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Your Perfect Dress For Prom, Weddings or All Formal Occasion

looking for the perfect prom dress? Stuck for what to wear to that wedding your going to? Not anymore.

Summer is here! The sun has been shining and thoughts turn to fun-filled days in the sun, prom season, wedding season and the enjoyable sleuth of varied formal occasions that we’ll all be attending. Are you excited? Have you got prom coming up? Whose wedding are you attending? Let’s share your perfect dress choice for all of these!

The only problem you may find is finding affordable formal wear. We don’t want to spend way too much money on an outfit we won’t be able to wear regularly. At the same, we do not want to compromise quality. We love a bargain don’t we love? Well, I have one that will not only blow your socks off. You will be turning a few heads whilst you try to catch them too.

Your Perfect Dress for All Occasions

This princess style, layered halter neckline, really is the most perfect dress for prom, a wedding or any formal occasion you may be attending this summer. Kindly gifted by Boohoo so a huge thanks to them for this awesome collab.

The Colour for Your Perfect Dress?

Now, this dress comes in two colours and this here is the blush pink. Blush and pastel colours are massively on trend this year and especially during summer. They have featured across most catwalks in spring/summer 2018 shows. The blush pink will flatter any skin tones as it delicate and soft. It also gives the dress an extra feminine feel and oh so princess!

boohoo clothing

The Detailing

Oh my goodness can we just for second appreciate the details of this dress…

boohoo clothing
boohoo clothing

I mean urgh just divine! Ruffles, pleats and SPARKLES!! A variety of large to tiny rhinestones creating a sparkle fit for any formal occasion. Scattered beautifully over the halter neck and midriff area. It really is the wow factor of the dress and the sparkle is to real. The cross pattern across the centre helps to pull you in at the waistline to help show off your fab figure.

boohoo clothing

It also has very delicately laced cut out triangles on the sides. These are barely noticeable but are great for shaping the waist and bringing the eyeliner inwards. Creating a clean and clinched silhouette which is exactly what you want for formal wear. This is also a fantastic way to bring a huge fashion trend to your formal dress.

The Style

The beautifully detailed halter neck is just so flattering and the fact they turn to straps at the back make this dress unbelievably comfortable. The small gap and the pleats in the breast accentuate and flatters whilst staying classy. I also didn’t need to wear a bra with this either so that was an absolute bonus. The lightly pleated skirt is made of two layers. The first being a non-transparent slip that gives full coverage. I mean there is no seeing through it at all which is exactly what you want. The second being a lighter chiffon style skirt that gives it the princess feel to this dress. Light, floaty and pure chic.


A lot of formal wear can be really uncomfortable with zips or laces. This is an escalated dress so nothing prodding you. I also feel that in general, it can be tight and in summer that isn’t the aim of the game. Even though this is an elasticated dress it wasn’t too tight and the skirt was practically lightweight. The day we shot this was ROASTING! Like, I can not begin to describe how hot it was. But the dress didn’t make it worse and was very easy to wear in the heat. An essential for any Summer formal wear really!

your perfect dress for bridesmaids

So, there we have it is my lovelies! The most amazing prom dress for this prom season 2018. The perfect dress for your bestie’s wedding or even as a bridesmaid dress. Any formal events in your social calendar you will know exactly what to wear! If you want to get your mitts on it you can do that here. No tantrums. no last minutes, “I’m not going! I don’t like it!”. You love this dress more every time you put it on. You 100% feel a million dollars and so amazing. If you want to check out their full range as it is stunning. You can right here.

So, what do you think of this stunning dress? Do you know someone who would love this dress? Share this post by using the bottom of the page and you can tag them. Let me know what formal event you would wear this to in the comments below or via any of my social media.

Thank you so much to Boohoo for sending such a stunning dress and I can not recommend it enough. It is truly stunning.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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