Winter Bucket List

Want to make the most of your Winter this year? Then look no further

Making the Most of

There are so many things to both love and hate about Winter. I mean who can resist those cosy nights, snuggled under a blanket, warm beverage and candles whilst you enjoy a sleuth of films? However, we all live with the inner struggle of getting out of your toasty warm bed each morning and, worse still, leaving the house when it’s freezing.
Winter is a very mixed bag of emotions for most people. I, for one, completely understand this as the cold does not help with the ‘invisible illness’ that I have as the cold makes it even worse. I do, however, live for festive Winter events. Cosy blankets and fluffy socks.

Winter also has Christmas and with two young lads it is my favourite time of the year. We really make the most of festive period with homemade crafts and movie nights. I love so many things about this part of the year. So, how do you make the most of your winter? If you have run out of ideas then this is the Winter bucket list for you.

Hot Chocolates


Hot chocolate is a must for Winter! Or any warm beverage you may enjoy so make a date of it! Invite a friend over and whip up some decadent hot chocolate with cream and all the trimmings. Or why not go to your favourite cafe or coffee shop so you can just enjoy it and chat with no mess to clean up! You could even go the extra mile and make a hot chocolate station with a huge batch if you’re having a festive event. I’ve been looking for somewhere with an open fire with little success.

Enjoy Nature or Get Outside

trees by lake against sky during winter

Get outside! Yes, it may be cold but the world is so beautiful in the Winter. From cities and towns sprinkled with Christmas lights to the countryside with bare trees and frosted grass. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy in the Winter. Wrap up warm. Pack a blanket and thermos and you’re good to go. Bringing your bestie or love is a bonus for warm cuddles!

Start a Festive Tradition

blur bright candy celebration

Our little family has lots of traditions that we enjoy and you can check out most of them in this post I wrote last year. If you don’t have many traditions then now is a great time to start one! Perhaps a family outing somewhere with extended family also? Or even something as simple as a festive movie night. It’s the perfect way to enjoy Winter every year.

Buy New Winter Wear

young woman in snow

It could be a new hat and scarf combo or a new warm Winter coat. You could even give your whole wardrobe a cute Winter overhaul or revamp. We all know how good we feel when wearing new and seasonal outfits. Use this to 100% make the most of Winter and fashion at once! Remember layers are always a Winter trend. Boots and jumper combos are a must and sparkles and metallics come back every year without fail!
Or even some new decor for your home. Such as cushions, blankets or candles to help Winter cosy your home.

Lock Yourself Away

adult beverage breakfast celebration

I am aware this contradicts the ‘get out’ point. However, Winter is a great time to close the curtains, turn off your phone. Grab an awesome and luxurious bath then slip into some fresh warm pyjamas. Climb into a blanket and read or binge watch something. Especially when it’s wet and windy outside. Take that time for yourself or your family just be tucked away together in the warm all cosy.

Go to a Festive Event

woman on illuminated christmas tree in city during winter

Most towns have an annual light switch on towards December and they’re always fun and filled with the Christmas Spirit. Or perhaps a trip to visit a local Santa clause or the age-old drive around to find Christmas decorations. Your local community may even have a Pantomime or a Christmas market. It’s a great way to enjoy the colder weather during Winter.

Bake/Make treats

christmas cookies

Baking or making treats is one of the best ways to enjoy Winter, get the house smelling divine annnnnnd enjoying something yummy! Winning! I like to bake biscuits at this time of year to go with all the hot chocolates (lol). One of my favourites is this soft Gingerbread recipe. This year I want to bake cookies as it’s been a long time since I have. Plus everyone in my house enjoys freshly baked cookies still warm from the oven.



On days when you have free time but the weather does not permit leaving of the house. For example too cold, too rainy or too peopley. Then crafts can be a fab way to enjoy the colder months. From salt dough to paper plates and so much more Christmas decorations could be sorted. I want to make paper ice flakes this year with my boys and a couple of ideas I will share with you soon.

Have a Soak

bath bathroom bathtub indoors

When I say bath I mean a Lush bath product, a book or music. I’m talking about bubbles and relaxation. Tea or maybe some calming chamomile warm and luxurious. Face masks and pure pampering. Winter and Christmas are one of the most stressful times of the year so it’s a good way to help continue enjoying the Winter months. Go get your pamper on girl!

Well, my lovelies I hope these things will help you enjoy your Winter or at least get you thinking of a few ways you want to enjoy it. I am really excited to start getting into the festive spirit and fully enjoy this Winter season. Do you love Winter? Perhaps you fly off the heat when the weather drops? Let me know below if you love or loathe it?

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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