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Where have I been? Why haven’t I been Blogging? Today I spill the tea…..

Where Have I Been? Plans For the Future of Tahnee’s Blog

Hello my beauties and how are you all today? At the time of writing this, the UK is currently in the middle of half term, so a little break from school and the normal day to day grind. The kids are grateful and I’m loving the lazy mornings if I’m honest. How did your half term go? Have you been somewhere fun? Our trips have not extended further than the park due to my constantly expanding belly. We are well on our way to being ready for our new arrival however it is taking its toll on my poor body.

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So Why Haven’t I been Blogging?

Well, the answer to this question has a couple of answers and a lot are related to my pregnancy if I’m honest. I have been suffering with what I’m sure is SPD or something in that family. I’m also sure that this is being made worse with my previous hip condition called perthes. SPD in pregnancy is essentially pelvic pain during pregnancy and I will be bringing it up at my midwife appointment next week. However, due to this I have been in A LOT of physical pain. Sitting down hurts as when I try to move my bad hip feels like it’s about to break. Sometimes I can’t even slightly adjust how I’m sitting as it hurts so much. Then when I can move so my leg doesn’t hurt the back pain begins because I am so front heavy (lol). I have spent alot of time in bed trying to not be in physical pain (sad face emoji). That means the time I’m not in bed I’m busy with my being a mum, partner and trying my best to take care of myself. Sadly this has meant that, for now, blogging has not been one of my main priorities.

Sleeping? Yeah Right!

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There is also the fact that sleeping is becoming a difficult task. Constant indigestion when I’m led down means waking in the night alot. Most of the remedies you can have whilst pregnant don’t work. Plus, I’m at the point that when ever I need to roll over or move I physically wake up EVERY SINGLE TIME!! So during the days I’m pretty tired and naps have become a staple of my day. So has this post, Dark Under Eyes , to help with the deep black bags under my eyes.

For these reasons I have had to make a few decisions in regards to Tahnee’s Blog. The first one being that I will be putting my schedule back to two posts per week instead of three. I won’t lie that I feel disappointed in having to do this but I’m finding everything a little overwhelming right now. I also feel really bad when I’m not able to get my posts up and then there is a circle of guilt (lol). I need to take that pressure off just a little bit. From today forward I will be posting on a Monday and Thursday at my usual time of 1pm. I will TRY to keep this schedule but as I said with all the life changes that are going on, I don’t want to overly stress myself out.

We’ve Got a Busy Year

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I mean 2019 has ended up being a very busy year for us as a family. It’s also not slowing down any time soon! We, obviously, have a new baby on the way which includes so many appointments and lots of preparation. The new addition also means our current house isn’t big enough for our growing family. A move of house is on the cards and again includes a poop load of planning, packing and is just a stressful time even if it is exciting.

This doesn’t mean that our day to day life just stops either! Ah the joys of being an adult eh? For example we’ve just had the half term break off school. That meant visits with family and friends. Getting the kids out of the house to let them burn if steam and so I dont go insane.

Now they’re back at school it’s back to routine which is always jam packed. School runs, school events and just general mumming! Raising kids is hard my loves.

When I have Popped

toddler s left foot

Once this little wiggly bundle arrives, I may have to scale back AGAIN! I am not able to give birth naturally so I have an appointment next week to book in my c-section. This means that recovery after that is a little longer than I’d like. Plus we’ll need time as a family to adjust to our new normal. I mean having a new baby doesn’t put the world on hold does it!

I am due in the middle of May so not long now. I am going to put a plan in place and try to get ahead on blog post over the next few weeks so that I can try to stay as up to date as possible with posting. However, as I sated above I am really going to be focusing on a new baby, my bigger babies and my own health. So, I’m going to try not to stress out to much and get done what I can when I can. I know you guys are awesome and will completely understand which is a wonderful feeling. I just wanted to clarify what is going on and why I’ve been so absent.

Thank you all so much for continuing to support my little ol’ blog. I can’t thank you enough but am eternity grateful for it. Be sure to pop back Monday for a special blog post as I am turning thirty and thought I’d make a little post about it.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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