30 Lessons I have Learned in 30 Year

Yes I am officially 30 and sharing what little wisdom I have acquired

Turning 30

As the title suggests and if you read my Blog and Life Update post then you know I had a birthday this weekend. So, this post is a little life reflection considering I turned thirty on the 2nd of March. Yes, my loves my twenties are officially over and I’m not feeling awful about it! I mean my twenties was an epic decade of my life! Me and my fiance started our family during my twenties and became pregnant with, what will be, our final child too. I have reconnected with people who have become so important in my life and lost alot of people too. I also started my blog which has been such a wondeful adventure all by itself. No, my twenties wasn’t a homage to Friends, as much as I wished it was. However, I learnt so much during those years and have grown so much as a person, mother and partner.

Today I wanted to share 30 things I have learnt during my 30 years on this crazy planet and share them with you. For poops and giggles but also to help those who may be struggling with turning the big dirty 30.

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    1. Don’t feel bad for asking people to leave your life. Yes, we’re starting with a serious point. In thirty years, there are not many people I have felt the need to cut loose from my life. That being said I don’t feel bad for the people who I have cut from my life. If people bring you nothing but pain, drama or aren’t adding any value to your life then don’t be afraid to say goodbye. It can be a hard and painful decision but sometimes it is needed. Surround yourself with people who care about your wellbeing as much as you care for theirs. People who you can rely on and those who know your worth.
    2. Always be as honest as you can be. I won’t lie this has gotten me into trouble more than once. I still however try to be honest as possible. This has a number of benefits to be honest. One being that people trust what you say and that, to me, is very important. The other benefit is you can just be yourself and not have to worry about it. That is alot easier to do if your an honest person. As the saying goes ‘honesty is the best policy’ and they’re so right.men s white button up dress shirt
    3. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is short and laughter is food for the soul. Learn to laugh at yourself and I can promise your life will be filled with twice as much laughter than usual. If life isn’t meant for laughing than I don’t want to be part of it.
    4. Not everyone in your life wants you to succeed. From small remarks that’s may seem flippant to out right telling you you’re no good. Family members, friends and colleagues. It is a fact that not everyone wants you to do well. Stay focused on yourself and what you need though and you’ll be fine. Don’t let those people rub off on you. Honestly, most of them are jealous of your confidence or what you’re actually able or trying to acheive. If you truly believe in yourself and what you’re doing then put everything you have into it!black and white photo of clocks
    5. Take time for yourself. This is an important one especially as you get older and have children and stresses of adulthood. Be sure to take time for yourself, your soul and your sanity. Being an adult is hard work but taking a little time to sit and read with a coffee. Relax in the bath with a facemask. Just that little moment for yourself is so important.
    6. I’m terrible at a lot of things! Don’t ask me for directions for example unless you like getting lost. I am crazy clumsy it’s almost a joke. The list of things I’m terrible at is long but that list isn’t who I am. Don’t be afraid to be terrible at stuff!
    7. Life plans are a joke because life gets in the way! As the saying goes when you make plans God laughs and this is the truth. Learn to go with the flow more.blur carefree cute feelings
    8. When you find the one your meant to be with you do know. It comes in the most difficult times of your relationships. When the world, others, your partner and even yourself is against you. When everything is going wrong. You look at your partner and know that this crazy planet would be 75% worse with them not there.
    9. If you’re partner doesn’t have the potential to be your best friend as well then something isn’t right. I know that may seem controversial. We also all have moments when our other half is doing our head in but the same can be said for our none sexual besties as well. Having a partner who could have easily have been a great friend is a great foundation for a relationship.
    10. Try to be aware of the bad qualities you have. I, for example can be very passive aggressive. It can sometimes come across as sarcasm. However, I am fully aware of this flaw and try to not let it get the best of me. It can be hard but it’s a quality that doesn’t help anyone so best to keep it to a minimal.achievement adult agreement arms
    11. Long, life friends are a blessing like no other. I have been best mates with my bestie (Kerry) for 27 years. She is my rock and I know she always a phone call away. I see her more of my sister than my friend and I know she knows I am always there for her. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.
    12. Make sure to live in the moment. Actually be there and be present. I am always the first to grab my phone to snap a picture. However, over the last few months I have tried to be more in the moment instead of snapping it. I know this is something alot of us struggle with in our technology riddled world. Life will pass you by through a screen though. So grab that snap but be sure to live in the moment. It’s all for the gram baby.
    13. Even at thirty I need to get my life together. There are days when I struggle to get myself together. I barely managed to get the boys together. But tomorrow is another day to do better, it always is. Don’t feel bad, feel better and do better when you can.
    14. You need to be your biggest fan. Yes some self love can go a long long way. Don’t be afraid to be proud of you and what you have acheived or what you’re doing. Sing your own praises because you’re so worth it.
    15. Make time for those who matter. This for me at the moment is 100% a practice what you preach statement. It can be so easy to slip into the day to day to routine and the days just pass you by. Make sure to put time aside for the people who count. The ones you want to build memories with. Once I am not the size of hot air balloon I will be structuring my time better for this very reason. People can be gone in the blink of eye so make time for those you love and want to share your time with.woman covering her two eyes
    16. You’re just a human. Having an off day and don’t want to leave your duvet. If you don’t have to then don’t. You made a mistake and feel bad? Guess what…..just human. Suck it up, apologise and mean it. You are just a human and sometimes everyone could do with that reminder. If you could live everyday only doing and being the best you could be 100%. I’d like to believe a large portion of the human population would. The reason we don’t is because we’re just human and that’s ok. This does not give you clemency to go be an ass to everyone and apologise later. More of an accept you’re apology to yourself and move on. You don’t always have to be your best you!!!!
    17. The Labyrinth is still one of the greatest films of all time! I know it, you know it, we all know it. This is not up for debate.
    18. I still love video games and I am NOT ashamed. To be fair though if you setup a Sega for my mum you might not see her for a while. I love that I got to grow up playing video games. No, I don’t play them like I did when I was younger but I still enjoy playing them. They’ve advanced so much now it’s like you’re playing your own movies.
    19. I still don’t feel like an adult! Am I the only one? I mean yes I take care of the everything that needs doing. I have two children and another on the way however I feel no different from when I did a decade ago at 20. I know I have matured in that time but it’s true what they say age is just a number.black chimpanzee smiling
    20. I am happy with who I am. If I feel I need to work on aspects of my life then I of course will. That being said I am happy with who I am and what I have.
    21. You’re never to old to learn something. I love to try new things and I feel like we are learning constantly. Be sure to try something new or actively learn a new skill. During my, nearly, 3 years of blogging, I can say I have learnt so much about the technical side of blogging it hurts my brain.
    22. Let bad feelings go. Being angry at someone else or harbouring bad feelings never hurts the person you want it to as much as hurts yourself. People will always be there to do you wrong. They will then move on with their lives without a second thought. Don’t hold on to grudges. Do the same and move on. Forgive and then forget.pexels-photo-225017.jpeg
    23. Getting a hug from a favourote person or animal can change your whole day. Make time for good hug today. Plus hugging is good for the soul.
    24. Becoming a parent chnages your life. I know how obvious that statement is but it’s also so true. I’ve never doubted or questioned myself more than when I became a mum. True to this day. Am I spoiling them? Did I yell to much today? I am I screwing them up completely? Am I doing a good job? I think this is normal. Being a parent is a big responsibility so you want to make sure you’re doing it properly. It’s also something only time will tell. I just try to focus on each day as they come to be honest.
    25. Take the time to see the best in each day. Even if it’s just that you managed to clean yourself today, got out of bed or you absolutely slayed the day. Be sure to look for the sunshine in each day.
    26. Laughing with friends is the best medicine. Be sure to do this as often as possible.
    27. Some days the house work can wait. The washing can be folded tomorrow and all the other crap will be there too. No one wants to get to the end of their life and think “Gosh I wish I’d cleaned more”.
    28. Take more local day trips. In this life of Instagram and feeling like we all should have private jets. Take time to explore where you live instead as you’ll probably be surprised at the beauty you’ll find.
    29. If they don’t love you at your worst they don’t deserve you at your best.
    30. Being thirty feels no different to 29! If you’re turning 30 this year and are freaking out a bit don’t. I feel the exact same way. In fact if I feel anything it’s a little more determined. I have stuff to get done and feel a lot more motivated to get it done now.

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So there you have it folks. Thirty lessons I have learned in my 30 years of existence. It strange to think that I have been around for 3 decades but I am also excited at what the next decade will bring. I still have so much I want to learn and do.

Do you have a big birthday coming up this year? Perhaps you’re turning the big flirty 30 this year too? What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt during your time on this crazy planet? Let me know everything in the comments below or on my social media pages. I would love to see you there. Thanks for stopping by today and have the best week loves.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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