makeup brush giveaway

Makeup Brush Giveaway

Want to get your hands on these super cute ombre makeup brushes? Come on in my lovely

Beauty Giveaway Ombre Makeup Brushes

My loves! How are you all? What have you been up to? Enjoying the holidays we have in the UK right now? We certainly have tried despite the (typical) awful weather. Instead, we’ve had friends for a sleepover. Movie days and more. Today, on the blog though, we’re talking makeup brushes. More specifically a makeup brush giveaway, a set of ombre brushes this month. You guys A) love a good makeup brush and B) love a good giveaway. There wasn’t a giveaway in May either so we 100% needed one this month! Actually really annoyed but 11 months out of 12 won’t be bad. So determined to hold a giveaway a month this year!

The ombre makeup brushes I chose for this giveaway are the same ones that featured in my recent Blogiversary post here on my blog. So many people loved them and I wanted to give you a chance to get your hands on some cute ombre makeup brushes again ready for Summer. These are also the brushes I own and I have to say they make such a pretty addition to my drawers.

Let Me See The Makeup Brush Giveaway!!

ombre makeup brush

Here they are my loves! Here you can see the beautiful rainbow bristles that will brighten any morning. The bristles are soft but not too soft that they don’t do the job. There is 7 brushes in the set and include face and eye brushes too!

makeup brush giveaway

The stunning pink to blue metallic ombre creates a delicate mermaid feel to these brushes. If you already own mermaid brushes these would be the perfect companion in your brush holder. The handle is sturdy though and I’ve had no loosening or falling apart.

How do I win?

Super easy my loves, but first a few deets. This giveaway will run from today, 1pm 01/06/2018 until 6pm 15/06/2018. At 6pm on the 15/06/2018 no more entries will count and you will not be added to the draw. I need to stress this as I seem to get lots of entries after the close date. It is open to anyone from anywhere so get entering. Make your friends and family enter for you (lol). I will live to draw the giveaway on Facebook. However, this giveaway has no association with Facebook. Just a little gift from me here at Tahnee’s Blog but Anyhoo….

1. Comment your fave makeup brand below or on Facebook. So I can add you to my list.

2. Follow on Facebook to make sure you can find out if you win. Live draw at 7pm 15/06/2018

3. Please share the pinned post (giveaway post) on Facebook. Sharing is caring.

makeup brush giveaway

That is all you need to do to be in with the chance of winning my loves. Hope you love the giveaway and don’t forget you can share this post and the giveaway with everyone! Get tagging beauts! You know they want in on this.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and don’t forget you can check ALL of my official social media pages out. Just check out my page Social media and they’re all there.

Good luck my loves.

Tahnee xxx

40 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Giveaway

    1. Feeling that melia!! I love there pigments and how affordable it Is! Their palettes are gorgeous too 😂😂😂 #obsessed get you on my list hun xxx

  1. I love Maybelline’s make-up. Their full coverage foundation is brilliant, as it covers very well but it’s also very light.

  2. I love mac make up brushes. They seem to last forever and actually stay in shape

  3. my favourite malkeup brand has got to be MAC !! such a good brand and quality products

  4. Although I’d love to say MAC I can’t afford it…… Sigh, so I’ll say Maybelline living their satin finish foundation at the mo

  5. L’Oréal I do mix it up a bit and try others too sometimes though 🙂

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