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Lush Christmas 2018 Collection

Hands up if you are more than ready for Winter and warm baths with Lush 2018 Christmas collection?

Santa Came Early with Lush

Hello, you beauties and how are you all? Starting this blog post with a huge apology. I have been massively absent, both, on here and also my socials. It’s a combination of variables that we won’t get into now. I will also be making it up to you with another huuuuuge slice of heaven from Lush though. Well, a slice of Christmas. Today Christmas is coming early as we share the Lush Christmas collection 2018. If you haven’t checked out the Halloween range then you can do so here.

As you may know, I was lucky enough to attend the Lush winter event to check out both the Halloween and Christmas collection. It was a fabulous night and we also got to MAKE two Christmas exclusives which made my soul happy. Now, usually, my go-to Christmas choice is ‘So White’ but this year they’re not apart of the collection. I have found my faves of this year though. What is your fave Lush Christmas product? Let me know in the comments below. For now, let’s delve into this year’s collection.

Snow Fairy Lush Christmas Collection 2018

Is any Lush Christmas collection complete without the staples favourite Snow Fairy? It’s sweet and delicious candy scented aroma.


Bringing together amazing ingredients so you can indulge not only yourself but your senses. Well, this year you’ve got a varied selection of Snow Fairy products to choose from. Soap, liquid and naked shower gels, cream and naked body conditioners, jelly bombs and it doesn’t end there by a long shot. Sparkle bars, knot wraps and gift sets. not forgetting the Snow Fairy body spray and body dust. Such a huge choice!


Warming with a sweet aroma, the burning orange colour and luxurious bubbles. You should be the Belle of the Ball Shower with this year’s gorgeous Cinders collection. Both a gel and naked shower gel. Using Brazillian Orange and cinnamon to create a perfect Winter and Christmas blend.

Bath Bombs

Christmas, for me, wouldn’t be right without a gorgeous Lush bath bomb. As usual, they have nailed it with this year’s collection. Fun and quirky designs paired with stunning aromas that will leave your senses both relaxed and happy.

Santa Bath Bomb

With a creamy and warm scent, Santa bath bomb is both a perfect treat for yourself or as a gift. Blending sweet vanilla and warming cocoa with a dash of bergamot. It will transport you to a Winter Wonderland. A great choice for the little people in your life also. plus just look at him!


Princess Bath Bomb

Again this is such a quirky bath bomb and would make an excellent gift for the princess or Queen in your life for Christmas. Taking you off to a toasty corner of the Lush universe. Using cedar wood, floral ylang-ylang and bergamot oils you can be whisked off into your own fairy tale.


Snowman Bath Bomb

Now isn’t this one the cutest snowman you ever saw! I promise it will be the only time you’re happy to watch a snowman melt (lol). With its minty freshness, it will blast you with the crispness of Winter whilst being warm and cosy! Perfection


The Worlds Smallest Disco

Warming and spicy cognac reflecting the moody black of this bath bomb. Now to add some neon to this party. Citrus and limes blasts that shine through matching the spectrum of colour this bomb has to offer.


Such a stunning bath bomb both in aroma and visual presence. Warm any winter night with this disco diva and you won’t be disappointed.

The Lush Christmas Collection is a Golden Wonder

This really is the perfect gift already gift shaped. Orange and limes dance together as if citrus Lords were leaping in your bath. Gorgeous gold and creams fizz away to reveal the real gift. an exquisite colour surprise just waiting to burst out. This is actually one of the ones I purchased to try.

Butter Bear

Who else is in love with Butter Bear as much as I am?? Again I did purchase this to try however my fella used it instead. We’ll let him off as he was unwell and I still had my butterball bomb. The Butter Bear is also available in a shower jelly too so if you don’t have a bath, you don’t need to miss out.

A creamy and soothing aroma that leaves you as melted as your bear! Being a smaller sized bath fizzer these are a little cheaper than a normal ball bath bomb. They would be a good stocking filler for adults and children alike. A huge Christmas win!

Holey Night

This star Lush product is shining brightly that’s for sure. it’s quirky name accompanied by its unusual style.


This beauty will bathe you in glorious rose and sandalwood for a gorgeous pamper session fit for any Christmas queen. Plus the colour display is like having your own Christmas fireworks in your bath!

Cheery Christmas

The aesthetic of this bath bomb is enough to want it in your bathroom. Instantly bringing Christmas cheer for any who see it.


Blackcurrant-scented buchu oil will help you on your way to warm and comfort after cold days of winter. Whilst Sicilian lemons help to rejuvenate and uplift you perfect for a busy Christmas period and you need a break.

Shoot for The Stars

Now, I said at the start that I was lucky enough to make a couple of the Christmas exclusives and this was, in fact, the first one I made.

Mixing together beautiful oils such as bergamot and almond with creamed coconut and cocoa butter stars. This really is a luxury bath bomb for sure. Sweet and relaxing scents take you to Christmas town itself. I haven’t actually tried it yet as I’m like, “No I made that one”. However, I am looking forward to indulging in it soon.

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Snow may be a Christmas treat nowadays. However, your Christmas can still be white and you can achieve it with luxurious bubbles! Reusable bubble bars, bubble spinner and even bubbleroons. There are bubbles to suit everyone.

Candy Cane

This reusable bubble bar will last you for at least 5 baths so is 100% worth purchasing. With its gorgeous candy cane design, it really is the perfect Christmas treat.

Take yourself off to Candyland with sweet but warming aromas of lemons and bergamot. Whilst creating a decadent mass of bubbles to relax in. Turning the water a beautiful pink reminiscent of candy floss. A perfect Tree decoration or stocking filler for any family member. Give the gift of bubbles to your loved ones this Christmas. I got one for my boys and they are loving it.


Naughty Elf

They may be Naughty but look how cute they are! Little Elf faces to brighten up your bath time.

Lemon, jasmine and violet work together in perfect harmony, which is never naughty, to bring you peace and relaxation. Treat yourself to this little naughty treat. This again would make a wonderful Christmas gift.


Yule Nog Yule Log

‘Yule’ love this cakey bubble bar for sure! With a very festive blend of Cinnamon and cocoa butter as key elements. This little Battenberg is a must for any Christmas baths.

Leaving the water bubbled to the max and golden waters fit for Christmas royalty. Do not miss your chance to try this beauty out.


Snow Flake Spinner

This is the ultimate in Christmas vibes and that’s just when it comes to what it looks likes. A delicate snowflake, that like a real one. will slowly melt away. However, you get to reuse this snowflake so it lasts a little longer than it’s real life counterpart.


Patchouli and orange combine to just add to the Christmas feels. Enjoy the uplifting but cosy scent as you unwind in the bubbles that are so extra, thanks to the spinning action.

Lush Christmas 2018 Fave Pick – Puddy Holly

This little bubbleroon has a big personality and it’s not afraid to show it. With its fun pudding design and creamy centre, this really is a Christmas treat.


A sweet marzipan aroma, this will be the icing on anyone Christmas period. With a bombardment of bubbles to boot. The berry on the cake or what?

Lush Christmas Collection 2018 Soaps

The Christmas collection of soaps this year has such a huge variety to offer. Such great pieces to add to your Bathroom decor and adding the magic of Christmas to anyone entering your loo. I am including three here but there are so many more on offer in this year’s Lush Christmas Collection.

Golden Pear

Christmas was written all over it. I’ll take that from the festive pear tree that’s for sure. A warm orange pear sprinkled in golden glitter. A wonderfully festive addition to any sink.


Sandalwood, coconut and organic cloves work in perfect unison to create a warm but fruity aroma. It really does just scream Christmas from beginning to end.

Strawberry Santa came early for the Lush Christmas Collection 2018

Now, I received this last year as a bubble bar/ bomb (I can’t quite remember which) and loved it. I was glad to see it back in a soap form. With this cute little fellow to brighten up your hand washing.

Strawberries and cream are the perfect smell for this little fellow bringing something extra sweet to your Christmas.


Shooting Stars for the Lush Christmas Collection 2018!

Now, these soaps are just visually stunning and have a number of striking colours to pick from. So why not wish upon a star this Christmas.

If you’re wishing for zesty freshness then you will get it. Starfruit and lemons bring a citrus lift to any cold day. So, a perfect winter warmer.

Could There Be Much Lush Christmas Collection 2018?

From sparkle jars, massage bars, where you puncture the holes for unique dust to apply after. Great if you like a dry but nourished feel. To Sugar Plum Sugar scrubs. Which are 100% natural and smell so sweet but warm. Even fresh face masks and yes, we helped make the stunning Buche De Noel. It smells so creamy and leaves your skin so fresh! There are also a couple of more items that in my excitement I didn’t get photos of. However, you can find the full range on the Lush sites or in stores.

I really hope you enjoyed this little leap into the festive season with me. Now you know how to have the best Baths and leisure for the whole season! Let me know in the comments below if you spotted some items from the Lush Christmas collection going on your list to Santa? I know I will be adding some more bath bombs and probably some Snow Fairy in some form.

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Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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