Lush ghost soap 2018

Lush Halloween and Christmas 2018

Do you love a spooky pamper sesh? Are you obsessed with Lush seasonal exclusives? Everything you need to know for your perfect Halloween Treat is this way…

Hello, my beauties and how are you all today? I’m not actually that great (insert sad face emoji). I have been taken down by an awful illness. It knocked me and the fella out for over two weeks! We are just getting back to normal and at the tail end so still not 100%. So, yeah not great and part of the reason I am behind on posts but I’m back with a blinder for you! The Lush Halloween 2018 collection live from their Halloween event that was held at the Bath branch.

Lush Halloween Event and All Things Pamper

lush halloween 2018

The Lush Winter event and all things pampering which I need right now, who’s with me? As some of you may know I was also lucky enough to attend their Easter and Mothers Day event earlier this year. You can find that here and remind yourself. I was lucky enough to be invited back for their Winter event. So, I popped along, with two girlfriends, to Bath City centre to have some fun and, of course, was not disappointed.


I have to say this event did focus more on the Christmas range that’s just been released, I will discuss these but I couldn’t leave out my spooky pals from the Lush Halloween range. There are so many great new additions and returning favourites. I for one am loving all things ectoplasm. I get so excited by Lush seasonal exclusives, do you? What’s your fave Lush Halloween product? Let me know in the comments below but for now, see what this year has to offer!



One of the returning faves this year is Sparkly Pumpkin which is a cult Lush classic for sure! This warming bubble bar brings relaxation and glitter to your bath……..Um, the perfect combo! Luxury bubbles and Juniperberry and grapefruit working together for an uplifting and sensual bubble bath!! YASSSS!


The Bewitched Bubble Bar is giving all kinds of Halloween Vibes. Not bad luck to cross this black cats path that’s for sure. The scent of bergamot and blackberry let the luxurious bubbles rid of a nightmare bad day and come out feeling like a witch!

Lush ghost soap 2018

Ghost in the Dark soap is here and it is amazing. Visually striking with its ghostly shape it would be a welcome treat to any bathroom. However, what is Halloween without a trick or two? This ghostly delight glows in the dark to bring a whole extra level of Lush to your bathroom! Halloween perfection really!

Lush Halloween Bath Bombs

The Monster Ball bath bomb is another amazing looking bomb. With the gorgeous colours and cute monster design, it is such a fun bomb for the Halloween season. Packed with rejuvenating salts and oils it is the perfect pick me up for the cold weather coming in.


The Eyeball bath bomb is such a great bomb visually. very fizzy and with the swirls of red and black then finally resting on a calming peach coloured water. It really is a Halloween treat. Ylang Ylang, lavender and Brazillian orange work harmoniously to bring you a great relaxing bath and beautifully soft skin afterwards. No tricks here folks!

Lord of misrule, which seems to be the only product I didn’t get a picture of (one from Lush), is just amazing. Combining beautiful natural green with spicy and warming scents is a dream. However, it doesn’t stop there, fizzing away to reveal warm red and some popping candy delight. It is the perfect Autumnal bath treat and I am hoping becomes a Halloween staple.


Ectoplasm! How can we discuss the Lush Halloween range and not include their extensive range of Ectoplasm products? From solid perfumes, naked shower gels to jelly bath bombs and more. This really is a Halloween must-have for any Lush Lovers! Blasts of citrus scents to blow out the proverbial cobwebs it is a great addition to a warming Halloween/Autumn pamper session. With so many ways to enjoy it you be spoiled rotten for choice.

To finish off this fabulous range why not check out all the limited addition knot wraps that are available for purchase. Great if you like to be eco-conscious as they can be used in place of the Lush bags. Plus a great addition to your Halloween outfit as a ponytail scarf or tied to a handbag. I love the little Frankie.

Frankie knot wrap

My Top Picks

Lush Halloween 2018 Introduces The Eyeball

When it comes to picking my favourite pieces from new Lush collections I really do struggle. But I have to say I am loving the Eyeball bath bomb due to its visually stunning performance. This added to the sweet and floral scent it’s a winner all around for Halloween.

Eyeball bath bomb

Ghost in the Dark

The Ghost in the Dark soap is also so cool I had to add it here! IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! I don’t feel it needs any more justification than that to be fair. However, the super cute ghost design is an added Halloween bonus and we all know my passion for all things spooky.

ghost in the dark glow in the dark soap


My final pick would be the Ectoplasm naked shower gel for a couple of reasons. One reason is I am wanting to be more conscious of my plastic consumption. Particularly in regards to excess packing and one-use plastics (every little bit will help). This allows me to do that with such ease due to the solid formula of the shower gel.

It smells incredible due to the fresh citrus scent and there’s no way you’d leave the shower not feeling amazing. Finally, this is probably going to last a lot longer than a liquid shower gel would for sure. PLUS with a Lush shower gel you know it’s got a bunch of great, natural ingredients for your skin as opposed to a bunch of chemicals! WINNING!

Ectoplasm naked shower gel

Lush really do knock it out of the park with their seasonal products and both adults and children love them so much! Witch (winky face) is your Halloween favourite from either this year or Halloweens past? Let me know in the comments below.

In my next post, we’ll discuss the new Christmas range and which exclusive items I got to MAKE whilst I was there. Do not miss out if you’re a Lush Lover as it will have everything you want to know before you write your letter to Santa this year! Be sure to follow via our Facebook or any other of the official social media pages so you don’t miss it.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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