perfect summer lip care

Perfect Summer Lip Care

Want lip perfection this summer? Need a new routine to take care of your lips in the heat? Want daily protection from your lip colour? This post has it all! Including a homemade lip scrub!

Summer is here and so is Summer break! It has been in full swing with sleepovers, family barbeques and pool days! I was hoping that summer would be full of cute outfits and makeup looks too. Instead, it has been full of moping up sweat, messy buns and sitting naked in front of a fan! Trying to avoid makeup at all costs and adding perfect Summer lip care to the list.

Perfect Summer Lip Care

Summer is a great time to get a fab skincare routine up and together though. Here you can find a great post for both oily summer skincare and dry summer skincare. As with sunshine comes different needs for your skin.

Your Perfect Summer Lip Care

The same can be said for your lips too. These, however, get highly neglected and ladies! It needs to stop because lips deserve love too! I mean so many people look at your mouth on the daily, you want that smile to be the best it can be. You always want to take care of them properly to.

Perfect Summer Lip Care

Especially in the Summer when we are exposed to more lip damaging elements than normal. With the heat as it is you are more likely to be a little dehydrated. Drinking more alcohol can also contribute to this. The sun itself can even have an effect on your lips, how they age and their appearance. Dry, wrinkled or chapped and crisp.

Today I am sharing everything you need for a Summer-perfect pout. Most importantly protecting your lips from the Summer weather. Starting with this great homemade Summer Lip Scrub.

DIY Summer Lip Scrub

  1. Add a teaspoon and a half of petroleum jelly to a small bowl.
  2. Then add half a teaspoon of honey.
  3. 2/3 drops of jojoba oil.
  4. Add 2 drops of either lavender or peppermint oil. One will be fine.
  5. Mix together really well.
  6. Slowly add a small amount of sugar and mix.
  7. Keep adding sugar until you have your desired consistency. You’re aiming for a slightly softer lip balm.
  8. Put this in a pot and refrigerate.
Perfect Summer Lip Care

This mixture should last about two weeks in the fridge. Apply like you would a lip balm. Gently rub in little circular motions over your lips and rinse with warm water. Dry with a clean towel and add lip balm for a soft, supple and perfect pout. This will be incredible for chapped lips but perhaps avoid lemon then as that may sting. You can also use this all year round so will be great for winter too.

Perfect Summer Lip Care with Balms

The same way we protect our skin from the sun with SPF products and lotions. You should also be doing this with your lips. This will help with the unwanted ageing of the lips from sun damage and also cancers connecting to sun exposure.

There are lots of great SPF lip balms available and here are five great ones to get you started.

Garnier Amber Solaire

perfect Summer Lip Care

The sun lip protection stick is perfect on the go lip protection. Being a lipstick style balm with a lid you can throw this on, throw it in your back and your good to go. You can top up and reapply whenever need with a quick swish. Water resistant and with SPF 20 this is great lip protection for the hot weather.

The Body Shop

Perfect Summer Lip Care

Vitamin E Lip Care is again a lipstick twist style lip balm. Making it great for on the go and days out. Great to use on the kids as well mama’s. Made with coconut and olive oil this will not only leave your lips soft. It also offers SPF 15 protection against harsh sunshine. Not only does it supply added vitamin e it also supports community trades with the oils it uses. A summer win if you ask me!

Nivea Sun

the perfect pout

Another lipstick, twist style balm. The Nivea balm, however, offers protection of SPF 30 which is great. With added vitamin E to leave your lips extra soft whilst still being protected.

Eos Active Protection

the perfect pout

 In an incredible sphere pot, this SPF 30 balm is super cute. Perfect for summer and for in your bag. In a lovely summer, lemon, grapefruit or aloe scents they are perfect. So funky and offering full protection whenever you need it.

Piz Buin

the perfect pout

Another SPF 30 lip balm in a lipstick style package. Piz Buin is a reputable company with years of experience in sun care and knows what they’re talking about. Offering protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Lip Masks for Perfect Summer Lip Care

In the Summer you may find your lips chapping. Strange isn’t it because it isn’t cold. Well, heat can obviously dry your skin and lips out to.  As I said above dehydration can also leave your lips feeling crispy or just unhealthy. Why not try a quick lip mask for a pick me up.

Holika Holika

the perfect pout

The Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3 step kit is a great summer treat. Use pad 1 to gently but thoroughly exfoliate the lips. Lifting any dead skin and cells. Step 2 is a hydrogel that will hydrate and plump your lips. The final step is the honey lip oil mask that will finish your lip pamper to perfection. Loving these little masks and think the overall treatment would be a much-needed lip treat!

Yes To – Perfect Summer Lip Care Top Pick

the perfect pout

This coconut two-step lip mask will hydrate your lips whilst exfoliating them. Starting with a delicious scrub to clean your lips. Then adding a lip mask to finish the experience and add all the hydration you could want. Perfect lips in 20 minutes anyone?


the perfect pout

The Dragons Blood lip mask not only sounds dramatic but offers plumping and hydration. Using hyaluronic acid infused bio-cellulose masks for you to enjoy. With added lifting and firming it is perfect for skin that has endured a lot of skin damage.


the perfect pout

Simply cleanse and let the pomegranate and collagen get to work. A favourite of the lovely Lady Gaga. This mask will not only hydrate but help with the lines and wrinkles in the lip area. Quick, easy but a lovely lippy treat!

Oh K!

perfect lip mask

The Oh K! Cherry Lip patch deeply hydrates, cools and moisturises. Using cherry extract it is a perfect summer treat for you and your lips. Say goodbye to after effects of the sun my loves!

Lipsticks, Tints and Balms for Perfect Summer Lip Care

Now, you’ve gone to all that’s work to make your lips absolutely perfect from the sun and for the Summer. You don’t want to hide them away and will always want a pop of colour. How do you do that without compromising your lip care? Well, you use SPF formulated Lipsticks, tinted Balms and such. Here you can find five great SPF formulated lip colours for your summer pleasure.


best summer spf lipstick

This amazing tinted lip treatment by Sugar comes in 7 amazing colours so will go with every outfit for any occasion. Offering six hours of moisture and SPF 15 protection it is a must have for your Summer handbag.


Lanolips spf lipstick

LanoLips is a coloured lip balm in a tube package. Offering dewy and natural colours to help enhance your natural one. Spf 30 so it’s going to offer amazing coverage for a day to day look.


best spf lip stick

The Clinique high impact lip colour comes in 6 gorgeous shades. Offering coverage of SPF 15 it is the perfect addition to anyone’s summer makeup bag.


the perfect pout

The Collection Lip Colour range comes in 6 bright colours. Lots of stunning shades that are a perfect pop of colour for Summer. Again, offering protection of SPF 15 they would be a fabulous addition to anyone’s Summer looks.


the perfect pout

The Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine lipstick from Rimmel has a lot going on. Starting with the fact it can offer and 20 protection which is fab. Also, this little beauty is actually available in 20 shades! Yes, you read that correctly. TWENTY SHADES! Then it has the added benefits of vitamin A, C and E. A complete Summer winner! Plus a shade for every occasion and outfit.

After this post, I’m a little saddened that lips are neglected the way they are! I mean I definitely do not pamper my lips as much as I should. Do you? I am 100% rethinking my lip care and will be trying a lot of these out for sure. Which treatments or products would you like to try? I want to try the Holika Holika lip mask and also need an Evolution of Smooth (Eos) sphere lip balm in my life. Let me know what you want to try in the comments below. If you want to keep fully up time are with all things Tahnee’s Blog you can by following my Facebook. All other social media profiles can be found on the Contact page.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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