2019 goals

2019 Goals and Aims

New plans for 2019 and everything that got done in 2018

Hello my lovelies how are you all? I hope you had a wonderful festive period with family, friends and loved ones? We were busy, as always, with two little boys. We had lots of fun, food and laughter with family so we had a wonderful time. It went by in a flash really. We’re already focused on our 2019 goals

However, 2019 is now upon us. The dawn of a new year and an opportunity to make it better than last year. Perhaps you’ve decided on your new year’s resolutions? Or maybe you don’t bother with them in the first place? I have never usually been one for resolutions but I do feel that with each year comes an opportunity to better yourself. Maybe even step out of your comfort zone a little bit?

Last year I shared my goals and aims for 2018 in my post, New year New me. This included better photography for my site whilst improving my own skills. 2018 was spet gathering a collection of various photography accessories such as lights, tripods and lightboxes. Reading a lot of great articles, tips and it is slowly getting better.

Wanting better organisation was the plan for my posts in 2018. I just could not keep up with the four posts a week that I aimed for at the start of 2018. There was just so many time constraints so I took that down to three. I did really well until the end of the year then I had a motivational flop and the first trimester of pregnancy to contend with along with the normal stresses of life. I didn’t manage to stick to the schedule perfectly. However, I am proud that I still managed the three posts for most of the year.

2018 as a whole very a pretty strenuous year for us really. I am actually glad to see the back end of it. That’s not to say good things didn’t happen in 2018 it was just a more stressful year for us and I’m looking forward to what 2019 has in store.

Blog Goals for 2019

I am definitely aiming for a very thorough and organised blogging schedule for 2019. I have already started on this with a good plan for posts in place. This also includes a much better social media posting schedule as again I do find myself lacking on my pages. I aim to be much more active on those pages so if you see my posts be sure to say hi. You can find my social media pages here if you wanted to follow me. This will include getting ahead on my blog posts and having them scheduled and ready to go well in advance. So overall just better planning all round really.

boss the year

For 2019 I want to include more makeup and beauty posts on my blog. Such as great makeup products or quick and simple makeup looks. Tip, tricks and hacks that you can use with ease and that actually work. Maybe even some that don’t work or testing to see if they do? Either way, there will be more beauty headed Tahnee’s Blog way for 2019.

Again, this year, I will be working on my photography skills and editing skills. Hoping to bring better pictures to my blogs and also social media accounts. That’s not to say real life will be edited beyond recognition because sometimes you just need to be real. I will be aiming for better lighting though and working on angles and so on. The technical stuff. Plus flat lays and the like to help show off some great style inspo or products etc.

aims for the year

This year I would also love to get more insight and inspiration from other bloggers and broaden my horizons that way. So, if you have any blogs that you love be sure to share them in the comments below. I would love to check them out in 2019. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle or even other genres if you love them let me know.

Life Goals

My life goals for 2019 are pretty normal and simple. As well as getting organised in the blog department I need to get more organised in my real life. With a third child on the way, we are mere months away from being outnumbered. I figure the only way we will survive this is with impeccable organisation skills (lol). In all seriousness though getting the house organised and being more organised day-to-day will help my sanity. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed at how much life throws us day in and day out. Plus keeping my boys on their routine as much as possible will be so important for them with a new arrival.

2019 baby

Getting prepped for the next baby-shaped arrival will also be a priority this year. I mean they need a lot of stuff even just the bare minimum of it. So making sure we are well organised and ready well in advance will be very handy. Especially with two little boys to already take care of. The smoother the transition for us all the better.

My partner and I would also like to be married by the end of the year. After being engaged for about 6 maybe 7 years we just want to get it done now. Nothing too big, just a nice low key affair with close family and we’ll be happy. So that is our two aims for 2019 really. Probably two of the most stressful life points but we don’t like to do things by half in our house.

So, do you have any personal 2019 goals? Perhaps you’re determined to try something new? Or even pick up something you used to love doing? I like to keep any goals I have small and achievable. Perhaps that’s something you do also? Let me know everything you have planned for 2019 in the comments below or on Facebook. I’d love to see what you’ve got planned or would like to achieve.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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