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Best Sex Toys?

Looking for something to spice up your bedroom fun? Maybe sex toys are what you’re looking for?

Whether you’re apart of a couple, single, young or old (above the age of consent of course). Even if you’re both of the above you’re sex life matters! Your needs and wants are important. As are those of the person you may be sharing these moments with. However, when should you or should you at all, introduce sex toys?

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Sex lives are an odd thing, aren’t they? Are you a morning person? A night owl? Do you love foreplay? Would you rather skip to the main event? There are just so many personal preferences for sex. Who to do it with. How to do it. How long to wait before you do actually do it……

Perhaps your sex life is non-existent? Or so you think. As a healthy sexual relationship with yourself is a great way to learn about what your body likes and actually exploring your preferences. Masturbation is not a taboo subject here and in fact I believe there are some great benefits of masturbation. Even if it’s just to give a thrill to yourself or for a partner. Stress relieving being the most well known of course.

sex toys

The question we’re focusing on today is when or if you should introduce a little extra help in the bedroom? Should you make the dive and try sex toys?

I’m going to say straight off the bat that this is a very personal preference of course. However, with the recent introduction of more female sexual market women are feeling liberated. The introduction of high street lingerie and sex shops and even the highly acclaimed 50 shades of Grey has helped. Women are being allowed to fully explore their sex lives and I love it.

Do I Need Sex Toys

sex toys

Have you been in a long-term relationship for a while? Is your sex life the same routine every time? A quick rub and run while you have a little energy? Then you may be stuck in a sex rut. Work, bills, children, family and a whole plethora of life can leave you drained. This could also lead to not having a lot of energy left for your fun times. Does this sound familiar? I think it is a problem that most long-term couples end up having at some point in their relationship. Sex toys could be a handy tool in bringing the fire back to your bedroom.

Perhaps you’re single and would like a little extra from your personal pleasure? As I said exploring your own body can be an amazing way of understanding what your body enjoys. Then sex toys can aid you in your aim for pleasure and often better than you can.

Or perhaps you’re someone who travels a lot? Perhaps sexual interaction with another human is not always plausible. Maybe you travel a lot for work? Whether you are male or female that are lots of toys you can use that will help you enjoy your alone time so much more.

Where Do I Start?

You’ve made the decisions that sex toys are for you but now don’t know where to start? Do you brace the high street stores? You could but for a first time buyer why not do some web research. It can be delivered to your door and usually comes in non-descript packaging. This is where both I and LoveHoney are able to help you. They recently sent me their wild weekend 11 piece kit!

Wild Weekend Kit

This is meant for couples but most items can be bought separately. I think these items are going to be good for so many people!

Rabbit Ears

Amazing for either couples masturbation or self-pleasure. This little rabbit is soft but strong and with flexible ears to extend the pleasure. Coming equipped with a hand-held button system with 4 speeds. Allowing you to quite literally control your pleasure level. Or why not hand the control over to your partner. Great sensation with an emphasis on the clitoral area it will definitely get you going.

G Spot Vibrator

sex toys

With a firm and bulbous tip, this vibrator is meant to stimulate the g spot and create intense pleasure. Personally, if you have a smaller cervix then this may not be as comfortable for you. The vibration is strong and pleasurable even if the shape is a little unusual. Make sure you’re applying plenty of lubricants as this is not a silicone vibrator so may need a little extra.

Male Stroker

Yes although this may look a little unusual it actually has a very realistic feel and very pleasing. Made from a soft latex material so it can expand to any needed size. It is a lot heavier than it looks which adds more pleasure to a male partner. Great if you’re having to have a hand party more often or not. If you’re on the road a lot and want to add a little something to your enhance your pleasure. Or if you wanted to add some extra pleasure to your usual routine with a partner. Remember again to use plenty of lubricants as you don’t want to chafe. Highly pleasurable though even if a little alien looking.

Jiggle Balls

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Now……. I have to say I’m not sure how I feel about these! They are a hard ball that you can insert into the vagina. Then as you’re walking about you’re receiving pleasure. A little uncomfortable but perfect if you’re working a lot of late nights for example. Or great if you’re wanting to tease a partner or yourself before some fun with them. As I said I actually find this one a little odd not going to lie. I don’t need to get off whilst I’m doing the housework but different strokes for different folks, right?

Butt Plug


This is the slim, latex, freehand butt plug. Meaning it can be inserted and left in whilst you are enjoying other activities. Great if you or your partner enjoy double the pleasure. Or you are fond of some anal pleasure. Soft so that it is gentle and I can’t stress enough here to make sure you are using plenty of lube. Seriously guys!

Rabbit Vibrator


This firm purple vibrator comes with a little rabbit clitoral stimulator attached. Meaning that both areas are stimulated at the same time helping you achieve great levels of pleasure. With a little twist of the button, the speed can increase giving even more pleasure. The double stimulation makes this vibrator fun to use and giving good levels of sexual satisfaction. Brilliant to use as apart of a couple or brilliant to use on your own. Easy to pack away in a bag for travels. Ladies meet your new purple bff.

Cock Ring Set


Great for those trying out a cock ring for the first time. There are 3 soft rubber cock rings of varied sizes offering tailored restriction. With added bumps for more pleasure and to help you stay harder for longer why not maximise the pleasure potential. Added sensation when reaching climax. Although these may not be for everyone they could be great for self-masturbation and helping you achieve better orgasms.

Rabbit Cock Ring

Similar to the rubber cock rings but has a softer latex feel. With the addition of the rabbit for her pleasure, this will help stimulate both participants by sending out gentle vibrations. These are around the base of the penis and added clitoral arousal. Leads to a great climax for everyone. The aim surely? Obviously better for straight couples as it is a penis to vagina kinda deal.

Anal Beads

Starting small and gradually increasing in size. This little tool can help you maximise the intensity of your sexual experiences. Great to use with a clitoral vibrator but unlike the but plug it’s not suggested to leave this in as it is a lot longer. Again great for those who enjoy some ‘behind the scenes’ fun.

I’m Still Not Sure?

Well, look at it this way. Why say no to extra pleasure be it for yourself. For a partner or for both of you?

We live in a time where no one need know about any intimate purchases you make so I say treat yourself. Check out all the great stuff LoveHoney has and I highly recommend their vibrators as they are a lot of fun. Great individually or as part of a couple and even if you travel. Especially if you’re limited by mobility problems. This can really ease some of the burdens if you do struggle with arm pain or problems.

Have you ever tried a sex toy? Do you swear by sex toys? Are wanting to try one and will now? As usual, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Lots of Love, (even if it’s alone!)

Tahnee xxx

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