July favourites

July Favourites

Looking for some Summer inspo? Whether it’s your beauty regime or your wardrobe. I’m sharing all my July Favourites with you!

Oh, beauties how are you? Are you loving or loathing the sunshine? Not going to lie I am loving it and making the most of it for sure! I also have a huge list of July favourites to share with you which will be perfect to help enjoy the rest of the Summer. The sunshine always brings new products, new outfits and so many new adventures that I thought it would be a great time to share a July (but also a lot from June) personal favourites.

Beauty July Favourites

Starting with beauty as I find during the summer it needs a large overhaul. Mostly moving over to lighter products for skin care as people tend to wear less makeup in the hotter months, myself included.

Eyewake – Eye Care

July favourites eye serum

Eye skincare is so, so important during the Summer months. The sun can have a long-term damaging effect on the under-eye area if you don’t protect it well. I have been loving Eyewake gel as it is so light. Due to the aloe and water base to this collagen gel, it just absorbs straight in. It doesn’t leave a residue and once it dries you wouldn’t even realise you had put any on. This makes it a great product to wear under sunscreen and primers. Not forgetting that it also helps with signs of ageing as it is a collagen gel. A perfect light eye gel and the perfect size for your beauty travel bag. This item was gifted but all opinions are my own.

Skinkissed – Skin Care

July favourites

In recent years I have moved away from cream-based moisturisers and now use serum or oils. The reason for this is I find they actually absorb into the skin and you can see noticeable differences in your skin. Essentially I find they work better than creams for my combo skin. I usually use Lumity Life facial oil as I find it very good at moisturizing my dry areas whilst not adding oil to my oily areas. Such as my T-zone and chin. If you’d like to read more about Lumity Life you can here.

However, during the hotter months, I am finding my skin needs a little lighter serum. The heat can make us all feel a little sweaty and we don’t want to add to that feeling. Skinkissed is an amazing serum as, again, it is water and collagen-based. This means once it’s absorbed it really is absorbed. No oily, slick feeling just your skin only fresher. It is also a perfect base serum before applying your primer, especially in the summer weather or your sun lotion. The collagen is also going to help with any signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Plus an extra blast of Vitamin C from SunKissed will leave your skin looking and feeling so fresh.


July favourites

It’s time to get your feet out weather! No pair of Summer sandals is complete without a lick of cute nail varnish on your tootsies. Am I right? I have been obsessed with this light pink shade from the lovely Tanya Burr. Now, this is ‘Mini Marshmallows’ and it is from the exclusive collection for Eye Candy. However, just this pastel shade of pink is so flattering to all skin tones. It’s super Summery and it goes with so many outfits as it is such a neutral colour. Definitely a go-to for Summer chic. I am also wearing this on the flip-flop picture below.

Deodorant – July Favourites Top Pick

July favourites

Now there is nobody I trust more with my underarm care and protection than Trust anti-odourant. Which I actually reviewed in one of my very early posts that you can read here. I have never used another deodorant since. I will tell you for why my lovelies. It works!!!!! It is so natural and contains no unnatural metals and chemicals. At no point is it feeding the smell causing bacteria in your armpit. Grim but true (lol). I apply it three times a week after a shower and I’m good for a whole week. TRUTH! Now, before using Trust it was difficult to find a deodorant that would see me through one day so I can categorically say THIS REALLY, ACTUALLY 100% WORKS! It should be a staple for everyone’s underarms but especially during Summer.

Fashion July Favourites

Fashion goes hand in hand with Summer as we all strive to look and feel our best. Whether it be because your off on your holibobs or with so many formal events you’ll be attending. The weddings, the graduation parties and proms!!! Fashion is such a huge part of so many of our Summer. Here are all my summer favourites I’ve been rocking through June and July to hopefully give you some Summer inspiration.

Formal Events

Whether it is your cousin’s wedding, your own graduation party or your end of school prom. You’re going to look and feel a million bucks. This is why I am obsessed with this gorgeous, sparkly gown from boohoo. I mean just look at it! So light but fitted in all the right places. Sparkle and flowing for days and such a show stopper! If you want to see more of this dress it was featured in one of my recent posts that you can find here.


Oh my lawdy thank goodness for playsuits. No need for a bra if you’re blessed with small boobs in this heat. Most are made from a super-light, breezy material. I also love the variety of patterns cuts available. From a low V neck cut, frilled shorts, halter necks and even gold ropes and pearls. I am loving for playsuits. Who else loves a good playsuit?

Jazzy Flip Flop and Sandals

I always love to crack out some cute flip flops the SECOND the sun is shining (see above pics also). This year is no exception. I find they add a real wow factor to most outfits when I like to make a little statement with them. Here are the two I’m loving right now. Firstly, we have these uber festival feels tassel sandals. Now, these have seen better days but I love them so much I can’t seem to part with them. I won’t until they fall off (lol). In all seriousness though I do feel I should invest in some more. They really are so cool and casual for Summer.

July favourites best summer flip flops

Over Sized Denim Jacket

Oversized denim jacket
Best summer fashion

I am in no way taking for granted that our British Summer will be quite as splendid as it is now. So I made sure to invest in a cute but light denim jacket. Always a staple in any Summer, Spring or Autumn wardrobe it makes sense to invest in one. I have been obsessed with this oversized denim number. Light and breezy, cool and stylish with great coverage. I love the 90’s vibes of it but also love that the pockets are huge. Perfect for all your those Summer essentials when you don’t want to carry a bag! Great for the Summer evenings sat out with friends and starts to get chilly! The best times!

Makeup July Favourites

The Non-Makeup, Makeup

July favourites no makeup makeup look

Such a perfect relaxed look for Summer and so much better for your skin in the heat. Keeping everything very light. Only applying foundation products where needed and sticking to gentle, neutral tones. Being careful not to add to much mascara and using a little white eyeliner to help brighten the eye area. Adding just a little lip balm on the lips or a nude shade of lipstick and your good to go. If you want me to show this how to achieve this look on another post let me know below.

There we have a full array of things to make your Summer absolute perfection! Whether it’s looking for that perfect Summer outfit or perfect Summer skin.

What are you loving at the moment? What is your top July favourite? Let me know in the comments below or over on the old Facebook. Let’s share all those fashion, beauty and lifestyle faves!

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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