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Summer Skin Care – Oily Skin

With Summer on the way are you dreading what your skin will be like? Well fear not because I’m here to help

Ah, my lovelies the beautiful Summer days once again feel like a faraway dream. That is how the British weather goes after all. It temps you a little with sunshine, in fact, it can be so glorious you wonder why people go abroad. It’s so beautiful you may even squeeze in a barbeque or two before the showers come right back on in. Try not to panic though as sunnier days will come. Trips to the beach and gorgeous places across the UK are within your grasp. Living in Wiltshire I am, luckily, embedded in the beautiful countryside. Something I am very grateful for when the sun comes out to play. Your Summer skin care should be top priority to keep your face fresh and healthy all Summer.

summer skin care

With all these summer antics on our minds, Summer skin care can take a back seat. Let alone giving your skin care a summer overhaul. When you think about it Summer skincare is so important and slapping on a bit of sunscreen is not the only thing your skin will need. Today we’ll discuss Summer skin care for oily skin. Be sure to check back over the next few blogs, where I will cover all three skin types so you can all have beautiful Summer skin. With a perfect summer skin care routine to match. However, do always apply a sunscreen of at least factor 30 don’t believe the spf15 BS.

summer skin care

Summer Skin Care for Oily Skin

Starting with oily skin because sadly for you this is the worst time of the year. Sweat does very little for the shine that oily skin can naturally have. The dry heat can create more oil and flaky skin. Not a great combo for all our Queens. So we’re going to go through step by step.

Washing your face

summer skin care

You are going to want to make sure you are religiously washing your face twice a day. This will rid you of any dirt, sweat or excess sebum that has built up overnight and throughout the day. A great ingredient to look for in your face wash is tea tree. This not only has antibacterial properties, helping to prevent spots. It will also aid in drying out any excess oils that may be on the skin. The Body Shop has a fabulous range of tea tree products available that should be of great quality. If you didn’t already you should add an exfoliator to tour weekly routine as well. This will refresh and revitalise your skin. Again try looking for an oil balancing range. Whatever you do, do not over wash your wash. After all the oils are there to protect the skin and you need to be gentle with that balance. Always use clean hands, flannels and towels when washing your face to prevent spreading dirt and germs back onto to your face.

Summer Skin Care Cleansing and Toning?


The best question to start with is when should I cleanse and should I tone as well? The answer is yes but no more than twice a day. Once a day after you have washed your face is fine. The cleanser will get rid of any hard to lift stuff your face wash left behind. Toner will help remove oil, dirt and any other traces of makeup etc, on your skin. Particularly useful in the Tzone area. There are some great selections of micellar water toners available that are great.

Summer Skin Care Moisture


Now, I know a lot of my lovelies with oily skin might think that skipping this part may help when it comes to oil but it doesn’t. You have just taken a lot of moisture off your face. To stop your skin from wanting to produce more straight away you need to add some moisture back in. Not oil, moisture and that is the key here. A good aloe Vera based moisturiser will help put moisture back into the skin without adding to oil production. Like tea tree, aloe has antibacterial properties and has been used in skin care and beauty for centuries.



Why not add a clay mask to your routine once a week to help mattify your skin and leave it fresh, clean and cared for. Without feeling or looking either, oily or damaged from trying to balance the oil. 7th heaven has an amazing selection of great clay masks to choose from. Made with 100% natural ingredients they really are some of my faves.



If you still love to wear makeup in the summer but worry about oil. You should start with a mattifying primer and foundation at least. This will help balance any oils that build up on the skin during the day. There are so many matte products to choose from now so have at it my loves.

Hopefully with all this in the proverbial bag, you should have Summer-perfect, oil-free skin by the time your holibobs come round. I know how oily skin can knock someone’s confidence so hopefully, just these few tips can bring someone some extra confidence too! Do you suffer from oily skin? Have you been looking for a routine in the run-up to Summer? Have you tried any of these before? Let me know in the comments below my loves.


Be sure to pop back on either Monday or Wednesday next week for the dry skin routine. If you can’t wait until then why not get in the summer mood with this cheeky Watermelon Daiquiri slush recipe. So Summer-perfect!

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx


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  1. I have oily skin and summer time is the worst. with the heat and everything it sucks. This was great! thank you

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