The Perfect Gift For Unicorn Lovers

The Perfect gift for yourself or your Unicorn obsessed friend or relative #christmas

Fun, Rainbows and Ring Toss

Twinkling lights, frosty mornings and cosy cups of hot chocolates. Darker mornings and nights drawing in quickly. Yes, my lovelies we are coming close to the end of November and the Christmas home stretch is in sight. Christmas light turn ons, family and friends. Get it all in my face! Have you started your present shopping? Have you finished? I am not far off being done myself. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for the unicorn lover in your life? We all have one or are one! But what? They’ve got the slippers and mug and onesie. So, what now? Well then you came to the right place my little lovelies.

I was lucky enough recently to have been sent this incredible Unicorn ring toss by Smyths Toys. I have to say it is a top pick for Christmas this year for so many reasons. After all, this is not your average ring toss.

Unicorn Christmas gift

Turn me into a Unicorn

Now, many of us dream of becoming a unicorn, myself included. Now your wishes can come true with this incredible Unicorn Ring Toss. In your box you will receive two unicorn head dresses. Which as you can see are majestic in every sense.

With their gorgeous rainbow manes and glittered horns. You will instantly be transformed into a Unicorn princess. Christmas goals really!

Perfect unicorn gift

Also included are the foam rings that each player will use. As one person throws their rings their unicorn counterpart will try to catch said rings on their magnificent Unicorn horn. Such a simple game but tons of fun for all the family.

Unicorn Ring toss

Christmas Games

Unlike Monopoly or Scrabble, Unicorn Ring Toss is a fun inducing game rather than rage inducing. Brilliant for when you have the family over for the holidays. Plus, I state again, who doesn’t want to transform into a unicorn?

I know many people who like to have a good selection of board games or games that don’t need a screen to work. I will say this is 100% one to add to the collection.

A Great Gift

Whether it is your Unicorn obsessed daughter, sister or neice. They are going to love this game. They can play as soon as it’s out of the box. No need for long and confusing rules and instructions which is always a Christmas peeve.

For only £12.99 this is also a huge bargain for such a great game. Doesnt break the bank but will give you one very happy unicorn obsessed relative this Christmas.

What are you waiting for?

Get this ordered now and you could be having some unicorn fun before you know it. It is ideal for drumming up some Christmas hilarity for children and adults alike. We’ve been having loads of fun playing it and I never got the old school elephant toss, so I have been in my Unicorn element.

Perfect unicorn gifts

Who do you know that would love to receive this as a gift under the Christmas tree? I can name a few of my relatives that would find this So much fun. I know me and my sister would have a great laugh with it.

If you want to check it out fully or to order just click the link provided above my loves. Hopefully you’re now one step closer to finishing that Christmas list. A huge Thanks to Smyths for sending this over as it’s going to bring lots of fun for us and hopefully you too!

Lot of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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