summer bucket list

Summer Bucket List

So, if you’re still not sure how to fill up your Summer then worry not! I’ve got all the inspiration you could ask for!

Hello, you beauties! How are you all today? Are you still enjoying the heatwave or are you over it? I can safely say I don’t see British people moaning about rain or cold any time soon. We are actually still loving it. Using the time to sort the garden make the fella sort the garden. Enjoying the garden with the pool, swing ball and all those summer essentials games. Sneaking in an occasional barbecue where we can and it is fab. This is even before the holidays start! What have you lovelies been doing in this heat? Have you visited somewhere special? Maybe you’ve started a Summer bucket list?

summer bucket list

Summer Holidays Bucket List

Yes, it is mere weeks away before the UK Summer break starts. This year I am trying to be better organised for this time of year as my youngest starts school in September. Is your little one starting school this year? Are you trying to make the most of the time you have before they do? You can obviously enjoy the garden or the park but with the gorgeous weather, we have been experiencing. That may be a tired idea by the time the holidays actually swing around. So, I have devised a little Summer bucket list for us to get through. Just to keep us entertained and not struggling for ideas. I hope this inspires you to get your own Summer Bucket List together or just follow this one and make the most of your time this Summer.

summer bucket list

Beach Days – A Summer Bucket List Must

Now, I am well aware that this is a Summer staple. Packing up the car with picnics and buckets! Sand in your lunch and finding it in body parts you don’t know you had. Sleeping like a log when you get home as you’re not used to the sea air! However, for me, this will be the first year I am able to drive my little family to the beach. I want to take full advantage of it. Hit the beach, splash in the sea, build sand castles and ice creams. The whole shabam! Is there anything better than chilling by the sea? Bliss!!!

A Get Lost Adventure

These are so much fun and I’m sure some of you already do this but let me explain what it is. A Get Lost journey is where you hop in the car (pack some lunch or snack and drinks) and drive anywhere. The kids tell you to go left you to take the next safe left. You see a sign for something that looks interesting you follow it and see where it leads. My partner and I used to do this as teens with friends and had the best adventures. We are going to do with the kids during the holidays. Hopefully, we’ll find somewhere wonderful and can make some great memories.

summer bucket list

Stay Local with Your Summer Bucket List

As we all know I have a real passion for where I live. I love Wiltshire and I am lucky it has so much to offer in the countryside, history and fun activities. My favourite thing to do though? Find the natural beauty spots you can visit. Most of the time it is usually free! Last year went to Avebury last year and it’s always been one of my favourite places to visit. Similar to Stonehenge with megalithic stones and at only a parking charge it’s so worth it. Plus such a spiritual place to recharge! This year I want to visit two more spots that are local to us. Make the most of where you live. If you find this hard to do, drop me where you live, like your closest city, and I bet I can find you something great!

summer bucket list

Barbecue and Pool Party

Pretty standard again but when I moved into my property my whole garden was so overgrown. We have only just got our garden up together to the point we’d be happy to do it. I’m talking inviting everyone, cocktails, mini movie theatre for the kids, big grilling, pool and garden games! I will 100% blog this for your Summer barbecue inspiration! Eek, I’m legit excited already.

Family fun activities

Add New Parks to Your Summer Bucket List

So, the kids love to go the parks in our local area but I’d like to visit some new ones. I have to say we have one decent local park as our town is small. In the Summer it is jam-packed! Your child can’t get a go on any of the toys and it’s just a nightmare. This year I want to find a couple of new parks that we can go to. Change the scenery a little and let the kids run amok. Ah to be a child on your summer break!

Family fun activities


Now, this is more just the cost-effective event but one you can make fun. Give the kids a nature list to spot. You could play leaf bingo!? Spot 3 spike leaves, 2 dead leaves, 5 daisies etc. Or just go on a good old-fashioned bug hunt. Take some sarnies and your good to go. Or if you’re unable to get out of the house then why not whip up a quick kids den. Then set up a teddies bear picnic and stick a story read in for good measure. Sometimes all you need is the simplicity of a picnic!

Family fun activities

Alfresco Breakfast

Seeing as the weather has been glorious I’m hoping it will last a little longer. I would love to sit in the garden with my babies and enjoy the early sun, the birds singing, tea and a little breakfast. Even writing that sounds delightful! If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, is this something you do? Will you know you’ve seen this? Yes that’s 100% on the list!

Family fun activities

Paint Rocks

On a recent visit to feed the ducks my little boy found this pretty painted stone. On the back it told him to take a picture and rehide it so he did. When we got home I searched for the Facebook page that it had been pointing to and it is such a great project. Spreading positive messages and love. These stones traverse the world and I just love the idea. This Summer I am going to paint and hide some rocks with the boys. It should keep them busy and spread a bit of joy along the way! Plus beside paint pretty much free! Again I’ll actually blog about this when I have done it to give you full deets.

Family fun activities

Pick Strawberries

On my Autumn Bucket List, one of the items on the list was to go and pick pumpkins as we hadn’t done that as a family yet. Well, this summer we have decided to go pick some strawberries. Grab some scones and cream and have ourselves a little afternoon tea! For anyone who knows me, you know that a good afternoon tea is my favourite! This plus my three favourite lads in the whole world! Perfect! I also have a new teapot to test out courtesy of my lovely father in law. I just want a nice tea-cup now and perhaps a little cake stand. I’ll keep my eyes peeled in the charity shops for these for sure! How quintessentially British!

Family fun activities

Movie Marathon

There will be days where no matter the weather, you don’t want to, can’t afford to go out. Why not snuggle up, stay in your pj’s and get the movie marathon going! Whether it’s a Disney marathon or just some classics from your childhood. We all know that kids tv movies during the Summer were amazing when we were kids. You should find a great selection available to watch. There is nothing wrong with taking a day to do nothing really is the point. Sometimes we all need these days.

Family fun activities

I feel that this mixed with having and visiting friends and family. The crafts I usually get done with the kids. Again I will share these as they’re usually very cost-effective. Such as or these as an example. I should be able to occupy enough of their time that the ‘Oh I’m bored’ crap doesn’t start straight away. You could even get them to make a little summer calendar and add your bucket list to it with them. Then they can cross off each day and countdown to all the fun activities.

Family fun activities

Are you looking forward to Summer break? Or are you dreading trying to keep little humans busy enough for that long? I’m looking forward to it at the moment. However, come back when I’m 4 to 5 weeks in. The bickering may have got to me but that point. Do keep your eyes peeled over the Summer break as I will be sharing great posts. Hopefully, lots to keep your little ones entertained.

Do you put together a Summer bucket list? Will you now? As usual, let me know it all in the comments below or on any of Facebook. Would love to hear what you think or would add.

Happy Summer days loves!

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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