autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves, Cool Breeze And Cosy Tea

Hot chocolates, fluffy blankets and toasty socks…….Autumn perfection and how to embrace it in your home

Hello my wonderful lot, how are you all? I feel like it has been ages since I sat and did a bit of a longer blog post for you. Life has been crazy busy with the boys going back to school. My youngest starting his very first year so we had all the half days and busy days. That doesn’t include after-school clubs, spending at least 45 minutes of the day finding their stuff both at home and school. Also trying to piece the house back together after the holidays seems like a never-ending task but it’s slowly getting there. With that being said I have been busy getting ready for Autumn too and are excited for colder days and Autumn leaves!

autumn leaves

Now, I love to bring Autumn into my home and if I’m being all honest all seasons. For example at the beginning of the year, I posted How to Bring Spring into Your Home with some great examples of how to lighten and brighten your rooms ready for Spring. Today is all about Autumn and let’s face it the weather is right there with us in the UK. Sunny days but with a crisp chill in the air. Balanced by blustery rains. Leaves slowly starting to drop and droop ready to fall and become crisp. Hot chocolates snuggled up watching old movies. Cute beanie hats and scarves for when it’s really chilly. MITTENS! Oh, I’m ready for it all, are you?

As I said above I love to bring the season into my home and really embrace it. There are so many ways you can do this and you by no means need to break the bank to do so. I am sharing my tops ways to bring Autumn straight into your homes.

Autumn Leaves, Hot Drinks and Comfort is Key


Start by adding some new or extra cushions and blankets. For some extra Autumn feels try to find some great fluffy, knitted or tartan fabrics. This way you’ll be able to use them all the way through the Winter and Christmas Period.

autumn leaves

So, on my sofa, I have added a couple of fluffy pillows that are usually on my bed. These add a real luxe feel to your sofa experience! Plus they look so cosy, warm and a little bit glam too. The perfect addition to your Autumn couch and help make it feel extra snuggly.

I have also added a couple of tartan pillows that believe it or not, I made from two shirts and some old pillows that needed new covers. You don’t even have to stitch them! Simply do up all the buttons on the shirt and insert the pillow to about three inches from the top of the neckline. Tuck the excess neckline into what will be the back of the pillow. almost into itself like a bed pillow. Finally, wrap the arms of the shirt around the middle and tie.

That was all I did as I really struggled to find any tartan pillows I liked. Next year I’m thinking of buying cushion covers for the larger pillows. Then I can switch them out seasonally as I need. Do you love a nice cushion? You could also add a nice knitted pillowcase to add more texture and cosiness.

autumn leaves


Again, using the right fabrics and patterns you can add an extra Autumn feel to any room. Have a bland chair? Why not add a lovely faux fur blanket and bold leaf print pillow? Or you can keep it a little more subtle with fleece and knit combo.

autumn blankets

Even on your bed, you could layer a few of these designs to create the ultimate in comfort and Autumn style. Blankets are a great way to convey that cosy Autumn feel and obviously help you stay warmer so blankets are a win all around! As you can see I have added a fleece blanket and a tartan pillow to my spot on the couch.  I really want a super chunky knit blanket. What are your must-have or go to blanket? Are you a fleece girl? Or maybe a woollen kinda guy?

From Autumn Leaves to Seasonal Flowers

autumn leaves

This really is the fastest and easiest way to bring Autumn into your home and it’s adding some Autumnal blooms. Some beautiful Autumn flowers include crocus flowers and Dahlia’s which a both elegant but striking. You can also use a colour scheme such as red, orange and yellow to choose a great Autumn bouquet. Flowers are such a beautiful way of brightening up any room but also a brilliant way of reflecting the changes in the seasons. Blending that harmoniously into your home decor. Luckily for you, I know an amazing place to order stunning Autumn bouquets (delivered to your door) or any of your other Flower Perfection needs. As I said above this is an instant way of making your home just ooze Autumn beauty.

A Plate of Autumn Leaves

fall decor

So, the sofa is good! It’s looking so comfy and cosy with its pillow and the added blanket is not only practical but just adding to the whole feel perfectly. Your gorgeous Autumnal floral display is bringing some colour and warmth to the room. However, you want to take it to that next level Autumness right? Well, make yourself a big ol’ plate of Autumn. I usually start by adding a nice pillar candle or pumpkin ornament to a nice charger plate. After that, it’s just a case of letting the kids (or the big kids) collect conquers and acorns and beautiful red, orange, yellow and brown leaves. After a little arrangement and maybe a few twinkly lights you have the perfect Autumn decoration for your lounge, kitchen, hallway or even office. A really simple but pretty way to bring, like literally, bring Autumn into your home.

Spilling the Tea?

No, we are not my loves but what we are doing is adding cute and cosy cups to our Autumn wonderland. We have added this gorgeous clear glass cup. I love the geometric pattern but can when you can see the warm tea it just adds a whole new feel. If you’re a huge tea lover why not add a teapot and you’ll be set for an evening. No more rushing to make a brew in the X-factor ad breaks!

Just pour and enjoy. I mean what says snuggly Autumn like warm tea in nice cups or from the pot! Nothing!

Lighting is Everything

fall decor

We all know that cosy Autumn evenings are the best and the best way to embrace these fully is with lighting. Yes, candles are a must but for the ultimate in comfort get yourself a good lamp. Try to choose a good lampshade that allows enough light so you can be extra cosy in those cold windy evenings. You could also invest in The Perfect Light Box and have your very own Autumn message. I have to say I love mine and find it a great way to add changes to my decor without really making changes as you can see from the picture above. You may have also spotted my lantern which again, is lovely glowing light. Perfect for Autumn and lighting is pivotal to the perfect Autumn evening.

Now my loves, you can snuggle on the couch as it’s extra warm and toasty. Pour yourself a wonderful cup of tea and enjoy your gorgeous Autumn view from the comfort of your jammies. Bliss.

My Quick Top 5 Tips

  1. Stick to Knit, tartan and faux fur fabrics for the ultimate Autumn style in your home.

2. Don’t forget Autumn Colours and add them where you can. Browns, Reds, Yellows and Oranges

3. A fire, real or fake, can take your Autumn home feels to a whole new level.

autumn decor

4. Take the kids on Autumn trails and use what they collect to create Autumn prints or artwork.

5. GET A LIGHT BOX! They really are amazing for any occasion at all.

There you have it my lovelies. some amazing ways to bring Autumn into your home that are as expensive or cheap as you want. Most items on the list can be sourced either new or second hand. Your local facebook selling page might be a good place to start and even charity shops are great for cups and teapots. Even pillows and blankets in good condition too.

Other places like B&M have a gorgeous selection of most of these items at really affordable prices. It definitely doesn’t have to cost you a lot that’s for sure, look at the shirt pillow. You can collect your Autumn leaves, conkers and other natural beauties and really go for it!

fall decor

Anyway my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this Autumn packed post. We love Autumn and can’t wait for Halloween and baking and cosy nights. What is your favourite thing about Autumn? is it Autumn leaves? Or the festivities of this time of year? Let me know in the comments below or over on Facebook and keep an eye for more Autumn goodness soon.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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