of this craft alone. Though you may want to help them with the cutting out and glueing. Especially if using hot glue and if they are of a very young age.


Simply draw ear shapes onto the felt or card, and then carefully cut them out with the scissors. You might also want to draw and cut out feet (not pictured). If you are wanting them to self-stand without the aid of an egg cup or similar.

Using your paint or felt-tip pens give the bunny a cute face. Finish off any other colouring if your children want to get creative.

Then using the glue, carefully fix the ears and feet as well as the pom-pom (for the tail). If angled right, the feet and pom-pom should keep the egg standing upright. So you will easily be able to position the bunny egg on your mantelpiece or table without an egg cup. You might want also want to fold one of the ears if you want one to look floppy.

Finished! As we said, very simple. If your children enjoy craft check out our other Easter craft ideas to keep them occupied over the holidays.

Egg-Cellent Idea #2: Go on an Easter Egg hunt

You could do this almost anywhere, even inside your house if it’s a very wet day. Still, if the weather is particularly fine, you might also have the egg hunt in your garden or at the local park. Hint: if it is hot outside, you might prefer to use plastic eggs rather than those eggs of a chocolate variety!

Now, we don’t need to tell you how to do an egg-cellent Easter egg hunt. You hide them, and the kids find them. Simple! However, there are variations.

For example, rather than send your kids off on a mad scramble with nothing but a basket and a desire to win, you might turn it into a treasure hunt, with clues that will get your kids thinking as to where the next location might be. You might want to number the eggs if using this idea, as this will ensure your children don’t pick up another egg ahead of time. There are some printable Easter egg hunt clues here,  but to be honest, you will probably have ideas of your own to use instead.

Another idea is to use coloured eggs, so you can split your children into teams. You can then hide ten (or so) eggs of each colour, and your children then have to find the corresponding colour to their team. The winners are those who find them first or find the most within a time limit.

There are lots more egg hunt variations here, so have a look for any ideas that are age-appropriate to your kids.

Egg-cellent Idea #3: Play some eggy games

Egg bowling: No, not the game played with skittles, but rather the crown green bowling alternative mostly played by pensioners. Of course, this version of the game is more suited to the kids, but feel free to invite the grandparents to play. Simply use a normal coloured hard-boiled egg as the target. Then use coloured boiled eggs to roll towards the target. Points can be awarded to those who get nearest to the egg. With bonus points awarded to those eggs that are still in one piece after playing.

Egg and spoon race: We don’t need to tell you how to play this, but you can add variations of the hopping, skipping, and three-legged variety if you like, and if you have enough children playing, this can also be done as a relay race. Again, extra points can be awarded for those eggs that are less undamaged by the race’s end.

Egg toss: This is a messy one, so ensure your kids play this in their old clothes, or with an over the head bin liner! Using raw eggs, your children throw them to one another while standing several feet apart. The point is to catch them, but inevitably, the eggs will eventually break, and the child who is left the cleanest by the end of the game is the winner!

For your children’s entertainment, there are more Easter egg games here. Have fun!

Need more egg-cellent eggy ideas? Well, you could do the traditional egg roll down a hill if you have a suitable area near to where you live. Your children could decorate hard-boiled eggs, perhaps using these ideas on Pinterest for inspiration. And, of course, your children could also eat them; by which we mean those of the chocolate rather than the hard-boiled variety. Buy a chocolate egg-making kit and turn this into a fun activity beforehand.

We hope these ideas have sparked some interest for you, but do share your own ideas with us too.

We wish you a very Happy Easter!!!

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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