huge life update

Huge Life Update

Christmas, blogging and some huge news

Hello, my lovelies and how are you all today? I hope you’re well and enjoying the Autumn to Winter transition? Today’s post is a little bit more personal and just a huge life update. Now, I don’t do these post often as I’m not sure how interested you are (lol). However, recently, I have been lacking on the blog and also social media a little. I also feel that you guys deserve an explanation as to why. However, life……..

Blog Awards – Huge Life Update

huge life update

For a second year running I have the absolute honour of being nominated for a UK Bloggers award. I am so overwhelmed and grateful to even just be nominated. Especially as I feel my blog needs a bit of work right now. I am up for a beauty and lifestyle award which is always one of the hardest categories. If you’re feeling generous you can cast your vote by clicking THIS LINK. Voting here will count towards both categories and I appreciate any support you can give so thank you so much in advance my loves. Of course, good luck to all who are nominated.


christmas 2019

We have been so busy what with starting the Christmas shopping. This was in amongst both boys birthdays! How are you getting along with the Crimbo shop? I’ve finished the majority of mine with a few exceptions. I will have them done in the next few weeks. Then that’s all gifts done and it’s just pure enjoying the festive season! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one check out this post with some gorgeous Personalised Jewellery . Or even this amazing Unicorn ring toss. Perfect for the gal pals in your life.

Christmas decorations will be going up next weekend. Neither the hubby or kids now this at the moment but they will be (lol). I for one am so excited to get into the Christmas spirit. What better way than to get the tree up and finish it with hot chocolate? I know none.


Through out December I will be working on Christmas posts for your delight. A decoration tour will be a must so if you need inspo be sure to keep your eyes peeled. I will be working on some Christmas crafts and some treats too. Such as these cute salt dough gingerbread decorations or these fun and tasty Christmas wreath crispy cakes I made last year.

I will also be implementing a new planning regime for my blogs as I have lacked this last part of the year. This has actually been for a number of reasons. Planning has been one of those and I will be working on that and taking those plans into the new year.

This includes giveaways as I had planned one for each month (where I was able). Next year I want monthly giveaways without fail. That will also take a bit of planning and I’m hoping that with some extra planning I will be able to fulfil that.

The Huge Life Update – The Big News

Now, my lovelies a little explanation as to why I have been lacking so badly. At the beginning of October we found out that we will be extending our family! That’s correct I am expecting a new little bundle of baby joy!

huge life update

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and my estimated due date is the 23rd May. I have had my first scan already but I won’t lie the first trimester is always the hardest for me. Morning sickness has been REAL. That is no surprise for me as I have suffered with it through out my two last pregnancies. I have also been beyond exhausted! Falling asleep at about 9pm and still exhausted when I wake up. This may be an iron problem. Again, another joyous side effect I am more than used to and with the regular blood tests won’t be a problem. Hence the lacking of motivation with blogging and social media.

So Exciting

We are all beyond excited for this journey and it is one I will be sure to share through my blogs. Whether it’s coping with pregnancy and the many bodily problems and joys that come with it. Such as skin and hair problems which, as some of you may not know, go hand in hand with pregnancy.

I’m excited about lots of pregnancy fashion as I swell to the size of a whale! So if you too are pregnant keep your eyes peeled for some great fashion inspiration coming soon.

I won’t be announcing this on my Facebook as I have never done so before. I don’t need that kind of attention, to be honest. However, I thought I’d share it here as you loves will notice sooner or later (lol).

Well, I guess that’s all for today’s post my lovelies. At least you know why I might be a little under motivated or over tired now. Let me know in the comments if you’re expecting in 2019?

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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