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Tired? Tired of your dark under eye area? Well today I share my top tip on how to cover them up everyday and for pictures!

Hello my beauties how are you all today? I hope January was good to you as I know it can be a little bit of a hump for some. Skint after Christmas and drained from the festive period. You may have even noticed your dark under eyes are more prominent at the moment? Maybe it’s the parties and early mornings that tend to accompany Christmas and into the New Year? However, nobody wants or should have to go through 2019 with black bags under their eyes. If you read my 2019 Goals and Aims post you know this is one of them. I wanted to add a lot more beauty to my blog for 2019. Today I am sharing a great way to cover dark under eyes so don’t miss out.

What causes dark under eyes?

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There are a number of factors that come into having bags under your eyes. Some of them will also be beyond your control. For example, your genetics and DNA can play a huge part in facial skin. If your family is prone to thinner skin under the eye then veins will be more visible on the surface. Making the area appear darker. Lack of sleep can of course lead to darker circles under the eyes. Getting that beauty sleep is important people. Rubbing your eyes a lot, for example, due to allergies, can also make blood vessels and dark tissue appear more visible on the surface of the skin. This, again, will make dark circles appear on the skin.

What can you do to help?

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Just as there are many factors that can contribute to under-eye darkness. There are a few ways to help alleviate them as well. Such as making sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Placing cooling items such as cucumber, or even eye masks, on the area. This can help by cooling the area that may help with visible veins and dark tissue. There are also some amazing treatments that you can find available at some beauty establishments. These claim to have long-lasting effects so well worth looking into. You can also use some good old makeup to help hide them and today that’s what I’m going to show you.

Covering Dark Under Eyes Everyday

As much as the internet, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube videos would have you believe you don’t need a huge triangle of bright white concealer. Baked and caked beyond belief to achieve great coverage for dark under eyes. Once you have finished your eye makeup. Simply pop four dots of concealer, a shade, one shade lighter maybe, to the eye area. Two on the inner under eye and two on the outer section. Remember it really isn’t as dark as you’re thinking it is! This is the same shade as the foundation will be.


Then simply take a small fluffier brush and gently tap the concealer until it has blended. Using the excess to fill in the middle and to take down the side of the nose if needed. If you do find you need a little more add slowly and gently in layers with the same technique. Then making sure all the creases under the eye are smoothed out tilting your head down whilst slightly looking up in the mirror. Add a small amount of powder to cover where you have applied concealer or after you apply your foundation. If you want a brighter under the eye you can add a lighter concealer in the same manner with a little less product. Blending out in the same manner as before.

3 Top Tips for Daily Concealer

  1. Don’t over apply the concealer in one application to cover dark under eyes. Gently layer and blend only where you need it. Don’t cake it on.
  2. Tap the dots. Don’t rub the concealer around as you want it where you applied it right? That’s why using the excess to blend is better.
  3. Apply a small amount of powder. A small amount can go along way and it’s all you need to cover your concealer. baking may lead to creasing and cracking in the concealer. Not a good look.

Covering Dark Under Eyes For Pictures

For pictures and on camera it is better to add your foundation before you conceal. Only conceal visible problem areas once you’ve laid the foundation. Again layer concealer gently and topping off with powder but you can add more of a stripe under the eye. You’ll want to make sure your powder doesn’t give flashbacks so avoid most translucent powders. Any powders with silica in it will cause flashbacks so be careful when picking yours.


3 Top Tips for Photo Concealer

  1. Due to editing and filters you can add a little more concealer than you would for an everyday look. You still want these to be layered gently but you can add more layers if needed.
  2. Check the ingredients of your powder to avoid flash back in photo’s.
  3. You could bake if you wanted to. Due to the baking taking time to dry out and crack. You could bake for a few photo’s and with editing it would be ok.

More Tips for Minimising Dark Eye Area

Not only can you use concealer to hide them but there are other makeup tips that can help lighten your whole eye area and help make the area less dark. White eyeliner is a great way of brightening your whole eye area. In fact, it makes the eyes brighter and appears wider. It’s really good for a fresh-faced look so helps with not accentuating any dark circles that may be visible.

dark under eyes

Using a lighter eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes can also make dark circles look less prominent. Again, just by simply brighten up the eye area in general. Sparkly creams or silver work a treat.

What to Avoid to Help Dark Under Eyes

If you suffer from dark circles really badly then avoiding a dark smokey eye look is also a top tip. The darker colours will only add to the darker tones of the under the eye. This is in no way going to help your eye dark circle situation. If you must have a smokey eye look perhaps try it with a lighter brown shade or even colour to help take the focus off the dark circles instead of pulling attention to it.

Using just some of these top tips can really help with under-eye darkness without a trip to a professional. Being a mum mine are more suitcases now. Is dark circles something you suffer from? Will you try these tips yourself? Or do you have a makeup question you’d liked answered? Drop me a comment below or over on Facebook and I’ll be sure to see what I can do to help. Plus you can follow my social media pages where I post more makeup looks. I really hope this helps you cover those bags and feel and look fresh every day.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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