Invisible illness and Blogging

Blogging when you have chronic illness can be difficult. Here is one way I combat invisible illness and Blogging

What to do When You Need Help

Hello my little lovelies and how are you this Monday morning? Everyone is slowly getting back to reality after the half term break. I have to say the kids exhausted me this holidays but we had a wonderful time. I also have to say my invisible illness’ are still playing up. I know I don’t talk about these often here. This is my place away from them after all. However, they do have a real effect on my life even if I don’t share it. This, as you loves know, has affected my ability to get posts done also. This then affects my mood in my day to day life. I needed something that would help and I think I’ve found it. Something useful for writers, bloggers or vloggers who perhaps struggle with mobility. YouTubers who cross over their videos to blog posts. This is transcribing and it’s about to change your game.


What’s the secret?

Transcribing is a simple idea with big possibilities. It’s the idea of feeding a vocal sound clip through a system and being given a written copy of said sound clip. So, this would work for videos, voice recorded notes for students and even in a more medical field but the list goes on and on. Transcribing can be an amazing tool at your disposal. I mean to say you don’t have time to type a post for your blog this week. Well, fear not just verbally relay the post to yourself and pop into the system. Perhaps you’ve already got your hands full. You will then be given the written edition of your words and there for a brief copy of your blog post. This for me will be invaluable for days my arms hurt too much or fibro-fog is clouding my brain. Or great for really busy people too where sitting for an hour to knock out a draft isn’t plausible.


Who Else could use it?

Obviously, there is a clear market for the law and medical sides of this tool. However, editors could use this for continuity reasons and could really save time on the edit of any kind. As I said above, if you’re a YouTuber who is keen to cross over your videos to a blog post. Transcribing is going to save you hours of time literally. Ideas always come at random times so why not voice record weekly ideas and transcribe all of them at once. Again saving you time and ideas as they go out as quick as they come in. It would also be invaluable for students who record their lessons for notes. It will literally make your notes for you.

Where do I go

So, now you know what transcribing is and you want in on the goodness of it? There are loads of services available but I have been giving Trint a try because for me they’re keeping it simple.  Easy to use interface on their web page which makes everything quick and easy. It walks you through everything and I found that so great. Not all of us are as tech-savvy as we’d like to be. This really helped me to feel confident in using it and more comfortable I wouldn’t make a mistake somehow. I also love that they work with other platforms to make life easier for so many people. Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular package offering Trint Via its own services.


I have to say I am really happy to have something in my pocket to fight my chronic illness. As I said typing and just sitting can become difficult at times. I also feel let down when I don’t post. I’m hoping that using this will offer me an alternative to typing when I need it. Have you ever tried transcribing? Do you need it? Let me know in the comments below and I will speak to you again soon.

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Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx


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