5 ways to revamp a room

5 Ways To Revamp A Room

Want a new look for your room? Lounge need a spruce up? No cash after Christmas? Check out these cheap and simple ways to revamp on a budget

January is a time of fresh starts and change. A whole new year filled with potential. Most people like a refresh in January and that is extended to our homes as well. Perhaps you have a huge clear out in January after the Christmas rush? Or maybe even have plans to completely redecorate your house ready for the rest of the year? Would 5 ways to revamp a room on a budget be of help?

Revamp for 2019

It’s always good to freshen up the house especially if it’s in need of a spruce up. Or just because you’re in need of a change. Do you love the accomplished feeling you get when you’ve redecorated a whole room? That clean feeling and just a happier room to be in. Well, today I am going to share some amazing tips on how to revamp a room in your house without cracking out the paint cans or breaking the bank. So, if you’ve got decorating plans for 2019 this post is for you.

Rearrange Is Top Of The 5 Ways To Revamp List

5 Ways To Revamp

The most cost-effective change you can make to any room is to give it a rearrange. Change the furniture around and have a declutter. This will add an instant change to your room while not costing you a single penny. The best tip with any home decor changes is to use what you’ve already have. Especially if you’re trying to keep cost to minimal. Maybe even switch out some furniture from other rooms and really switch it up.


5 Ways To Revamp

Curtains are such a huge part of home decor. Dressing your windows can really make or break the feel of a room. What type of to window dress to go for and the sleuth of fabrics available are endless. The quickest way to change the feel or colour scheme of a room is to change the curtains. Change the colour and the length and the difference will seem even more dramatic. Perhaps add a nice blind instead of curtains and go even further. Either way changing up the drapes is such a quick, easy but effective change your home decor. Plus with so many great ranges around their as cheap or as expensive as you want.

5 Ways To Revamp 1 is Cushions

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Most rooms in my house have cushions or could have if they don’t. The exceptions in my house are the bathroom and kitchen. Cushions can be, not only, a quirky or stylish way to add character to a room. It also has more practical use of comfort. If you already have cushions you could simply change the covers. Lots of online and high street shops sell pillowcases at really affordable prices. Or if you have a bit extra to splurge then invest in a whole new set and it will instantly change the feel of any sofa, bed or chair. All this while adding a cosy and comfortable tone to your newly revamped room.


budget decor ideas

Don’t underestimate the power or a good rug. It can add great patterns or colours to any room and personality. With so many great textures and shapes as well as colours or themes it’s a go-to choice for a change up in your interior design goals. Again, adding a great cosy and homely vibe to your room with very little effort. Like the curtains, the cost can be as little or as much as you want. It’s just a case of shopping around for the bargains if that’s what you’re after.


budget decor ideas

Whether it’s updating your family photos or adding some nice canvases. Perhaps even treating yourself to a nice art print. What you have on your walls can really add to any theme or feel of a room. You can add great colours to an otherwise neutral room and really make a statement. Adding a mirror can have the same effect and it can really tie a room together. Keeping your eyes peeled in the many homeware stores and you’re bound to find something you love and at a cost-effective price also. A great way to change up any room.

Although these touches can seem very small it’s always the details that add character to a room. Even if it’s justĀ seasonal decor it really can change the rooms whole vibe. Changing these small details can have a huge effect on the colour scheme or theme of any room. It is also a lot cheaper than having to redecorate a whole room if you’re trying to keep costs down. Or if the room wasn’t done long ago you may not want to fully repaint. Either way, I hope these tips help you if you’re on an ‘I need a change’ kinda vibe and saves you a few quid along the way. Let me know your tips below or on Facebook.

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