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Do you have dry faciak skin? Do want perfect skin for summer? You came to the right place

Perfect Summer Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

Hello to all you beauties! How are we all? I hope you are all keeping well and healthy. I have to say these little spots of sunshine we’re having has been great for my mood! I have to say though I’m ready for full-blown barbeques, pools, days out to the beach, you know the full works! I know its coming as my combo skin is getting a few dry patches, a sure sign of sunshine for me. How about you? Today we are following on from the Oily Skin routine so let’s get started and get some Summer-perfect skin.

Summer skin care for oily skin

Dry Skin

Summer skin care for oily skin

This is the second part of our Summer Skin Care blogs and today we’re focusing on dry skin. If you missed the oily skin care post then you can check out here. However, for my dry skinned lovelies, the hot sun can be awful. As I type think can feel that hot, burning sensation across my cheeks right before the dryness starts. What can be done about it? How do you get beautiful Summer skin for #Summer2018? Well, lighten up!……?

Washing your face

Summer skin care for oily skin

In the summer dry skin is given added moisture. You will still want to wash your face twice a day. However, with this in mind, a face wash for combo skin may be a better option. Over-moisturizing your face during the humid months could make your skin appear greasy. It won’t actually be greasy but it may look that way if you’re using heavy products. Why not try a cucumber face wash to just help clean. If you find you’re having a build-up of skin add an exfoliant to your routine twice a week.

Cleansing and Toning

Summer skin care for oily skin

I would highly suggest a micellar water for cleansing if you haven’t tried one. They really are light and amazing but still get rid of stubborn dirt and make up. They don’t leave your skin feeling really tight as some cleansers can. Making dry patches worse and making your skin dry and flaky too by pulling it too tight. These are great all year round and I actually use the Garnier Micellar Water for Combo Skin. I love it.


Summer skin care for oily skin

Dry Skin in the heat will benefit from light lotions or milks. You will not need the same type of heavy moisture as you do in the Winter that’s for sure. There are lots of great ones to choose from that will leave your skin well hydrated without feeling greasy. You don’t need that when you’re trying to enjoy your holibobs!


Summer skin care for oily skin

CREAMS, CREAMS, CREAMS! Top tip number one is using a cream mask for the Summer. Use a light, natural peel mask if you’re having build up only! Once you’ve left the mask in the fridge to cool it will not only leave your skin lovely and hydrated it will soothe any dryness or burning. Plus on those really hot days, this and a cool bath is the best feeling ever! Make sure it’s a nice natural mask and avoid any clay or charcoal. This will dry your skin more.


Summer skin care for oily skin

A good primer is a must to prep your skin but be sure to keep it light. I found cheaper primers are always lighter which is great as you can save money at the same time as looking fabulous. You want to stick to cream and liquids foundations depending on where your skin is dry. However, a liquid makeup will sit better on really dry skin. If you have flaky patches try a primer and foundation that are coconut based. That should keep you looking lovely all Summer long. Try to avoid matte makeup especially ON the drier areas you may have. Do not forget your sun lotion of at least SPF 30! The most important step.

With summer just around the corner, you want the best skin possible! Do you have a got to Summer product? Let me know in the comments if you’re off anywhere exciting this year or what you have planned my lovelies!

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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  1. My skin is dry and I really needed these tips! What primer would you recommend?

    1. No problem my lovely. Highly suggest the nip + fab glycolic fix primer. The addition of the glycolic acid will really help take care of your dry skin whilst priming it. Xxx

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