10 ways to enjoy your snow day

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

For some snow days are the worse. With New Year snow blanketing most of the UK I share 10 Ways to enjoy your snow day

Hello, you beauties and how are you all? I hope you’re well, safe and warm? I ask this as Wiltshire has woken up to a pure blanket of snow. School has been cancelled and the boys are currently wrapped up in a duvet enjoying Shrek. I’m sat getting a list of 10 ways to enjoy your snow day together and thought, why not share?

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

I know alot of people love a snow day but there are plenty of people who don’t. Perhaps you have chronic illness which can mean the snow just means more pain and even less leaving the house. Perhaps you’re a parent of young children and now have to keep your school age children entertained today as well ? Or maybe you’ve had to throw all your plans out the window today? Now you’re not sure what to do? For all of you lovelies I have created this list of 10 way to enjoy your snow day and keep the kids busy.

Paper Snowflakes

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

super easy and mega cost effective. The real cold stuff might not be your ticket. However, the kids will love creating their own winter wonderland at home. Cut out some paper snowflakes and you can hang them in your home. You could even hang them outside and add to the beautiful Winter landscape. Add some decoration such as glitter and make them extra sparkly, why not it’s a snow day?

More Crafts for 10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

If your house is anything like mine we have a number of crafts that were gifted to the boys for Christmas. We haven’t managed to get round to completing them yet. Today will be the day we put then to good use. Grab out the unused Christmas gifts or even just the craft items you have. Colouring books are also a great way to enjoy some creative fun on a snowy day.

Movie Day

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

Is there a more perfect excuse to jump into a toasty bath and change into fresh pyjamas. Snuggle up under blankets and quilt and enjoy a day of movies? I think not. Such a simple but cosy activity for a freezing day like today. I think I may even crack on the popcorn machine for some freshly made popcorn.

Build a Fort

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

Yes, grab the blankets and pillows it’s time to build a fort! Not only will this keep the kids busy while building but they’ll get plenty of play after. This time may also buy you a minute for a warm cup of tea. Not hot as we mum’s know hot tea is now a myth. However, you may be afforded a minute of peace for yourself.

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day With A Bubble Bath

family fun in the cold weather

With it being so cold jumping into a nice bubble bath can be a great way to not only enjoy YOUR snow day. It’s also a great way to keep the kids occupied. Fill it up with bubbles and let the kids play for a while. By all means keep your eye on them, obviously, but it’s a great way to warm up. Especially if you’ve been out in the cold and playing in the snow.

Bake For Your 10 Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

family fun in the cold weather

So, you’ve let the kids play out in the snow. Throwing snowballs and building snowmen and now everyone is cold and a little wet. What is more perfect than coming into the warm to enjoy some home made baked treats? Biscuits are quick and easy but so tasty. Check out this easy recipe here, that I have shared before. Quick easy but the perfect partner for your warn tea!


family fun in the cold weather

Get The kids set up with a hot chocolate and some of the biscuits you’ve baked. Now is the perfect time to have a story. Why not crack out the books and spend some time enjoying stories woth your babies. Blankets and pillows and just a quiet moment of reading. A perfect way to enjoy the extra time with your kids.

Indoor Picnic

family fun in the cold weather

The kids are home from school and feeding them isn’t really an option (lol). Why not take this moment to enjoy an indoor picnic with the little ones. Remember when they were little and you didn’t spend a day without them. It becomes hard to imagine not being a constant snack bish! Today you’re back to your primal role. Make the most of it before they’re back to school.

Make a Family Dinner

family fun in the cold weather

This kills two birds with one stone as dinner will still be needed. Why not get the kids to help you even if it will take a little longer. My boys love helping cook and if it keeps them busy I’m all for it. Get them helping any way they can. It could be just passing you bits and bobs you need.

Do you want to build a snowman?

family fun in the cold weather

Finally, why not go out and actually enjoy the snow if possible. Snow angels, making footprints, snowball fights and building snowmen. It may be cold but the kids will love running amok in the snow. Wrap up warm and make the most of it as it will be gone soon enough.

I know it can be hard to enjoy the bitter weather. Hopefully, these activities will help you keep the kids entertained and stop you from going crazy. Do you have any snow day activities that your family love? Share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook. Let us know your favourite thing about a snow day. Mine has to be warm baths and tea. Be safe, stay warm and where you can be sure to check on those who may not be ok in this freezing weather. I hope you have a wonderful snow day my loves.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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