back to school

Back to School

Do you always struggle on the first day back to school? Do the kids? These great tips may just help

Organising Tips

It’s nearly here ladies and gents. It’s nearly time for the kids to go back to school. You have nearly made it through another 6 weeks summer break. Well done to you my loves! Hahaha. Although if you are out of ideas to keep them busy be sure to check out my craft posts or these brilliant rainy day activities. Both have so many free or cheap activities that can keep your little ones busy for ages.

back to school

On a more serious note though with school only less than a week away it’s time to get organised. At least this way you can at least look like you have your crap together for the beginning of the year. Am I right mamas!?!

I am here with some top tips and tricks that are especially useful if you have first-timers. Helping make your back to school runs start smoothly for both you and your children. Or just some tips for those mama’s who are doing the same as me right now. “The kids won’t be late once” “I will look as good as Kate Middleton did after birth every morning” “I will not forget the sports kits and we’re going to be amazingly Mart Poppins this year!” You might be looking for some solidarity. We at least get the first couple of weeks right!

Back to School Labelling

back to shcool labels

Label it ALL! The jumper, the t-shirts, the shoes even the daps/plimsoles/trainers. It will get lost I can promise you that. It will end up in another child’s bag or just in the lost property box. But if your child takes it to school and it can be removed from their body it needs their name in it. So their skin, their skin is the only thing you don’t need to label……. I think, I mean you know your kid they might be a wanderer!

Uniforms – A Must When Going Back to School

back to school uniforms

Once you’ve labelled all the damn things. Get them ironed and hung now as it will be a lifesaver next week when the kids are moaning that they have to get dressed after 6 weeks basically nude. Not just my boys who strip the second their home is it? The night before you can just grab them out and hang them up out the way ready for the next morning. This is also an awesome habit to get the kids into when they get home. Keeping uniforms together and ready for the next day.

Check the Schools Website

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They will have so much helpful information that can help you prepare for the whole school year. They should have a calendar on there. These will have all of the term time dates on there. Any events that may be occurring over the coming weeks. Contact details you may find useful and information on your child curriculum. Even menu options for school meals so you can see what they’ll be eating. So much great stuff that will help you stay ahead of the game #mumwin.

Organise Your Diary

back to school tips

This would be a good time to organise your diary. Write down all the dates for breaks that will be coming. Add any special events that you can. Perhaps they already have a date for some of their Christmas activities. Schools have to plan pretty far in advance so this means you can plan and schedule accordingly. Get all that information in your diary and make sure to check it daily. Make it apart of your morning routine. You sit and have your coffee or tea and check your diary for the day. The uniforms are already hung and ready to go after all so you saved some time.

Organise Your Morning Routine

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This for me is the real struggle made worse by NOT being a morning person. However, up by 7am, breakfast at 7.30, teeth brush after, dressed by 8. Whatever works for you is good but do get a good morning routine for the back to the school run. Give the kids a 5 minute and then another 1-minute warning before each activity. This should help your morning run a little more smoothly at least. Extend this to after school as well to help the kids get in and get uniforms hung up. Just getting into good habits is a good habit right!

Back to School Bedtime Routine

back to school

A whole six weeks of Summer vacation and I can tell you my kids enjoyed many later nights than usual. With this in mind and with getting back into the swing of it all. Getting back to your chosen bedtime routine is such a great idea. It will help your child become accustomed to their school routine before they’re back. This will help with energy levels when returning to school.

I have done this every year my little boy has been at school and he’s always well-rested for the first day of school. As parents know sleep can have such an effect on a child’s mood, attitude and even concentration.
If you have a lazy starter like my youngest (I call him an old man), who enjoys nothing more than finding a quiet, comfortable spot and taking a good nap. He does it for enjoyment as he gives you ‘Joey’ like descriptions of them. I worry he’s going to struggle to get through the days! I will be implementing a good bedtime and morning routine to ensure he sleeps well and enough. He’ll need it for his first year at school.

Have a Chat With Your Children

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For the little new beginners, this is a great time to talk through lots of things. You can begin to explain their new routine to them! “Are you excited to start wearing your uniform to school?” “You’ll have to put that on after you’ve had breakfast and brushed your teeth!”. Just letting them know what they can expect from their school mornings including more details of what will happen in their school’s routines, such as the register and assemblies.

You could also discuss what they are excited about and this can open a gateway to discuss any worries they may have. Try to answer any of their worries (obviously I know) but also write a list of any queries you can’t answer that perhaps their teacher can. This way you and your child can discuss with the teacher and hopefully, this can put your child at ease if they have any concerns.

For older children why not discuss what they are wanting to improve? Do they want to take on a hobby if they don’t have one? Perhaps they’d like to attend an after-school club for example? Perhaps you can decide on a goal together where your child needs to improve? Learn to spell one new word every day, learn to read one new word every day or even getting the reading homework done daily for once? It will help give them focus for the new school year ahead.

Have a Chat With Yourself

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Putting aside how loopy that may sound that is a serious statement. It’s easy to forget that for some parents the first day of school may not be a happy event. Perhaps you have a rainbow baby starting this year and the anxiety is choking you? What if your child is a victim of bullying and you’re terrified? You may just be feeling a little nervous and you’re not sure why? First, start by asking what you’re worried about and write it down.

Next, you should research and ask others for information about resolutions for the problem. For example, with bullying here in the UK. If you write a letter to the school always include a copy to the Chair of Governors. This should help your case be more visible and be sure to find any support charities available as they are lots of support available.
Once you have your list of resolutions you should feel a lot more secure and in control.

Organise the House

back to school help

Put some time aside to reorganise the house after the chaos. Tidy house and tidy mind. Plus with the kids not there to destroy it WHILST you’re doing it you may even get to enjoy a clean house after 6 weeks of looking like an episode of hoarders.
Such a simple task but a house is a home after all, right?

Just implementing these very small tasks can really set you on the right path for the new school year. Which let us face it after six weeks off we all need it as we all get into the ‘chill’ of it all.

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Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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