Back to School Stationery

Back to School Stationery

Are you still looking for some back to school bargains? Well get ready for affordable stationary……

Being a huge lover of all things stationery. I can understand the need for a good set up for a new school year ahead. Being a parent I understand the need for this to be cost effective. After uniforms, sports kits, shoes, coats and the rest. School costs can really start to add up and you don’t want to add too much more with back to school stationery.

mums budgeting

Today I will be sharing some great stationery at some really affordable prices. This way the Kids can love to learn and you can love the prices attached. So sit back and relax mama I got this covered for you.

The Works

The Works is a brilliant shop that I shop at frequently. It’s fab for books, puzzle and oddities you don’t find elsewhere. They also have an amazing stash of unique and affordable stationery. I particularly like the collections of pens they keep by the till. They have sets to suit all ages but these two sets are just so nice. The cute unicorn and mermaid sets with a notepad and sticky notes. Plus you get everything you could need in the one set which is great. All for just £10. Order it now and you’re done! No going all over town to find all the items.

The only problem with The Works is they’re massively lacking boys sets. To be perfectly honest I didn’t even see a suitable pencil case that my boys would like. That is a little sad and I find it to be a common problem across the board to be honest so not just here.

The Range

Again a great range of products in their kids stationery and suitable choices for all. These Star Wars and My Little Pony pencil case sets are perfect. Everything you need in a compact and cool metal case. Perfect size for their desks or draw at school. Plus they can’t fill it too much and I think, for mum’s, that’s a must! “No darling you won’t be able to fit any more pens in the case.” Saving you more money again! These are only £6 and come with a ruler, rubber, pencils and more. This is a mum’s win and again can be ordered online if you’ve not got a range near you.


Back to School Stationery

Who doesn’t love a trip to B&M? Well for an 18 piece stationery set for £1.49 then defo! With pencils, pens and rubbers and more. This is an absolute steal. This comes in four designs but they also have so much choice for kids and even adults. They also have so many amazing cases to choose from. Again starting at really reasonable prices.

W H Smiths

mums budgeting

Although WHS can sometimes be a little expensive this brilliant game controller pencil case is amazing. Bound to get any little gamer obsessed student ready for school. Feeling pumped to get writing and learning. As a gamer, I personally love this and know my oldest would love this in particular. For £6 it is a little expensive but I know that for £6 this will bring a lot of joy so it’s worth it.


mums budgeting

Good old Poundland where everything USED to be a pound! We all knew it wouldn’t last so don’t moan (lol). They do still have so many great bargains for £1 including back to school stationery. This pink metallic glitter pencil case is so gorgeous and for only £1 it is an amazing bargain! Could kit your child out for as little as a fiver if you shopped here for all the items you needed. So great deals to be had.

As I said above after all the costs associated with the back to school routine. Don’t make back to School stationery another thing to stress about. Or stress about the cost of how much it’s all going to come to.

Are you ready for the back to school tango? Or are nowhere near ready? Also, let me know if you’re an adult obsessed with stationary just like me in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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