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tired of the same dry skin problem every winter? Perhaps these tips can help

Um, excuse me? Can someone tell me how we are in November already? I can’t be the only one actually shocked at how fast this year went! However, here we are anyway with chilly days creeping in. Toasty nights inside in the warm with hot chocolates, blankets and fluffy socks. Winter is coming and with it, so should a slightly altered Winter skin routine. To help tackle dry, red or flaky skin that can be associated with the colder Weather.

Winter is Coming and So Should Some Extra Skincare

winter skincare

Face Wash

Washing your face during Winter is really important if you’re wanting to avoid dry skin. Especially if it is prone to become red and sore. Washing takes off the dead layers of skins making it harder for them to build up. Bacteria can then easily build up there making the area sore and red. You must take note that you are using natural products so harsh chemicals don’t make the problem worse.

winter is coming

Exfoliate once to twice a week to replace your regular face wash, with a gentle but nourishing face scrub. This will help stop layers of dry skin building up and making areas sore and flaky. Do not over exfoliate though as you may strip your skin of natural oils making dry and flaky skin worse. For this reason, also, check that the beads within the wash are a natural product. Then use a face wash specified for everyday use and wash twice a day with this. I find cream or gel ones are best for Winter hydration. Always dry your face with a clean towel.

Moisture is your Winter Friend

For me, there are two main factors to great moisture for Winter skin and the first is a great everyday moisturiser that isn’t too heavy. Milks are a great way to have that fed feeling without it being greasy. Also, any face creams with added Vitamin E will help add extra moisture that the cold air and central heating can take out.

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The second is a great oil to apply before bed. During the night is when your skin is really busy. Letting a great oil rejuvenate whilst you sleep at night is a great way to aid your skin in Winter. Again, having Vitamin E or similar nourishing natural ingredients will really help keep skin hydrated.

Ditch Your Wipes

winter is coming

Now, I am 100% guilty of this, using wipes to remove your makeup. However, many skin experts believe that using wipes, even specially formulated ones, to take off makeup can have a bad effect on your skin. It can take off essential oils your skin produces and leave your skin drier than it should be. This Winter why not try a liquid or cream base makeup remover. I mean who knew we could be adding to the problem by removing makeup? Best to note though, if wipes are all you have then be sure to take off your makeup and don’t just leave it on because all you have is wipes.


If after all the changes your finding your skin is still dry then why not opt for a pampering facemask to rid you of Winter skin? Coconut, honey and cocoa. There are so many hydrating ingredients that can be packed into a facemask so be sure to take advantage. Hey, girl why not make a night of it?

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So, there we have it my loves. Some top tips on how to avoid Winter skin with a few changes to your skincare routine. What is your go-to beauty product for Winter? I know I don’t travel without a lip balm in the Winter. You never know when chapped lips will strike! Let me know yours in the comments below. If you’d like more tips on Winter skincare you can do that make sure to follow my Facebook or any of the official social media pages.

Lots of Love,
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