5 Things You Might Not Know about pregnancy

5 Things You Might Not Know About Pregnancy

Lots of changes are on the way

Hello you beauties and how are you today? I am good even if daily life is becoming a little more uncomfortable. If you haven’t read my¬†2019 Goals and Aims post, then you may not be aware that I am currently just over 20 weeks pregnant. Everybody knows that when you get pregnant your belly gets bigger and you don’t get periods for 9 months, right? Well for some yes but not everyone. Some people stay very small during pregnancy and some even continue to have periods during their pregnancy too! There are 1 of the 5 things you might not know about being pregnant.

There are so many ways to steps to a happy and healthy pregnancy. This is all just the tip of the iceberg really. There are so many more changes that a women’s body goes through during pregnancy. From hormones to clear and not so obvious body changes. Your smell and even your skin and hair can all be affected by pregnancy. Today I am sharing things you might not know about pregnancy so if you or anyone you know is expecting read up on the crazy ride to come.


5 Things You Might Not Know about pregnancy

One of the main ones here so we’re just going to get this one done. Your hormones are going to go crazy. You can have some very up and down pregancy emotions. Which many people are aware of and is of course normal. However, be prepared to cry at adverts or not being able to get your shoe on. You might even be snappier than usual towards family and strangers alike.

The worst part about this aspect of pregnancy is it hard to notice it yourself really. I mean I can tell when I can’t be bothered with the silliness and annoying behaviour. Kids and fiance alike! Meaning I can’t put up for it for as long but I’ll just be honest and say “I’m hormonal leave me alone”. I’m not saying it works but everything after that point is on you. I have given a fair warning (lol). The best way to deal with this is to take some me-time where ever you can! A quiet cuppa or a relaxing bath. Even just enjoying your favourite book or film can help. Easier said than done I know but if you can it will help massively.

Did Someone Say Body Hair?

5 Things You Might Not Know about pregnancy

Hormones also bring another aspect to pregnancy that I wasn’t aware of until I was pregnant with my eldest. Body hair. Starting with head hair it can get greasy faster than usual and sometimes washing it doesn’t seem to help. For some, it becomes really thick which sounds great but it malts at least 10 times faster than usual. Leaving your tub looking like a Wookie had a shave in it.

Not only hair on your head but your body hair may also become thicker and darker. With my eldest, I also experienced this. I am a hairy Mary no two ways about it. However, during my first pregnancy, I gained a prominent happy trail on my bump and I hated it. It went after I gave birth but yes even your stomach can get hairy whilst pregnant. Overall a lot of changes to hair are coming when you’re expecting but I can promise you’d happily look like a yeti for the gift you receive at the end.

Your Relationship With Your Toilet

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Yes, that’s right, you are going to be spending a crazy amount of time in bathrooms and toilets for what feels like the foreseeable future. Every time you move you’ll need to pee. Rollover in the night know a human is led on your bladder and now you need to go. Vomiting if morning sickness hits you and if your super unlucky this can lady for such a long time. The term morning sickness is a lie as well. Morning, noon and night it doesn’t care! So again if your suffering with them you understand the importance of a fresh and clean loo more than ever. Then there’s constipation which you can guarantee you’ll experience at least once during pregnancy. Your relationship and time with your toilet are going to increase though so make sure there’s a decent mag in there or don’t forget your phone (lol).

V-jayjay gone Cray Cray on our 5 Things You Might Not Know List?

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You can’t talk about pregnancy and not mention vaginas really. Again, there are some exciting (?) changes coming in this department too. Thrush is very common during pregnancy thanks, again, to annoying hormones. Making it feel like you rubbed your whole vagina with the hottest chilli in the world. It’s best to go to see your pharmacist or GP for the actual treatment. Then you can have swelling in the vaginal area, especially after intimacy. Thanks again hormones and an increase in blood flow to that region. Pruning and tidying will become a distant memory as soon your vagina will probably disappear completely. Under a mass of baby wiggles. Yes, again lots of changes coming in this department too!

5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Sex Drive

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For lots of women during pregnancy, their sex drive hits fifth gear. I think it’s to make up for the fact it will also become a distant memory. I can’t imagine many partners are complaining about this side of pregnancy either so fun for both of you. Sadly for some, their partners feel uncomfortable with intimacy whilst they’re pregnant. That too is completely normal so just keep communication open and honest.

There you have 5 things you might not know pregnancy that you may now know. I hope you enjoyed this cheekier post and I hope it helps gives a little insight for you. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Let me know if you’re expecting below. Or any questions you have. If you’ve had babies before what was a shock you got from being pregnant? Maybe you had a bizarre craving? Lets us know it all!

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