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Say My Name, Say My Name

Are you looking for the perfect, umique gift for a loved one? Or perhaps for someone with unusual name? As always I have you covered

Hello my beauties and how are you today? Did experienced a little flurry of snow this week? It got me so excited for Christmas even if it only lasted ten minutes. How much shopping have you guys got done so far? Perhaps you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for someone you love? That’s where I can help. Say my name, say my name and then get it personalised on a necklace!

say my name

Say my Name With Jewellery

Ineffabless¬†are an amazing online jewellery store that specifies personalised jewellery. We are not talking high street ‘Mum’ jewellery but more a stylish, Kim K personalised jewellery selection. I have been very fortunate to have received one from them before and you can check that out here. I was blown away by the quality of the necklaces and also the cute designs. The bonus for me is having something with my name on it. As I have an unusual name that I’ll never find on a coke bottle that’s for sure. So this makes the perfect gift for any of your friends or family with unusual names.


It doesn’t end there though as Ineffabless have extended their range of personalised products and they are so unique.

They currently have a gorgeous range of necklaces where you can add more than one name. This would make a wonderful gift for a parent or grandparent as you can add all their important people to it.

say my name

I am also loving their personalised picture jewellery. As in you can actually have your favourite picture added to a piece of stunning jewellery!

personalised jewellery

I mean how unique and a wonderful gift to be able to give. I cant imagine anyone not appreciating such a thoughtful gift under the tree.

Say My Name Necklace

The piece I was lucky enough to receive from Ineffabless was another name necklace as I love their varied styles. I also love how it instantly glams an outfit up.

personalised jewellery

It’s a gorgeous rose gold necklace in such a beautiful cursive font. Unique and off course 100% individual style. You can now give that as a gift! LOVE!

personalised jewellery

Postage Problems

Now, I was made aware of some postage problems that Ineffabless were having. This includes late delivery and sadly some people not receiving their products. I decided to find out what was going on and how they have fixed these problems.

I was told that the problem was lying with the courier and delivery services that they were using. The problem with that is every company having this problem will claim this. I was, however, informed that they have now switched to another delivery service and I must say my order arrived alot faster the second time round. Baring in mind it comes from over seas so I usually have to wait a while for those kind of deliveries.

Ineffabless have also added an extra quick delivery service so you can have your jewellery within 3-5 working days. It’s safe to assume they have sorted the postage problems they were having. Also, perfect if you’re wanting one as a Christmas gift.

I have a few relatives that have unusual names so I know exactly who I would get these for. Do you know anyone who would love a name necklace? Perhaps they dont have an unusual name bit just love a personalised gift? Well these personalised jewellery pieces are perfect for those people.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or who you would buy this for?

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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